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I’m not gay, but $1 per MiloCoin is $1 per MiloCoin


>Official MiloCoin website:


>MiloCoin maymay Video

>MiloCoin Bitcointalk Announcement Thread:

>Skip right to the wallets, baby!

>Looking for some nodes? I gotchu!
(guide to add these addnodes on page 6 of ANN thread)

>Buy MiloCoin (before it’s too late)

>MiloCoin Blockchain

>Coin Marketcap
(the APIs needs some tweaking, but the mad men actually listed it already)

>Official MiloCoin SubReddit
Sike, there is no official MiloCoin subreddit, please go back

>Why haven't you done your part yet?
twitter.com/YobitExchange Comfy related soundtrack

>Quick Rundown (what you need to know):
MiloCoin is listed on some early exchanges and lazy pajeets are sending their mined coins to the exchange for cheap until they realize their mistake - prices will never be lower than today - refined investors enter the market here.
Gavin has already responded positively to MiloCoin, Milo's response is practically a given, how many coins will you have when the price skyrockets because of this?

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First for Milos

Will the absolute peak occur when Milo responds to it?
I still don't get how this cryptocurrency works and how this stuff has any value but I only have 2000 coins so w/e

crypto noob going for 4th for milo


Begging pls halp

in for 1.00 a coin

if dubs 1.50

just makin' sure this thread is comfy


No. Milo (being as smart as he is) will see that promoting MC will benefit his share of the pie greatly. Milo responding to the coin is only the beginning.

>buying a coin based off a literal coal burning kike faggot

What share of the pie does he have wtf?

how exactly does staking work? i have 3k in nova is it worth pulling out to stake?

Dev set aside a fund for him to obtain. Read the plan: bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1823780.0



Funds can viewed at any time at the above links.

check em

thanks a lot.

thanks mate. Milo community is the best

Milo: week 2 commences

Hey guys, hows your morning so far? I figure novaexchange is still the default exchange for milo since Yobit is looking weird as fuck with small transactions.

Yobit will be good for when you're dumping (it's more 'mainstream'.). The spikes are more intense because it's more pleb


help me out bros

you might be best splitting between the two. if you're buying you can try for the lowest price, opposite if you are selling.
might be some arbitrage opportunities between them both, but there isn't at the moment, but you'll have an advantage over those that stick to just one of the exchanges.

sucking dick 4 Milocoin


bumping for aesthetics while doing some early morning homework. good morning degenerate shitstains

I tried to go for LePen after a selling disaster with MILO but nothing is happening over there.

So, now its at 600 I bought back in.

My friends lets pump this bitch and make thousands!

Send me some Milo Coin so I can piss off my liberal friends and family.

Pic related

sweet dubs and trips kek

my meme duties were well rewarded it seems

>tfw too inteliggent to buy the altright scam coin

I set up ccminer x64 last night to try out getting some coins. I left it all night and it all seemed to be working fine, I was appearing in the workers on finblocks and the miner itself was accepting x/x blocks all the time (not sure if those are blocks honestly).

My .bat file looks like this: ccminer-x64 -a scrypt -o stratum+tcp://findblocks.com:6076 -u MWkLueXU1BybbBgkrPXzeX11ZHtyQ8Hqyv -p x

Woke up today to 0.00 MILOs. What am I doing wrong?

Mining, I'd say.

You are mining wrong.

Ignore me, I'm just bitter because I bought in at like 18k satoshis.

Do you know how to mine right?

meant for sry

>hurr durr don't buy milocoin over 100sats or you will lose a lot of money
- t. /milo/ one week ago
>milo is not 6times its value


now* 6 times

Dubs for 5k milo right now!

willing to drop on this coin soon, half a G maybe



Do it quick before any more news comes out about it. This coin is moving fast.

you can stretch to a full bitcoin mate! you know you want to!

In for habbenings

Damn dude. Those are some massive saggers.. By the time shes 60 those things will be on the floor.

>be me at wagie job
>job sucks..thank you Mr Stein for the opportunity to even be here!!
> "night call" from drive soundtrack comes on Playlist.
>rememeber my 25k milos at home
>toothpick goes in mouth, throw scorpion jacket if shoulder
>stop in front of boss and pause seemingly frozen
>turn in slow motion, deeply kissing qt3.14 blonde receptions (with a spic child)
>turn and stomp (((stein's))) head in
>walk out will checking ing the price of milocoins on coinmarketcap on my phone
**real human being plays me out**

>By the time shes 60 those things will be on the floor.

so will my jaw

My wife's son and I saw Milo Yiannopoulos at a grocery store near Rutgers university yesterday.
I told him how cool it was to meet him in person, but I didn’t want to be a douche and bother him and ask him for specifics on his stance on free speech, Islam and BBC.
He said, “Oh, like you’re doing now?”
I was taken back, and all I could say was “Factcheck.org...” but he kept cutting me off and going “MiloCoin! MiloCoin! MiloCoin”

and closing his hand shut in front of my face. I walked away and continued with my shopping, and I heard him chuckle with Gavin McInnes as I walked off.

When I came to EBT for my stuff up front I saw him trying to walk out the doors with like fifteen bottles of hair bleach in his hands without paying.

The gender fluid individual working the counter was very nice about it and professional, and was like “Sir, you need to pay for those first.”
At first he kept pretending to be tired and not hear her, but eventually turned back around and brought them to the counter.

When she took one of the cakes and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually “to prevent any electrical infetterence,” and then turned around and winked at me.

I don’t even think that’s a word. After she scanned each bottle and put them in a bag and started to say the price, he kept interrupting her by yawning really loudly..


shit's gonna have to wait but in for a penny IN FOR PO-*flies to the moon without wings or aeronautical aviation*

Need a whale to dump 1btc into the pond.

>with spic child


Anyone care to speculate on what the price could reach if Milo or Gavin accept the fund?

Yes. About now let's say 1000 milos sell for 10$ give or take, if Milo and Gavin accept the fund and show it off (Milo with his vanity surely will do this), the price will sky rocket to, in my opinion, 50cents per milo which would turn 1000 milos ($10 currently) into $500. Some anons are aiming for a dollar per milo or even dollar fifty but I'll stay at a conservative 50cents per Milo.

pretty fair assessment.
exposure=price rise.
if milo mentions it, it gets exposure. if it gets exposure, the anti-milo squad will talk about it and it gets more exposure. can you imagine if buzzfeed do a blogpost about "Milo & his currency of the Alt-right"? even though it would be inaccurate, it would bring a huge amount of attention and would light the ignition paper. best it happens after mining is over though.

I have tried 3000 different accounts trying to buy more bitcoin so I can invest.

Basically, my blockchain wallet is making me wait another 3 days before I can buy milo.

contd> I am fucking furious, and everything else is fucking useless. Fucking verification for a coin thats supposed to make you anonymous.

It's a fucking joke.

don't know what country you're in, but try localbitcoins. i can buy them using online payments/e-payments or bank transfer. some countries can't do this, but it might be worth a look. you pay a little more, but not anything too crazy.
good luck.

Whoever made that image in the OP needs to be summarily executed.

try ID only ATMs and coin coinmamma


hey, no bully pls

I think this is a legitimate price point.

what's the best exchange for this, at the moment all my spare btc is in bittrex

yobit or nova

No way 50 cents. Guys, where the fuck is the money supposed to come from? After mining the cap would be about 30 million coins which means there would need to be $15 million in the coin for it to be worth 50 cents each. Let's be realistic here.

dont be so negative

gone with xcoins, decided to do some ID verification, just waiting on approval.

Its a fucking ballache. But I shall have £40 in milocoin, ready for the pump. All I need is £10k and im going to Japan.

thats why i said 3 cents.

I'm not being negative I'm just being realistic.


Well worth the trouble

Forgot about the proxy my boy? Go back to eth


>don't visit Veeky Forums at all for about 2 months
>decide to see what's going on around there, maybe something new and legitimately interesting
>see there's a huge 'general'
>someone made a crypto named after some homosexual journalist e-celeb
>people just keep making standard template cryptos in 15 minutes and spamming them on Veeky Forums

Why? Why do you all participate in these literal jokes? Do you know how easy and simple it is to make a cryptocurrency? You can do one in the time it takes to make a coffee, call it something, anything you want and ask exchanges to list it. Are you just trying to create something out of thin air to sell? Jesus fucking Christ. This is retards scamming slightly less intelligent retards. Its not like these super obscure joke /coins' will ever be known about outside of a few *chans.

Please stop shitting up this already slow moving board and take this to /b/ where it belongs. This is not business, and it is not finance.

someone else pointed out that if everyone sold their coins at 50c then the market cap would be $15 million, but it doesn't take a market cap of $15 million to hit 50c.
people will hold their coins and the price will peak, lower & level off. there could easily be demand for 50c for a time, it could hit $1 without getting a market cap of $5 million if people don't dump. only a fraction of the coins would be sold at that high price.

i get what you are saying, but 50 cents is definitely possible with a surge of demand.

>All I need is £10k and im going to Japan
i'll be going to Japan too. i was going anyway, but the Milo bulge in my pocket will make things better.

>create something out of thin air to sell
guess how banks work.

Noone cares about them getting known, we just want hype so it goes up nice and high, then we can sell and make a profit.

Its obvious really, nobody here thinks they are Wall Street Traders, we just want money to do nice things, you know...fun coupons!!!

must be a tough life living with the tyranny of having to click on things you aren't interested in.

Well, I need about 10k to pay for this course in Osaka that gives an associates degree in Japanese Language.

It would take me around 2 years to save with my wage slave job, so this is a real opportunity for me.

I am visiting Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo this year, and I can't fecking wait, I love Japan, I love Japanese girls, I love shinto temples, I love anime, I love politeness, and I love the idea of travelling.



We know it is!

We want it to pump so we can dump.

What the fuck is wrong with people?!! do they think we are idiots?

>we just want hype so it goes up nice and high, then we can sell and make a profit.

This is my fucking point you stupid cunt. Hype them up to WHO? You're just scamming each other, fellow Veeky Forums posters at the end of the day. A proper hype up dumps the bag on outsiders, not the original people who were involved. There is no outsiders in these joke coins because nobody outside of Chans ever sees them.

Does this not bother you? Are you all too fucking retarded to not see this?

>hurr durr don't buy milocoin over 100sats or you will lose a lot of money
- t. /milo/ one week ago
>milo is not 6times its value


Gavin Mccines has noticed it and soon enough milo will too. Normies that follow him will buy the coin, explode the price, and then we dump. Easy. With enough of a boom shitty news sites might even write articles about it as another user mentioned, any publicity is good publicity.


Do all bitcointalk members come on here? Do all youtubers come on here?
Do all Milo followers come on here?
Its like saying that Trump got elected because /pol/ kekked itself.

There always outsiders, what about all the people on these exchanges? Are they all Veeky Forums members?

Veeky Forums is the ultimate anonymous, because whilst those hackers in /b/ who trolled habbo hotel got some keks and lels.

Veeky Forums financially profits from it's keks and lels.

Veeky Forums is the force to be reckoned with. Watch for us, we are coming, and we will win.

God I fucking love Veeky Forums

That pic is super comfy. 50 cents a coin here we come.

How old were you guys when you went from /b/ to /pol/?

Then how old were you when you realized all that autistic amount of time could be spent making money on Veeky Forums?

Thanks bro

Dubs shows the will of >kek

the drumpf coiners are trying a new approach today it seems

literally gritting their teeth
>it'll n-never go up!! But I'm still gonna take the time to post that it'll never go up!!

Once it hits a certain volume, the amount of action that is a result of these Chans will be a tiny Minority.
You think all the hundreds of thousands of dollars that passed thru that scam Coin TC were a result of these /generals/? kys
traders get involved, normies get involved from google or a tweet they see. Bitcoin holders who see a chance to make more money jump in, Chinese whales who try and manipulate markets will have a go.

A pajeet, coinswap, openly pump and dump, .rocks site coin, hit .55 (you rememeber 55, that's the price you didn't get out at).
Now imagine they actually achieved all.the things they promised/lied about but never got (radio show mentions, tweets from important people), it woulda hit $1.00-1.50 easy
now adjust MiloCoin down due to 2x circulation and you get .50-.75

not to mention milocoin is about 3 months ahead of schedule.

Learn how meme coins work or kys already

Okay started on /b/ in 2009 so I was 22
left Veeky Forums in around 2012
came back to /pol/ in 2016
moved to Veeky Forums in 2017 - 30 now.

Didn't even know Veeky Forums existed until 2 weeks ago.
I looked into bitcoin in 2009, was too hard get money into it from the UK though for me to be interested. Its still ridiculously stupid now, but in 09 there was no way I would have bothered.

Knowing that Kek wills our success and profits, strengthens me greatly now.

Whats a healthy amount of MILO to hold? I have 3.3k

Calculate that 3.3k as if they were dollars, how many do you want when it reaches $1?

Then buy that amount whilst it's low.

$1 is 10k satoshi?


Guys why is the price so low seriously I WANNA MAKE A PROFIT REEEEEEEEEEEE

9550 right now.

Think like this

We want 1 Milo = 1 dollar

so 3300 milo would be 3300 dollars.

If you think it will reach fiddy cent, work from that angle. What matters is the end goal right now, not the price it is at right now (that simply helps as we can buy more when it is low).

I understand, Thanks.

then buy while it's low, while you can.

I change around from BTC to Milo every so often now im with Milo so cant buy extra.

btw it's 95500, not 9550

so it only has to become over 159 times as expensive as it is right now to get to $1

why did you listen to that user. if you saw it go live on Nova, only a couple of people got coins under 100. some folks thought because Le Pen is at 5, Milo would be at 5, but they didn't understand how this works.