BITBAY. Any one got any leads? Any info...

BITBAY. Any one got any leads? Any info? Give me a reason to not invest in bitbay right now! Its cheap af and might stand as a opponent to ethereum in the future.

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> Shitting up the board for an averagely funny terrible post by a person who was undoubtedly of Indian descent

Very funny, now get back to pumping ETH and PIVx

PIVX pumped right about the time Veeky Forums army jumped on board, good job team.

Pumping pivx? Are u retarded im already holding 10k pivx.

This will end badly. Poloniex won't add coins with user devs. The devs have to make themselves known to the US government. Because poloniex refuses to add coins where the devs have not submitted advanced disclosures to the government because it is a US regulated exchange.

Therefore PIVX hype will die when people realise it won't be added to poloniex


Lol shit tier post. Monero is user dev crypto apart from one guy

Monero is too big to ignore. also, the Devs are known through other means. I'm talking about new coin adds.

After reading about it here
then looking at the market cap compared to other coins, I bought immediately.

Easy 10x this week.

Thanks you!! Im not the only one who thougth so

100 BTC brings us to 10x profit boys, get ready.

riding BAY to the moon

are there any memecoins u can just buy with paypal cash without accounts?


it's dipping, buy the dip

Can someone explain what effect the usd pegging to bay will have on the price?

Just bought in. Do it now.

damnnn, thanks for the tip user.

I just bought 679,985 units of BAY kek. Fuck it

Hit confirm user. We're waiting.

>Not eating existing sell offers

Do you guys think any of these memecoins will pay off? Half of you have more than 5k of these memecoins. Do you really think ALL of you will be rich?

order just finished filling, screenshot is from a few minutes ago

my bad dude. teach me...

you’re saying I should’ve made individual buy orders, targeting sell offers on the order book?

How is that better than one large buy order?
And would I pay more in fees this way? By making multiple small orders?

ayyyy lmao

world record. #42 my parents will be proud

damnn this shit is blasting off today

Stop shilling. It's annoying.

fucking cryptoshill kys
gtfo with your pump and dump shitcoins

anyone have exp with coinbase? how long will it take to get btc after i deposit usd?

No idea. Dont use coinbase use localbitcoins

Tanking atm shit boois

get ready to buy in then.... lots

300 sat is the bottom boys, last chance for cheap tickets to the moon.

When is the price supposed to go up and what are the predictions?

Price is expected to go to 3,000 sat minimum.

It only takes 100 BTC to get us there.

After that, BitBay will get listed on Polo and then things should get interesting.

where can I buy in europe ?

I'm holding, but saying it only takes 100 BTC to get there is bullshit. That would only be true if literally nobody would put up a sell offer from this point on. There's also no way to tell how soon it will be listed on Poloniex.

Create a bittrex account, generate a BTC address and send BTC from your wallet to your bittrex address.

Just bought 10500 from some of profits in PIVX. Let's get it.

i hopped in at 359, was gonna buy earlier but was busy
wish me luck lads
i feel like BAY has good meme potential once people get bored of PIVX

Don't worry, the show has barely begun.

>I'm holding, but saying it only takes 100 BTC to get there is bullshit. That would only be true if literally nobody would put up a sell offer from this point on.

Right, but the point is this is a new coin that is extremely undervalued.

Once it hits 3,000, it's not going lower, and all it takes is one whale to do it.

takes 1 min to fill out
getting it listed on POLO will rocket it

PIVX has anonymous developers, so it will never be added to Polo.

BitBay has a really good chance of being added once we're in the top 30 for market-cap.

doing this now.

there are lots of coins that were added to polo that are nowhere near the top 30


If one whale were to eat the entire sell page in 1 buy, almost every person holding it at that time would sell right away for a 10x profit or so

>What is the name of the coin?


>What is the coin's symbol?


>Please link to the announcement page.

>If the coin has a website, please link it here.

>If the coin has a block explorer, please link it here.

>Please explain why you would like to see this coin added to the exchange.

Use your imagination

>If this coin has any significant innovations over other coins, please elaborate on them here.

Choose any from:

shilled it, thanks for the tip

Good thinking.

Don't forget to do this boys.


is it too late to invest at this point in bitbay?

not really, it's less than 1/3 of a dollar cent right now

get in while you still can mate, it's cheap as shit and only going to get higher as hype grows

however, does it have a long-term perspective or it is going to be a pump and dump coin?

>can't buy any because my bank transfer is still processing


no - big release coming march 22
here's some info for anyone interested

check out their bitcointalk thread and their website and judge for yourself

I doubt that this will ever reach a dollar because of how much supply, but having said that do you guys think it has a fair chance of hitting 5-10cents?

imho BitBay reminds me of how Monero started off as, in the sense of the community spirit and the tech that is being developed, and the devs seem very convicted to produce a stellar product, I'd honestly say do your research, the choice is yours mate.

It definitely won't hit a dollar in the near future, that's milocoin tier delusion. 5-10 cents is a lot as well. For now, let's just say that if you were to get in right now, and it grows to 2 cents per coin, you'd already have made over 5 times your investment.

Dude, think about this, if i buy $10000 worth of Bay at 0.00000380, if bids were to increase to 100btc that would raise it by 4k sats or to 0.000038 Bay

Still way under a dollar right, but youve just 10x on 10k.

about to miss the dip of BAY because the transaction from nova to bittrex is taking HOURS wtf is this shit q-q

That would be great seeing as I only put a couple hundred into it. I would get over a grand back
Yeah but I'm only putting a couple hundred. This will give me a minor return but my PIVX investment is going to be big league

try 8 day wait time on $ xfer on coinbase fucking useless

Potential bull trap user, assess your enviroment before bidding in, could possibly see a decline of 50 sats

fellas, link your debit card and eat the extra fee... its worth it

Bought 40k BAY now. Can I stake this? Anything special I have to do?

Coinbase says my billing address is wrong even though it isn't. I've tried every permutation I can think of, but still no success


that happened to me and it locked me 24hrs
i deleted the account and remade

ok, meanie

The 5-7% tax is well worth the anonymity.

i use athena atm but they put it in a shit part of town so i can only use for small amounts

Huge news.

PolyChain Capital just posted on their thread.

PolyChain is a crypto-currency hedgefund.


Is that bitcointalk account legit, though?

Decided to say fuck it and bought some more. Did I do good Veeky Forums?

how much usd was that

Around $1,428. I'm thinking about going nuts and dropping 4 more btc into this. I just want to be reassured that it will hit at least a cent if I do that

idk whats bigger your pockets or your balls

i will help you the best i can my man. currently on 249966.21939363 BAY. :)

My balls are about to burst

mad man

Yah that's a good call.

Any chance you could send my buddy .01 so he can get in?

It was his birthday yesterday, and he's in another state so I sent him some wax.

I would do it, but I'm invested in other shit right now.


Let me know if you do, thanks.

May Kek bless you and your balls

>PolyChain Capital
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Probably not real


poorfag elsewhere

wow you are a millionaire senpai

Yeah, but I mean, this is the website so far

Could be a legit newbie poster, I guess. Gotta wait and see

Only 10BTC worth on BitBay left under 400 sat.

more informations please

Should i be able to make money holding this for a year?

silly question
see above

what kind of "news" do you expect on the 22th?

how's it better than any of the other coins?

What coin can I hold for a year.

March 22nd BitBay's wallet goes live.

Has more implemented tech than coins like ETH, who have discussion, but not development.

Website looks legit AF.

Bought in at 25 pesos you bad hombres, now lets REALLY START PUMPING THIS BITCH