How hard is it to Find a 5th gen All Trac Turbo in the US?

Have they all turned to rust buckets by now? Is it better to drive across the country to get one, or should I just import a GT-FOUR?

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ive seen 2 ever.. but i live in the midwest so..

gt fours are great, much quicker than hey look

>only ever saw one for sale at some buy here pay here lot
>wanted $5500
>this was 9 years ago.

No idea what they go for now, then again it was clean with only 50k on it.

A few months ago there was one going the like 8k in Arizona, but I live in Ohio, so it would be a long drive. Also I'm reluctant to import one since I don't want to deal with right hand drice. Are they more common in Japan/Europe?

There was one for sale in my town on Craigslist, I can't find the posting though

yes. much more. they didn't even sell the ST205 gt4 in america

if there was only some way to check the entire United States craigslistings.............

searchtempeset you fucking retard.

these are the only 2 for sale on craigslist currently.

>Austin and Texas
Of course it's hundreds of miles away from my state, it's gonna be a nightmare trying to buy a used one in 10 years. If I import a GT-FOUR can I get the dash/steering switched to the left, and if I can, are there any drawbacks?

>can I get the dash/steering switched to the left

Seems needlessly expensive and labor-intensive.

A far simpler solution is to just learn to drive RHD. Mailman, Japs, Britbongs, and roo-fuckers all drive RHD cars, so it's possible for you, too.

>If I import a GT-FOUR can I get the dash/steering switched to the left

that makes the car worth even less. You can't be serious. Also its a shit ton of work.

How old are you?

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I feel like you are clueless as to how much these things cost and how hard it is to find parts for these cars. I mean if you did, you wouldn't bother making this thread obviously.

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Using left hand drive has been ingrained I to my brain and I feel switching back and fourth would throw me off, also musical
>making worth less
I don't plan on reselling it, so resale value is not a concern
I know that the Celica costs more to buy since its not common here in the states, but are parts really that hard to come by? I assume they didn't do a lot of part sharing with other Toyota models, but what about other less powerful/more common versions of the Celica?

Fuck I meant to say murica

Came prepared

You get used to driving RHD its easier to remember if its a manual so its not really a problem.

Old celicas in general are pretty uncommon, all of these i've seen are too far away and around 10 grand. Lot of them have been beat to shit, you could probably find the corolla and camry all tracs in better shape for cheaper alltrac&oq=alltrac&gs_l=partner-generic.3.1.0l2.2199.3175.0.4698., alltrac&

Yeah, but the Celica has really good asthetics. Also I'm willing to shelf out 10k

Also I forgot to ask, what advantages does the GT-FOUR have over the all trac, or are they basically the same

>just barely missed the Austin alltrac
Kill me

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All Trac Turbo is the USDM name, GT FOUR is the name everyone else got except canada where it's called 4WD Turbo

also JDM gt4's have higher hp ratings than export models.