I've decided that my next car has got to be a good old fashioned American station wagon. The question is: which do I get? A Panther or a B-body? And why?

Also general wagon thread

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cheby all day erryday

B-Body. Preferably a 94-96 with the LT1.

With factory original 5spd tranny.

I love my Accord wagon so much, station wagon carrying capacity with Honda fuel efficiency and reliability.

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>no front bench seat
>no column shift automatic
>no dual action tailgate
Who let the shit taste in?

The panthers transmissions are dogshit, ask me how I know.
The caprice's 305 is a massive pile. So it's your call; Engine swap or trans swap?
yeah if you have thousands to blow on optispark replacements

Vista Cruiser.
Because you can get one with 2 AC compressors

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And a 455 named after a rocket ship!

92/93 B-body wagons could be had with the normal L05 SBC 350, not just the 305.

What years? B-body wagons were made for a couple more years than Panther wagons were, but the entire platform also stopped production much faster than the Blue Oval boats did.


If you want some QUIRKS & FEATURES buy the 1st gen, a true boat of a vehicle with automatic seatbelts

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I know that, I was referring to the box generation like in the OP.
The L05 sucks too, I had one in my fleetwood. But the 350 is light years ahead of the 305. The L05's cam is tiny and the heads have the flow of a coffee stirring straw.

>a true boat of a vehicle
>Length: 181.9 in

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the only one

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>3 inches shorter than pic related
>Actually 30kg heavier

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>dem Wagons
the things i would do with those things

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>black B pillar
>white C pillar
I'd still take it desu. Where do I get one?

I saw one of these on the road yesterday.

Too bad you can't get one under $10k today

LT1>Panther>Chevy 305>Olds 307

I came to suggest this. Seems I was too late

r o a d m a s t e r

The Master.

Vhy not German?

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>tfw the days of the station wagon are long over
>each year I see fewer big blocky square station wagons on the road
>the ones that remain aren't looking like they're in the best of condition
feels bad man

>mfw I drive the car that killed the station wagon

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