Is it possible to make relatively realistic futuristic weapons for fiction, and if so how...

Is it possible to make relatively realistic futuristic weapons for fiction, and if so how? Obviously there would have to be ambiguous/unexplained parts of how it functions, since the creator can't be expected to literally design a next generation weapon, but there would have to be some sort of logic behind the design. For some things it could be better due to overcoming something that limits current weapons, for example if a certain resource is presumably going to be more abundant in the future that would allow for better mass produced weapons, but beyond that I can't see a person having much else to guide them except guesswork. And if it isnt possible or atleast not plausible, what would be the next best thing if you can't have it be generally realistic?

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I liked the way the UNSC weapons in Halo were done. They're familiar, using gunpowder and bullets, but the more iconic guns are all bullpup and they have things like digital ammo counters.

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Maybe they could aim themselves and fire on command, with an ammo counter in the digital gauge cluster or some shit. In accordance with the rule of cool, there has to be a red thumb button involved somewhere in the process.

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