What's the automotive equivalent of the Kel-Tec KSG? And why is it the E36 330Ci?

What's the automotive equivalent of the Kel-Tec KSG? And why is it the E36 330Ci?

>Ergonomically-friendly (E46 interior overall)
>Aged well
>Shit reliability

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fuck off, I meant E46

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The KSG is objectively beautiful, what are you talking about?

meme call-a-doody gun

Speaking objectively, it's nowhere near good looking, and not even the best looking Kel-Tec product (RFB)

>meme need for speed car
fucking nailed it

Why do I have a feeling this thread has something to do with the robot that offed himself yesterday.


Bullpup design doesn't work well for shotties.

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hey buddy, you got the wrong board, is two boards down

>meme car

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>meme /r9k/ gun

>Aged well

Doesn't apply to either one.

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>gorgeous firearms
>no mention of the most beautiful rifle to ever grace the hands of man

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Muh dick.

That's an E38 Alpina B12 in my book.


one of those is a midship, the other isn't

That's a '64 Impala. Timeless design, beautiful silhouette, built like a brick/impossible to break.

Is this an ak?

Some 90s kia

It's an FAL

>taking the b8

I don't know anything about guns but the E46 330Ci definitely doesn't have shit reliability.

Its more akin to a gun that will fire perfectly if normal maintenance is carried out and it is cared for but if not will likely have catastrophic failures

>kid shoots himself with a KSG
>now I see KSG threads on other boards
>someone using your product to kill themselves is good marketing

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>Shit reliability

>shitty bullpup kel-kek plastic meme suicide gun
Go back to whichever board you came from

Is that A FAMAS?

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>itt: compensation by yt men

I tried to likey 330ci. But in the end, I ended up resenting the car for all it's bullshit. Stupid non linear/laggy electronic throttle, stupid overly complicated and annoying traction control, stupid lack of LSD rear option, etc.

My dad had an auto and I think that's the way to go. Buy a boring one to use as a grocery getter, as a sports car it was disgustingly underwhelming.

>shit reliability
it's a shitty shitgun but it runs well as long as you're not a bitch and don't short stroke it.

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/k/ is full of KSG and shotgun fuckers right this moment

i dont know who alphonse is now

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I've been underwhelmed by every BMW I've driven. E30 318is, E34 535i, E36 328i, E46 330ci, all manual.
Sloppy shifters with long throws. Steering on the E30, E34 and E36 was way too slow and heavy. The E46's steering was better, but the throttle lag was terrible. And you definitely felt it's weight in corners.
With the exception of the E30, they all felt very heavy and planted, like they didn't want to turn. I'm sure it helps on the autobahn but I prefer more agile cars.
Everyone raves about these old BMWs, 'nothing drives like them' etc. but I don't see what the fuss is about.

>but I don't see what the fuss is about.
that's because you're a retarded poor fag poser who doesn't know what he's talking about but trying really really hard to sound like you do.

Drop a Z3 1.9 steering rack in the E30 for fast, linear steering
>Too heavy
Go back to your electrically steered soybox


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Lmao u are like little baby, watch this

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that's a pepe i never expected

Turk trash desu

I don't mind heavy steering so long as it's actually quick. Slow and heavy steering makes no sense. If I did own an E30 I'd do that, but why not just get a car that doesn't have shit steering from the factory in the first place?


All those meme plastic COD shotguns are still inferior to a normal pump Mossberg

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let me tell you a secret...

shot guns are too powerful for home defense

Works fine if you load birdshot.

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I exclusively shoot birdshot at home intruders :)

Just enough lethality to make them fuck off

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use this instead

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but what if it bounced back and hit my nuts

You'll have a great story to tell your sister's grandkids.

it is indeed rare


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That gun is the opposite of gorgeous.

Holy shit it’s so much more ugly

Just post the webm already.

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