Australians would pay $40,000 for a 4clyndr nu-mustang

>Australians would pay $40,000 for a 4clyndr nu-mustang.
Why do these shits cost so much? Cant find any one cheaper than $37k

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It's like $30 for a watermelon and you guys are still using DSL. What do you expect?

Everything is more expensive is Australia. Compared to everything else they are probably the right price.
Remember we hardly make anything here so everything needs to be shipped to us.
Our minimum wage is also higher and the unions make sure that unskilled workers are over paid. Still way cheaper to live in the US but we don't have to watch out for some depressed idiot with a gun

hard kek

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just buy a new holden

oooooooooohhhhh thats a 4 cylinder
whyyyyyyyyyyy is it a 4 cylinder

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Well even the 4cyl piece of shit is better than a shitty barra.

it's like a heavy-ass toyobaru with a turaru

>life down under sucks but buzzfeed said americans are all school shooters so i don't mind it too much

>30% balloon

>buzzfeed said
no you guys have a shooting every 2 months its well known to the world
you tried
here's you're GOLD STAR!!!!!!!!
wow so cool!

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is this the legendary australian shitposting i've heard so much about

>No right to free speech, hate speech laws out the ass
>draconian gun laws
>Need a license for fucking air rifles
>Need a fucking license for paintball guns
>Need a license for crossbows Legislation.html
>Airsoft is banned
>LASER pointers over 1mw are banned (effectively banning the vast majority)
>Fucking YO YO WATERBALLS are banned
>Novelty toy-like lighters are banned
>Smokeless tobacco is banned
>Toys containing beads are banned
>Need a helmet to ride a fucking bicycle
>Plain packaging on cigarettes
>Absurdly high taxation on alcohol and cigarettes
>E-cigarettes are banned
>Many violent games and movies banned or censored even after the R18+ certificate was introduced

Thats 31,150 usd btw

Fuck me. Like living in the asshole of the earth wasn't bad enough...

For the shit like the bead sand that yoyo-waterball, the reason they give is suffocation.
The US has a ban on Kinder surprise, Australia does not.

I disagree with Australia's draconian guns laws, but you must understand that stuff like crossbows, air rifles, paintball guns, airsoft can be loaded and ready to blind or kill cunts, so you can see they go hand in hand with the gun laws.
Again, I don't agree with he guns laws.

>Laser Pointers
Blind cunts from a distance and have zero accountability
>Bicycle Helmet
If I get into a serious car accident I'll probably need a hospital bed. Why not prevent unnecessary serious injury by wearing a helmet and free up beds and health services.

>Plain cigarette packaging
>Cigarette Tax
What's the problem? Smoking is bad for your health and everyone around you. Again with the strain on health services. Also represents an activity with zero productivity whatsoever.
>Banned movies and Games
Banning degenerate """"art"""" is a bad thing?

Everything else on that list is bullshit though.

None of that shit affects me much. Because I don't carry a gun while playing airsoft, shooting laser pointers in peoples eyes, smoking and drinking alcohol at the same time while playing violent video games. Seriously half of this shit is like an American exclusive thing to get butthurt about.

Why the fuck would you get this over a Commodore or Falcon

>crossbows, air rifles, paintball guns, and airsoft can be loaded and teady to blind or kill vunts

When have you ever heard of the last crossbow, air rifle, paintball guns or airsoft killing you retard? The bans are absolutely fucking stupid.

>blind cunts from a distance

Yet it never happens in the rest of the developed world where it's allowed.

>why not prevent serious injury

It should be up to the person. You do realize that European nations with far higher taxes don't require helmets for bicycles? It's fucking stupid.

>smoking is bad for your health

Smokers save money because they die earlier. There have been multiple international studies on this. In addition, smokers already paid for any healthcosts through taxes well before all these massive increases. 40 dollars for a pack is absurd and I don't even smoke.

The reason why the nanny state continues to expand is because people like you keep defending it. M80 your government treats you like toddlers.

>blind cunts from a distance
its to stop morons like you, having a laugh and aiming it at planes.

>helmet laws
saves lots of tax dollars so retards like you don't take up hospital beds

>smokers save money because they die earlier
maybe in your shit hole 3rd world country.

we have health care, smokers get sick and go on that healthcare costing tax payers thousands PP

USA is a third world african aids tier shit hole country.

the freedom you so much desire, you don't even have. places like south sudan, syria and other failed states have the freedom you desire.

>to stop morons like you

Not a problem in any other country. Austadians are literal mouthbreathing morons needing the government to ban everything for them. Find me the last time a plane was taken down because of a fucking laser pointer.

>saves a lot of tax dollars

This is EXACTLY why universal healthcare should never be a thing here. Because the justification for all the nanny shit by you morons is MUH TAX DOLLARS.

People who do not wear helmets are far more likely to die. Dead people do not cost more in taxes. If you wear a helmet you are more likely to survive but be paralyzed instead of dying because of spinal cord injuries.

>maybe in your shithole country

Mouthbreathing fuck. Alzheimers alone is three times as costly as cancer. The elderly cost way more than any smoker.


Every time.

My tax rates are low as fuck.
I can freely own guns.
Alcohol and cigarettes are super cheap.
Weed is legal in my state.
I can defend myself and my property.
I have free speech with no retarded hate speech laws.
I don't even have to wear a helmet when I ride a motorcycle.

Bitch, I am far freer than your fucking toddler state. You faggots are like that one kid whose parents made him wear a helmet at home and put covers on the wall sockets because he kept sticking forks in them. You live in a padded room. Here's hoping your government mandates that you bubble-wrap yourself whenever you go outside next.

>E-cigarettes are banned
lmao no they arent

>public figure gets in trouble for what they say
welcome to the developed world. in the uk joe blow goes to prison for shit talking on twitter.

umm excuse me we have fibre to the node now. 1.2mb download speeds, jealous amerifat

>i live in a bumfuck fly over state
Good for you hick boy. Hopefully you dont venture into the civilized parts of the US and get triggered by the no hate speech zones and safespaces.

>My tax rates are low as fuck.
>I can freely own guns.
>Alcohol and cigarettes are super cheap.
>Weed is legal in my state.
>I can defend myself and my property.
>I have free speech with no retarded hate speech laws.
>I don't even have to wear a helmet when I ride a motorcycle.

everything you said there, can be applied to a person living in a failed state shit hole.

your country isn't a failed state shit hole, its just a shit hole.

enjoy your shorter life span and 5x murder rate

calling a country shit, that has 3 or 4 cities in the top 10 most livable, whilst your country has zero in the top 10, and even has 2 cities in the top 50 most dangerous in the world is hilarious.
your country is a shit hole.

You can't buy nicotine for them in QLD. They also have a report a vaper Hotline.

>gets shot

>life sucks
>but its a better country
>its a happier country
>its a safer country (1/5 of your murder rate)
>its a healthier country (enjoy your heroin)
>its a less class based country
>its a country with zero "don't go there after dark or you'll get shot/stabbed" zones
>its a country where we don't need armed teachers in every school
>its a country that has actual proper food (thank you government for setting minimum standards for food)

enjoy your american "cheese" you fat dumb fuck

Prison rates in the US are the world's highest, at 724 people per 100,000

if you're country is so free, why are so many people, not free?

USA aids rate: 0.5%
AUS aids rate: 0.1%



>tfw i don't have to worry about getting shot by some cunt when i go to work, school, the shopping centre, the movies, literally anywhere

feels good man

>Be a non-redneck white in America
>Live the life of an Australian but better
>move to gated community

>>black people cause problems: the post
we know

>inb4 black people don't shoot up schools
they do, they're not reported on as much and it's usually a black school so noone gives a shit


>the developed world
good goy

>move to gated community
>have to live in draconian bullshit laws

yeah nah no thanks, i'd rather just not live in a shit hole

>black people cause problems
they cause problems because your country sets them up for a cycle of failure.

thats why your country sucks.

1: if you're born poor, 99% of the time, you're fucked.
2. if you're middle class, and something bad happens, well, you're poor, see 1.
3. if you're rich, its a great country no problems
4. all of that applies to any aids tier african nation shit hole country.

that is why you're a shit hole country. that is why you always be a shit hole country.

you have your head so far up your ass it's amazing. be glad you don't have to deal with it. the only shit hole parts of the country are the black parts, yet we spend billions of dollars on them to get them off their lazy fucking asses, all for naught. they are catered to in almost every aspect, and they still fail to pass the simplest milestones. Shoehorned into every career no matter how inept, given benefits by every liberal politician in hopes of winning the black vote, which they fall for everytime like a kid with an allowance. They set themselves up for failure; the government gives them more than enough to succeed, they feel they are entitled to everything under the sun

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don't pretend you have it any different. Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, all chinks. Australia is turning yellow, and with those lovely speech laws you have you can't say shit about it. Britain 2.0, only this time chinks instead of mussies. I'd take Asians over blacks anyday, but on the other hand, the blacks aren't actively trying to replace you, buying up land and estate, actively undermining your policies... they're not smart enough, they just want handouts. you're more cucked then we are, we've got arms and free speech, basic rights in any "developed country"

>nicotine is banned defeaing the purpose of e cigs

There are no hate speech laws in the US. California is a majority spic state that should be sold off to Mexixo and a wall built as soon as possible.

I don't care if my country is a bit more dangerous. I'd rather live in a slightly more risky country that has far more freedom than a perfectly safe nanny state where you are free to do fuckall.

>Ecigs banned.


We lock criminals up, that's why the crime rate is low


Pick one

there's literally nothing wrong with the ciggy laws.
pretty much everything else is bs though. but i'd still rather live here than take my chances of getting shot in the usa or bombed in europe.