Geneva 2018

Thoughts on this years show?

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skimmed it. that little honda hatchback with the leds was cool. urban concept or something?

so many ugly rando super cars lol

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double spoiler double downforce

urban ev concept
looks like an old 70s corolla mixed with a little mk1 golf, it's great
honda will butcher it on its way to production though

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Needs more holes.

i hate how round and clean these are

round wasnt the right word, i guess "smooth" is what i meant. looks like a toy

>so many ugly rando super cars lol

so boring to look at

Geneva really has the issue of so many dumb euro exotic maker concepts which are completely boring.
Also Mansory is just an embarrassment to the car industry.

worst still none of them ever come out and you know they are all just rolling shells.

Like the E3 or "Hollywood" award show for cars its all just bullshit

"Uhh, Dubai was a few months ago."

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>tacky ebay vinyl wrap on a gayron

Might as well be, but sadly it's forged carbon.

>forged carbon
huh til


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RUF have always been godly.

This on both points. The best part of the show was a Honda rehash from two previous shows, and all the super cars were amazingly unexciting. I guess the Porsche crossover looked kind of nice for a crossover, but at the end of the day it's still a crossover.

The Supra nip magazine scans we got were much better than what we got at the actual show, the Z4 wasn't even there at all, an M8 gran """""coupe""""" already sounded horrible on paper and somehow ended up being even worse in the metal, and the 2200lb BMW was just another Veeky Forums larp.

When is the next big show again? In fucking August or something?

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>"looks like an old 70s corolla mixed with a little mk1 golf"
>what is honda's very own n series and first gen civic
This will never stop triggering me.

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oh baby

The Rimac C2 is the first electric car to genuinely pique my interest.
Literally everything else was meh. I just enjoy the coverage to see the latest sickening Mansory, Fab Design, Gemballa etc. tuner shit

I'm going there tommorow

It was pretty boring in that sense. The highlights to see for me were the new Supra, GT-86 and MX-5 (although seen so many times already), Honda Urban EV and Sports EV, 911T, Z4 concept.
Honorable mentions are the boatload of quirky Toyota concepts (i-Walk, Concept-i and the Fine Comfort Ride), Morgan 4/4, David Brown Motors and the huge as fuck Lego figure made from Lego pieces at Dacia. Hyundai had some wireless charging thing for the garage, that was interesting. There was also the Renault Ez-Go concept with front door/hatch thing and a living room inside. The Polestar coupe was featured too, looks great, too bad it's botnet. The new Stratos was on display, that one looks great too - too bad it's unobtainium.
Ford had some pretty cool games to play at their booth, that was really the only one this year where you could engage in something other than looking at cars.
There was also an exhibition of classic cars (only like 10 cars unfortunately). Those were really interesting. And the PAL-V flying car/gyrocopter/thingamajig, that one was cool.

At least there were Twingos.

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>Thoughts on this years show?

>Z4 concept
It wasn't at the show, was it?

I thought this was labelled Z4 concept. It looks pretty nice too, considering most of the other cars from BMW went to shit for this generation of styling.

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As opposed to this monstrosity.

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No you're right, it is. I just didn't realize they had it there.

I don't think Mansory has produced a good car ever.

what the fuck

I guess if I had to pick a winner of the show, it would be Rimac.

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>understeers off a cliff
Looking at the footage he locked up and corkscrewed the car.
All this since he was really going too fast.

>already knew there would be a track only version for years
>looks of the track version and basic specs revealed over 4 months ago
>still the best car at Geneva
Why try harder?

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Most importantly, what did Moog think of it?

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