Earlier today

>earlier today
>look out the window of the shop i work at
>a stranger in a pathfinder drives up and parks in front of my car
>he gets out, takes a photo of it, then gets back in his nissan
i drive a ratty 944, taken it to car shows and such and i really don't care about people taking pics of my car but i was parked way in the back of the lot, where my car wasn't even visible from the road. what the fuck was that about? he was driving through the lot slowly as well, until he found my car, so he was def looking for my car specifically. should i be worried or am i being paranoid?

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Yeah I would park it closer and keep the alarm on. Maybe disconnect the battery if it won't Fuck with anything in your ecu. It's a little sketchy and Porsche aren't rare enough to warrant what happened.

They do that at private lots in LA to try and ticket/tow people who haven't paid. I doubt they would be interested in stealing a ratty 944.

it was parked in the shop's lot, so it's def nothing about towing/tickets cause it's on our own private property. and this is a shop with at least a dozen other people in and out of it at a time so he's either really retarded or brave to think of stealing it.

I've never met an intelligent thief.

Tell the police, file a report of suspicious behavior and keep your shit locked.

you piss someone off? debts to someone? pissed off ex gf?

maybe i offended the rednecks in this town with my weeb-ness,
and nope

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Doesn't look as ratty as I thought. I was expecting a red that looks white from being so sunfaded paint job.

Maybe it is some Jalopnik writer.

Private investigator?

Nice car, user 6.8/10

>autism stickers on the door
if I saw your car I would key it

I love your car ironically

>On the door
They're literally all over the car.

jokes on you the stickers are hiding rust and scratches
the big yohane on the door is because someone did that, so that's just gonna be an excuse for me to go full itasha

Threatening autistic behaviour over perceived autism.

Poor 944

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I take it back, that's fucking cringy. I'd take a picture and share it with my friends and laugh at you if I saw it.

He definitely wanted to have a good laugh with his friends. Nothing more.

that's the point, i laugh at myself every time i get into it cause i don't take myself seriously to begin with
that's kinda what i thought too, but im kinda concerned as to how he was able to know where it was gonna be at that time of day cause im usually parked behind others and far from the road, so it's not like someone was driving along and saw it, then went "haha look at this retarded thing", they went out of their way to find me.

First, "not taking yourself seriously" doesn't mean "making yourself look retarded on purpose".
Second, this guy might have seen your retardmobile around and have been looking for it for some time until he somehow learned you work at this place.

>First, "not taking yourself seriously" doesn't mean "making yourself look retarded on purpose".
maybe not but it's hilarious when i trigger people like you completely unintentionally

>t. unironically drives a solid black Challenger because he wants people to take him seriously

>hahah triggered snowflake?!?
No. You could even go crush it right now and I would't care. But nice of you to confirm your manchild mentality.

I wish I had a Challenger, but other than that your projection is embarrassingly retarded.

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why does me having fun make you so mad

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your insistance in believing I'm somehow mad is truly baffling. Mate you asked why that guy was taking pictures of your car. After showing it to us you're somehow acting all uppity because we all agreed it was certainly because your car looks clownish. Why the fuck would I be mad? I'm not even a Porsche fan, especially not the 944.

I'm an autist that randomly takes pictures of people's cars. Don't think much of it.

Just saying you should have a little more fun sometimes m8

I would have taken a pic to laugh.

You ruined the car.

>implying it was worth anything to begin with

you could just stop this damage control, or you could double on it and call us a big mean samefag.

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for $2000 (spent another 2k in repairs/suspension upgrades over the past 3 years) yeah, basically

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How is this damage control? I’m not OP, just arguing for the sake of argument, but apparently all the posters itt have sticks up their butts so whatever

you dont own any shotguns, do you?

/a/ poster saw your car around and spent his day and neetbux looking for it to show his Veeky Forums friends the cool anime watching dude's car.

You're really putting the ita in itasha, mang