Tfw I own 1161 cubic inches of engine

Tfw I own 1161 cubic inches of engine
Does this trigger the non Americans

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You know, you could, like, make good threads instead of this crap.
T. Fellow insomniac burger
Ignore the insomnia part if you're on the west coast

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Muh 460ci

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no, I'm satisfied woth my dick

I just want to see pictures of vehicles with large engines that potential trigger Europeans
Also washington state

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Again, why? I've never gotten the mentality of "triggering" people.

Fellow 460 but then the superior 300...

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Damn liberals are everywhere these days.

>2 of them on shitty jello suspension disposable work trucks that should been in the scrapheap 20 years ago
>1 of them in a shitty solid axle wannabe sportscar that is good for nothing but straightline with a fanbase of obnoxious poorfag boomers

yeah nah

You didn't take this picture at a Royal Star/Fork did you? And if you did, not the one by Blade Chevrolet, right?

>posts 3 vehicles that would get BTFO on the track or drag strip by a $2000 motorbike

yeah nah zero fucks given cunt

ahh i see u also hate the environment

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I mean, you're not wrong to shit on OP for being a fuck that wants another shitty thread up, but at least get your facts straight about the C5.

Where the fuck does this manchild mantality come from? Are you 5? Why do you still attach importance to """triggering""" people you retard? No one cares.

>Those pipes
I'm triggered by how fucking ugly that is

no one is going to care because of you using your medieval unit system

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hows that 190whp

Eurofag here if you trynna Trigger us, then atleast dont post a car that can Average more than 25mpg on the highway
Also nice vette

Non americans arent required to know retarded units oft measurement so no. Give us the amount in cm and we might be.

Maintaining and using older vehicles is more ecofriendly then manufacturing new, fuel efficient ones.

The crack den you live in actually makes me sad for you

cool you own two shitty ferds and a gayvrolet.

>"liberal" is now a le plebbit buzzword

you stupid motherfucker.

There's 8 leaf spring packs and 48 pushrods in that one pic.

Literally one step up from the trailerpark.

Who cares?


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You don't like my straight pipe muffler delete?

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Nah that's a good will lol

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>that vette
F-frosty, is that you?

I had a 300 with a 4 speed before these 2 trucks, desu I miss it

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Alright, 19 liters of combined engine, is that better?

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>how will I improve the social landscape today?
>I know, I'll shitpost on the internet to attempt to annoy people I disagree with!

>Give us the amount in cm and we might be.
you're just as retarded as an American, congratulations user.

yes, much better

White trash: the post

What does an egg feel like inside the chicken? I wanna massage it and make it feel good.

>tfw I own 4 cars with a combined displacement of 440cuin and 376hp

btfo by a fucking big block mopar

fuck off fug

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Are they diesels? No?!?! Ahhhhhhhhh farfugnewgun!

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Was it made courtesy of Home Depot pipe isle?

And a total of 500 bhp

Was this terrible thread really worth bumping for that? It was 13 hours old.


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*ccm my bad i really am retarded

Do you actually think that Corvettes have solid axles? I'm pretty sure that they've had independent rear suspension for more than half a century.

>1161 cubic inches
No since I have no idea how much that is
Next you're going to tell me how many farthings your cars cost or what?

Why did you bump this terrible thread?