Twingo thread

Hard drive failed and lost most of my Twingo pics. Will post the ones I have on my phone, show no merci

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cursed image

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I wish someone had imported a twingo before it was legal so we could have clips of a twingo getting crushed

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Does anyone know how to change worn out gum shift knob on twingo?

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God I love this one

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anyone have imgs of twingo and swifit together? i remember some meme about it

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don't let the thread die, you're making the twingo sad

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Such a comfy thread

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Haha this isn't shopped. I like that some aut/o/fag did this

I remember this, he stole that Twingo! :(



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Twongi not even once

Totally based

What sort of and how much rust is OK to still buy a Twingo and at which point should I gtfo quickly from the dealer site?

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page 11 bump

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why do i laugh at these like a retard?

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merci twingo

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It's a silly car with a silly face that makes for perfect reaction image material

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