Jesus christ the tesla was featured on top gear literally a decade ago and yet the car is still no where near a...

jesus christ the tesla was featured on top gear literally a decade ago and yet the car is still no where near a respectable impact into the car buyer population and still has major issues almost every month either from the operating of their vehicles or the manufacturing process

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Jesus Christ take an English writing class.

>ad hominems & strawmanning

The model s is outselling everygerman luxury company's bug sedans. Model 3 has 400,000 deposits for orders. Tesla causes every major car company to start seriously getting into EVs especially high performance EVs. Car company companies are starting to follow Tesla's lead and build giant battery factories.

Maybe you should take a debate class too.

>still no where near a respectable impact into the car buyer population
because its expensive.

>using presales numbers vs actual cars on the road and decades of data to show reliability

they simply can't produce enough cars to matter

>Builds a giant factory to put Panasonic cells into a box

and their clientele is the worst
>I was never a car person until Tesla
>yeah I'm in a Tesla club
oh yeah what's the theme?
>we drive around town in our teslas and get coffee

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sounds like subaru imprezza owners

It's much easier to make a few really good examples of a car if money is not an object. it's entirely different to make consistently good cars over and over. If they can survive the next 5 years, they might make the inroads a niche brand like saab had at its peak.

they also make the cells now

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>top gear matters


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And motors and other components

What I don't understand about battery-powered cars is the standards at which they measure the maximum distance.

OP just said that the Tesla has been around for over a decade yet still US and EU failed to come up with a comprehensive standards by which the range should be measured.
Wouldn't a range estimate measured with
>wide open throttle
>heating/climate control on full fucking force
>with headlights at full beam
aka the worst case scenario be a lot more fair to the potential buyer?

Right now the Model X is advertised as having 350mile range. While driving like a grandma with a wind blowing in my back with everthing turned off while rolling from a hill.
So I as a customer Im completely unable to estimate whether I'm actually able to make a 100, 200, 300 mile trip in reasonable amount of time in a reasonable amount of comfort.

If every electric car was measured in the same conditions in literally the worst case scenario and advertised the absolute minimum range it should get every time you unplug it from a charger it would provide a fair ground for comparison.

The market of electric buses is absolutely booming in Europe. Literally every major manufacturer of buses (even mercedes which just few years ago was vehemently against battery powered buses saying that hybrids are the most sense) is testing their buses in major european cities. And besides the usual manufacturers like Solaris, Volvo, Iveco and Scania there are shitloads of new upstarts and companies trying to play their chances because sourcing electric motors and batteries and wrapping it in a nice shell is infinitely easier than sourcing drivetrain components for regular fume belchers.
And all these companies do not advertise the fairy-tale scenario distance but the real world one a bus operator can expect because what good is an electric bus if the advertised range was 100 miles but it ran out of juice before reaching a recharging station at the end of the loop.

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Starting a car company from nothing is hard
going from a small volume luxury car producer to a mass market sub 40 grand car producer is hard
>more at 11

Yeah just like gas mileage is measured at WOT in the worst possible conditions. What the fuck are you talking about.

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This was unironically pretty funny

>Yeah just like gas mileage is measured at WOT in the worst possible conditions.
The thing about gas is that the network of gas stations across the country allow you to refuel as soon as you're out of gas within 3 minutes max and get back the road. You're not granted that comfort with a battery powered vehicle you moron. It's a one-shot thing and then you have to find a place to recharge and wait.

gas powered cars give MPGs based on best case scenario. You are an idiot. You act like its alien technology.

If only Tesla had some kind of method of calculating your range continuously as you drive, mapping all closest chargers, and warning you if you were about to drive too far from a charger based on your current power use. Oh wait, they do.

>3 minutes max
You have never left the suburbs? Looks like that sheltered life turned you into a complete retard.

How about you tesla shills fuck off from this board?
What good is a fucking range estimate if I already paid for the car?

>what good is MPG estimate if I already paid for the car?

MPG estimate only affects the time it takes to drain my wallet not the maximum range I can travel within a single day.
Also my MPG estimate isn't going to double just because It's -20°C outside the car was left outside, the battery got cold and I turned on the heater once I got inside.

You retards really dont understand it do you?

here's all you need to know user

assuming the "best case" is simply engaging the cruse control, which the Prius' can engage at 24mph and up (i assum tesla has the same technology)

then if you enable CC for every trip at the speed limit (which is the law anyways)

you're going to get somewhere equally as fast as a Prius

now a Prius normally has to be filled up between 200-300 miles same as a Tesla "claims"

however, you pull into a gas station and fill up a Prius in 10 minutes and are gone.

or you spend several hours in a Tesla, or book a motel room and run an extension cable out to the car for 8+ hours and hope some bratty kid doesnt just unhook it leaving you fucked and that kid is long gone on his journey thru the roads

who is this semen demon

>maserati quattroporte
>2% total

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are you serious ?

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all cunny gear cast when?

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Some nerd from shithole South Africa is going to save the environment we live in and make environments on other planets available to us and all you do is hate.

At the very least, he's holding the fire under other car companies to stop making things that pump dead dinosaur shit into the air.

spiclet who wants to take your guns so her cholo brethren can waltz into your house unimpeded and rape your wife and children

you write like a fag

Jesus Christ, another anti-Tesla thread with points that don't make sense from a consumer/manufacturer/political/economical/global perspective.

Ford/Dodge/Chevy/GM/Chrysler/Jeep/RAM/Lincoln, etc. Stop your propaganda spam. Jesus fuck, get a real engineer and make your customers happy ffs.

>not knowing about Tesla's Panasonic contract that makes the whole "can't make cars" point completely moot.

You mean like Corvette, Porsche, Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin do?

I'd add entry level Subaru, Toyota, and Honda owners, too, but they go a step further and redline their shitboxes in the Starsucks parking lot for 40 minutes after the coffee stop.

mfw I see 2 people at the track all the time beating up their S's like a good track day should all the time

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>boasting about his space x launch
>literally minutes after launching the roadster in to space he announced they fucked up the calculations and its not even coming close to mars and is now just going to aimlessly travel past all the planets until its destroyed by the asteroid belt

I think about it like this
How long have books been around? few thousand years now? and when did we perfect the production? cuz it doesn't seem like there are recent advances in bookmaking. maybe they get costs down or whatever, but we've basically already hit peak bookmaking and have been there for a few decades

electric cars, on the other hand, are really really really fucking new. it's gonna be awhile before we get to the point where it can't be improved
that doesn't necessarily mean the topic should be entirely avoided until we reach the peak - clearly some countries are comfortable in assuming that electric cars are gonna be pretty good by 2040, since they're gonna outlaw the sales of new gas cars and such
you'll look back on these memes and think "well, YEAH, they sucked back then, but now that it's 2028 they finally got their shit together"
and to that I say, stop bitching and just recognize it's a work in progress

I was just reading about how absolutely fucked up the Model 3 is these days. Something like 50% of the parts they receive for making them are already fucked up and have to be re-worked, or shipped off-site and completely remanufactured before being put into NEW cars.

What an absolute shit company. Say what you will about the Big Three (and I"m no fan), but at least they can fucking deliver a car that runs - and usually for a few years before it starts to fall apart. Tesla can't even GET you a fucking car, and if they do it's made of recycled dogshit put together by overworked, underpaid teenagers and spics.

T R A S H brand

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Nobody here is a shill fucktard

Everyone here larps they own lambos when in reality we just shitpost

Ev cars are as old as petrol cars U fucking faggot

It's only battery tech and ecu Tech that has advanced

You should think about it like this:

>books have been around for thousands of years in some form or another
>but when the Printing Press was invented in the 15th century it revolutionized book production and communication in general

Now look at cars; automobiles and carriages had been around for decades prior to Henry Ford's involvement, but when he introduced the assembly line in 1913 it revolutionized their production. Costs went down, and availability went up.

Tesla isn't do ANYTHING new here. They can't even get the basics of production right. It's nothing to do with their technology or industry, it's everything to with incompetent supply management and production. Musk is a smug cunt who over-expanded and let his cunt mouth do the talking instead of using his brain. His company deserves to fail at this point, and I really hope it does. I want to see hydrogen fuel cells take off, electric cars have ALWAYS been a shitty meme. Diesel hybrids are the future, until we can find a feasible alternative to fossil fuels.

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fine, let him fail
I'm not a Tesla apologist, I'm just saying the playing field is going to look at lot less ridiculous in a few years.
diesel industry needs better lobbyists in USA, it's pretty hard to convince a company to bring a new diesel here

That's why diesel hybrids will be the future. They'll have small displacement engines that get good fuel economy, and with spartan fuel use the emissions will be very minimal. Coupled with an electric drivetrain, they'll get insane range and have low operating costs. Cars will go back to being something you keep for 10 years, not throwaway appliances for 2-3 years.

Mercedes already does it with their Bluetec Hybrid sedan, and it works very well.

>i-its a new technology!
>j-just give it time!

are they asking money upfront for it?

how many fucking models have they introduced in the 10 years since the brand was announced?

are they asking for 10k more than a Toyota Prius C costs annually?

which are proven to be the most economic hybrids in existence on top of Toyota's decades of reliability and by the way there was only 1 version of for several years as it proved its want by the masses and then made various changes.

Tesla has announced like 5 new cars in just the last 1-2 years, not counting all the different iterations of the very first X/S/D model they first released

all of which have massive issues and you don't hear the press covering how ridiculous the repair costs are

post yfw they will never take exploding dinosaurs from us

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They used to have 500,000 preorders. Everyone is leaving in droves. The quality is shit, the car is really $50k after getting the bigger battery, activating Auto Pilot, and the uprgraded interior

Hmmm, except for Ford, Korean Chevrolet and Tesla, US brands are virtually non-existent here (EU).

Go to Norway and they literally have parking places with just Teslas.. they love 'em.

Tesla as a luxury brand seems to be doing better here than all the other US brands combined in the last 30 years.

Is there a tax incentive?

>Porsche owners

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Electric cars are as old as gas cars you dipshit. At one point they were more popular than ICEs over 100 years ago

The average age of cars on the road is longer than it has ever been in history, well over 11 years now
Remember, cars had 5 digit speedos because a car making it past 100k miles was unheard of

I know that there have been tinkerers who filled their trunks with batteries back in the 70s, but in terms of a practical production model, it's only been ten years
Stop being stupid

In best case they will get almost 60k dollars off the list price of a expensive Tesla.

Bmws electric sales aren't going well. They are basically only doing it at this point to meet German fleet mpg law

No. Highway vs city.

I agree with this. Nit to mention with bio engineering we can literally grow biodiesel in ponds with bacteria. It will be cheap and plentiful

The average car ownership timeframe has gone down though, those 11 year old cars have been owned by 2-3 different people. Most of those are cheap gasoline economy cars. People who spend the extra $4-6k on a diesel usually keep it for a long time, because they're buying it for a specific purpose.

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It ironically had less problems when it was a fucking Lotus stuffed with batteries.

Have an actual sauce for that? Still don't see how it matters as much as the car staying on the road longer instead of ending up in junk yards or some boomer's lawn