Are there any good land/range rovers? Not a defender. I was thinking discovery, lr3, range rover. Second hand of course

Are there any good land/range rovers? Not a defender. I was thinking discovery, lr3, range rover. Second hand of course.

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That was quick. Wtf

Well, they are a odd type of vehicle, if you can afford one new or one with a warranty that covers everything, then they are great cars. They are fine 2nd hand out of warranty but you need money to keep it running or you can be lucky and it wont cost you anything.
I almost pulled the trigger on a 2006 Range Rover, but after a lot of 2nd guessing myself and looking at the lack of funds in my bank account i decided against it. If i was rich and didnt give a fuck i would rock Supercharged L332 Range Rover Fatty.
>pic related

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>tfw rich and love Range Rovers but hate dealing with unreliable cars to a pathological degree
Good fortune truly was wasted on me, but it's been good business for Toyota.

If you're particularly looking a RR sports, the facelift considerably improved build quality and reliability, plus the new and more efficient diesel engine and transmission

Thank you. Keeps the market small.

>the type of person that buys a Supra over a 911T

get a disco, perfect all rounder, and a nice compromise of the range and defender, as it's comfy yet still extremely capable off-road, hence why farmers love them.

My mom had a 08 LR3 V8 that she really liked, drove it to 160k miles from new. It was mostly trouble free but it did have a couple minor electrical flaws late in its life. Nothing horribly expensive to fix, biggest thing was front control arms which wore out but that's hardly suprisng for the miles it had. She has a 2013 RR sport now which is basically a shortened LR4 underneath and it's basically the same story. A few classic British electrical problems but no real mechanical faults.

Of course ymmv, LR has their reputation for a reason. I think the Discovery 3/4 platform is fairly solid though.

Known faults are electric and suspension but fuck that you should buy one. Literally one of the best looking SUVs

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Everything that comes out of land rover is god tier, apart from when they start fucking with the range rover (see evoque and convertible)

Here in South Africa they are a status symbol, as soon as our black brothers get rich and want to show off they go to the nearest Range Rover dealer and by one.
Issue is living in a SA is you will get fucking high jacked like a mother fucker for these cars. You always need to watching your back.

shit looks dated as fuck and the interiors in these old ones are so fucking shitty

worst car brand in the industry. i'd take a fiat multipla over this.

It looks dated because it is dated, fag. But that's not a bad thing.

Irrelevant since you’ll never be able to afford one.

Get one with a warranty, put aside lots of cash for absurdly expensive tires and service costs. Get a SC V8, the V6 and diesels are absolute cuck mobiles. Mine has been good but has cost me a lot of money. It’s the only SUV I like the looks of, everything else is either hideous (GL, X5/6, Cayenne) or a dog shit car (G550).

A Mercedes or BMW is probably the better car if you’re not going to go off roading but everyone will assume you’ve been pussy whipped by your wife.

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land cruiser

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>shit looks dated as fuck
modern vehicles look like cancer, this is the opposite of an insult

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This pic semi related..

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