Passat '82

So a joke in my family went too far and now i only own this, a 1,6L N/A diesel passat from 82', making 55hp to the front wheels. It's in pretty shit condition lookswise, especially inside but it runs fine.
It will be at least a month before I buy an other car.

Now let's play a game, Veeky Forums decides what I do with the car. Dubs get higher chance and trips are law.
I have already installed a sound system and ass heater. The rear shocks are completely dead, so I'm gonna replace them. Is it worth lowering it? Just a bit, not slam it

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Strip it and turn it into a track whore.

maintain it as good as you can and keep it stock

Fill the back window with OSG slaps and daily that beautiful shitbox.

Nigga there are no tracks where I live. And did you read 55hp?

Is this slang for stickers?

i hate to break it to you but that thing doesnt make 55hp to the wheels. i had an 82 rabbit pickup 1.6 na diesel, same motor as yours. iirc they made 52hp at the crank new. there are dyno videos of them on youtube making about 40fwhp

do this

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Full body anime wrap, pic related.

Or if that's too expensive, spray-can Initial-D tofu delivery panda Passat.

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mee nyt vittuun

restore it, sell it to vw to put in their museum

Swap the 1.8 into it
It's also RWD

Care for it and pass it on cause why the fuck not.

Get rid of it, just faster.

It's not. It's based on the B2 Audi 80, which hilariously means it's related to the Quattro.
AWD versions exist too, they use Audi drivetrains.

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Put a fuckload of weeb stickers on it and take it to every free car meet in the local vicinity

Verbally shitpost at said events and talk about topics such as "sticker aesthetics" "vw's racing heritage" and "diesels are only appreciated by true enthusiasts"

Bonus points awarded to every person who honks for your "Honk if you're yiffy" bumper sticker

Drive against a wall at full speed

No excuse

You need a turbocharger

It's an MD or AP engine?

Yea it even slightly looks like the quattro, just longer

Good question, I don't know really

Come on can we have something that isn't weebshit? The mudrunner thing looked nice

I know that there were Diesel AP here in LatAm but only on one model, which didn't even selled that great.

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The engine looks like that, so its whatever that is.

Godtier would be to find a OG Audi 5cyl that were offered in these cars and swap it in.

It's prolly going to be easier to find there than here, so go for it.

There? I live in Sweden, don't know if i hinted at it anywhere.
The problem with finding stuff for Cara that weren't the poor man's choice or a Volvo in Sweden is that nobody bought them back in the day. Would have to import from Germany. Might still try!

Let a >=20cm diameter pipe go through the car's longitudinal axis, through both windows, and arrange it that the car behind you can always have a clear view to what's in front of you.

Oh well can't you just order some junkyard 5cyl from Germany? Or be an absolute madman and convert the engine you already have to gas and put 1000 horses like everyone does here.


I just might. Dad is a turbopragmatic so I was raised to never so "stupid" stuff like that

Find a wrecked S8 and build yourself an AWD V10 monster.


Restore it, love it. Not many of these cars are still on the road

I'm thinking about taking off the turbo of mine and putting some Throttle body on it. The sound that it makes is orgasmic.

Fucken nice man

Yep, i'm tired of turbine and the fact that my piston halves are getting fucked by each 10k km. Plus the kit is cheaper.


Trips have it
Add the anime wrap for posterity

S6 would work too.

repair and keep driving. its pretty much indestructable if you keep an eye on the rust

Lelelele fuck the rules

Probably gonna look at the parts catalog thats in the glove box and try to order at least some rear shocks.

Retard question, do you run standard shocks with lowering springs?

Bamping this and going to bed, i love you Veeky Forums