I'm thinking of buying a new compact hatchback that's fun to drive but practical...

I'm thinking of buying a new compact hatchback that's fun to drive but practical. Right know I've got three options in mind.

Mazda 3 hatchback (maybe wait till the Skyactive X next gen with that sick redesign is out)

Ford Fiesta ST Line

Or go all out and get a Hyndai i30 N with the performance package and that sweet panoramic sunroof

What would you get?

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>go all out and get a hyundai

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A week ago I would have reacted the same but come on. Even Evo did a video on the i30 N praising it to the high heavens as a new hot hatch king. I meant that it's the most expensive reasonable option imo.

>go all out

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It's a great car and it has the highest base price of the three.

I bet it's Best in its Class™ too. Why don't you just spill the whole usual monologue.

If you live in Europe or Straya, Suzuki Swift sport is a good option too

Maybe I will if you ask me nicely and call me daddy

O shit haven't even heard of it but looks sweet and reviews are good.

Thank you dubsman

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>buying a new econobox

buy a civic for 3k or fix your current car or buy something actually good with your 20k.

Why would you ever spend tens of thousands of dollars on an econobox? Just lol

Some people have these things called jobs. They provide disposable income but only if you reliably get there on time. Additionally these people have something to live for and value newer safety features.

No one cares if you're 30 minutes or an hour late once in a while If you have an actual decent job. Everyone has car trouble once in a while.

>disposable income
>too poor to buy the real fiesta st

VW golf TSI or type R.

Go test drive one, you will not regret it. The TSI is the fastest, best handling car I've driven. I can't imagine how fast the R goes.

You ever try to shove two car seats into the back of a Fiesta? You gotta go at least FoRS based on size alone.

Next gen Mazda looks sexy as fuck, just look at dat ass. Never thought I'd fall for a 4 door hatch, yet here we are. Also, if the performance claims are true, that low end torque should make for something special. I'll be picking one up.

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Is the new ST out? The old model has an autistic dash.

I really don't get this mentality. These are enjoyable, reliable and practical cars. Shitty econobox? Is 275hp with a short shift and limited slip diff really that shitty? As opposed to what?? An nsx or gtr or audi tt? The fuck am I going to do with a car that can go 3x faster than the speedlimit when I got shit to do. Besides these are sexy as fuck cars that are easier to park and the i30 N has a better exhaust and steering than some "sportscars" while being cheap enough.

Also its kinda hard to follow your advice if tell me to both kill myself AND then fix my car.

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Shit well I'll test drive that as well then

I'd consider it if they updated it. Really not a fan of the current models interior. Besides I currently have a 2005 or sth 5 door fiesta and it's actually been alright for the most part

I’m with you on this. Even if someone gifted me one of those Dodge Demon Challengers with fuck you levels of hp that can do a fucking wheelie on acceleration I wouldn’t know what practical things to do with it. Hp is all about faster acceleration and (with the right frame) towing capacity.
My view on this might be skewed since I live next to a military base and associate production muscle cars with dumbfucks who just got out of basic and blew their entire signing bonus on a mustang/charger/challenger.

Agreed. A 600+ hp rocket is fun to be sure. But not when adhereing to the law or driving it every day. And I've driven an mx-5 miata. You can rev the car out at normal speeds and thanks to the softop, chassis, size and handling it feels really fast and amazing to drive. But even with a car like that. I mean it's a 25k impractical toy that i could use with the top down for three months in a year. And I wouldn't want to have a 600+ hp rwd anything as a daily just because this thing we have here called shitty winter roads and tard drivers.

Double that ... VW Golf TSI is the best imo, the R require extra maintenance

Yeah I've heard that as well. I don't like the design to begin with, but does the type r have overheating and transmission issues or something like that?

Nearly new Fiesta ST

definitely wait until the '19 mz3 is out

same engine capacity (2.0) while having same power as the old gens 2.5l? and looking much better with a digital cluster too? why not?

wouldn't bother with fiesta line lmao.

Yeah you're probably right, it's just that I've had an old fiesta for a while so it's a sentimental thing. Also did you see the new interior in the kai concept? It actually has an usable armrest!

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VW Up!
Don't listen to these tools asking you to get a golf

Suzuki Swift

If you live in the UK, get a MG3.
I am serious. This shit drives like the original Mini.

Sadly I don't

Isn't VW more focused on comfort? At least people talk a lot about mazda being more driver oriented and fun.

the concept is going to be fairly neutered imo.
wouldn't expect the 3 to actually look anything like that.

if the production looks anything like that then i'd buy one.

Yea obv. The headlights are too obscured, pedestrians would get sliced in half by the hood overhang etc. But it was supposed to be pretty indicative

also wait to see if it gets apple carplay / android auto support

gonna get one of my nerdy it friends to install it for me, i don't have a laptop to do it myself baka

I watched a video on how to do that. Literally download a thing pick what you want like carplay and touchscreen while driving and it puts it on a thumbdrive. Seems dead easy

the latest update to my cars firmware disables the thumbdrive method
i have to pull apart the head unit to install it.


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If you don't want to wait for new Mazda 3 (i would):
-Polo GTI
-Opel GTC
Or just go GT86/Stinger and be laughed at by Veeky Forumstists

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>-Opel GTC

That's the name with which they sell 280KM Astra.

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>Or go all out and get a Hyndai

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I do have a rwd daily for the winter, but its not 600hp until the engine blows out and i import a real supra 2jz.

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I would, but I would keep it and keep up with preventative maintenance for at least a decade.


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How is it in sludge and ice? I have had experiences with driving an old bmw in the winter here. Felt like I should get off the road sometimes. Haven't felt that with my fiesta though.

Are you talking about the Golf R or the Civic Type R? The Golf R is probably faster, but it's a rather numb driving experience compared to the Type R.
That said, the Golf R is a better choice if you need something comfortable with an automatic transmission as a daily driver.


This has a nice breakdown of some of the things coming to the next gen-m3.

That's engine porn in text form right there

>tfw going to buy one of these in vxr/opc spec in the next week or two

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It will be close. Guarantee you.

How can you guarantee it?

>opel compact
>uses Veeky Forums
I wish you good fortune in the wars to come

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Kevin Rice told me so in person

what wars

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I'm not really worried about wether it will be exactly the same or not. I really care more about the chassis, engine and seating upgrades. The prototypes have already pretty much proven that those are going to be awesome. The car is still going to look great, I think mazda will have that masculine look done well. Seeing as the prototype cars are more quiet and mazda promoed like a cockpit design in the interior, that should be greatly improved. On top of that the current mz3 interior is already good, all we really need is an armrest and phone mirroring. And that panoramic sunroof would be nice.

Ah I'm sure it'll be fine actually

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Skyactiv-X is an interesting proposition for sure. Kind of refreshing to see a manufacturer firmly plant its flag into developing internal combustion even further because it genuinely believes it can go much cleaner rather than just promise a million EVs over the next ten years.

And they don't make shitty cheap economy cars but miatas and hatchbac-miata halfbreeds. Not only that but it's working. Mazda already has consistently topped manufacturer EPA ratings without hybrids or electrics. And Skyactiv X should continue that trend of Mazdas getting really close economy to the official rating with something like 20% improved efficiency and more importantly improved consistency across the rpm and load range. If this works out then I'd say the ICE has a lot more life left in it.

I feel like a Mazda fanboy shill now

>why don't you spend the bare minimum on a car to get from A to B and stretch your budget to the furthest until you can buy an expensive sports car
Outside of Veeky Forums there actually isn't a black hole of money value between 3K and 20K, and especially since OP is buying new, those hatchbacks are in fact much better than a basic civic.

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Try to find a Focus 1.6 Ecoboost with a manual transmission, it's the same engine than in the Fiesta ST. Huge after market with more practical package.

I'd wait until nextgen, its only a year from now
man I fucking love mazdas