Convince me not to get a Renegade

Convince me not to get a Renegade.
Looking to get a cheaper newish 4x4 and this looks like the only thing in my range.

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Get a better used thing.

that is one ugly pos

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Get a base 4x4 Colorado. At least the engine is the right way and you get a real transfer case.

they're pos fiats baged as heeps

we had twelve renegardes in our rental fleet a few months ago and every single one of them had to go to the dealer for something from overheating to just not starting for no reason

Its a Chrysler

drove one as a rental, buy something else was the worst thing I ever drove

God dam, I knew they were Fiat, but was hoping it might actually be good.
I'm trying to find a fun off roader for camping and wanted newer because after my last accident, I really want the added safety features like side airbags.

Just buy a 3rd Gen 4runner and shut your hole

Theyre honestly shit. I almost bought one but came to my senses and got a wrangler instead.

Do it faggot.

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The Cherokee trailhawk is the least capable jeep I would take offroad, don't bother with the compass or renegade. If you can afford the Cherokee trailhawk look harder or don't get a unibody jeep.

*can't afford

>or don't get a unibody jeep
I'm totally with you on this Fiat 500 based thing, but there's plenty of good 4x4 unibody Jeeps.

I mean the current line up. I know the original Cherokee is also a unibody.

I still rate the WK2 GC as a solid offroader.

Renegade is fine for dirt roads, but if you want to do real offroading, your minimum is the Cherokee. is mostly right; the Cherokees are the only unibodies jeep makes to actually go offroad; the grand Cherokee is on par with the range rover and cayenne offroad, while the normal Cherokee is a step below.


Why do you need a 4x4? The point of these offroad crossovers is to be "normal" cars you can take offroad. So if you don't need a normal car you can use daily and occasionally take offroad, don't look here.

However, I wouldn't consider the renegade one of these offroad crossovers. It is meant to compete with the Nissan juke and Kia soul. A compact vehicle with AWD. The compass is just a bigger renegade. So if you just want to do outdoor activities (or just pretend you do) they're fine, but if you want to be able to actually go offroad and reach isolated locations then save up for the Cherokee if you need a crossover.

It's a fiat 500x

I don't mean they simply share a platform, I mean they share basically everything. The only difference is whether you want your car flavored boxy or curvy. If you haven't considered the 500x, then don't consider the renegade.

Just compare the 4WD systems on the jeep website or on Wikipedia. The renegade only has 4WD and traction control. It doesn't have low gears for crawling, nor does it have a locker or LSD in any axle. Hell, even the trailhawk renegade doesn't get anything; just a lower first gear and all terrain tires.

The renegade and the compass are just crossovers with 4WD, traction control, and a lower first gear. Atleast the cherokee gets a two speed transfer case, a locker, and a lift with its offroad version.