Looking for cheap manual shitbox

best shitbox for 3k or less to learn manual in?

prefer rwd. can't fit into a miata and the only option i'm seeing is old mustangs

considering pictured but apex seal replacement is scary. i already have a daily driver, just looking at something to learn on and drive every so often

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3k manual Civic .....

looking for something rwd if i can, just trying to see if there's any options i'm forgetting

Your only real option is seriously a miata. An RX8 can be cheap, but you're guaranteed to need a rotary rebuild.

Manual swap crown vic

so quite literally miata/mustang unless i'm fine with fwd huh

rx-8 for like 2-3k running and paying for a rebuild isn't so bad for a performance/sports car. as long as the body is good, you think that might be a decent idea?

foxbody rustang

RX8's are very nice. The handling is amazing, but the one thing that steers a lot of people away is the rotary upkeep. They get awful mpg as well as needing premium fuel. You need to do an oil change about every 3k miles or so. New spark plugs every year ect ect. Honestly the RX8 is a really cheap way to get a sports car if you can afford the upkeep.

Don't forget about adding a quart of oil every week if you daily it.

>cheap 8
>cheap rebuild
>expecting it to run for cheap
>expecting any rota to be cheap at all

If only you knew how bad it really was

.t rota owner who bought on the cheaper end of the spectrum and while I won't say it was a bad decision, I'll say you definitely get what you pay for.
And early carby rota like mine is a piece of piss to work on, you'll definitely have your work cut out for you with an MSP and all the supporting systems to go with it.

>3k civic is not a meme

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dont go for the e46 they are fuckn shit and soy tier

Better look for AWD audis or vags

Which e39 engines are worth going for

If you can drive 3k miles in a week..

They really only use 1qt per change interval at most and that's if you drive the shit out of it. The harder you drive the more oil it injects.

You are soy tier.

Look around for S30 chassis cars (240z, 260z, 280z) and find one that needs some work for cheap. I have purchased 2 for 1k or less in the past 6 months

i mean sure that the oil changes are more frequent than in a normal car but not 3k miles

look for e36s, but if they're all fucked in your area, get an e46

>id like a gt86 please

dont go for the e39/e36 they are fuckn shit and soy tier


> can't fit into a miata
Super tall or super fat? This is relevant.

What's the matter user did you get cucked by an e46 owner?

RX-8 is a great car, but if you buy under 3k order a new engine the day you sign the bill of sale. People have zero clue how to take care of the engine and make them commit sudoku all the time, so be prepared for that.

I like mine because it was cheap up front for the performance, and then I can spread the cost out long term in repairs and upgrades. I figure if I replace anything that breaks with a more performance version I'll eventually have the car all fixed and modded how I want. It's all pretty simple stuff that anyone with basic tools can do in their garage, and totally worth it for the fun of driving one.

I do my oil changes every 2k, the more often the better. Clean oil burns much nicer than dirty oil, and 9k rpm takes good lubrication to maintain.

GM F-Body. No, seriously.

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Everything else here is horrendously unreliable and is generally bad advice.

Besides cheap imports, which are usually either beat to shit or look like they are from some 15yo's GTA garage most of these would kneecap you for repairs.

F Body, SN95 GTs Miatas and 180SX/240SX's are your only options for RWD manual cars under 3k that aren't completely run down. You're going to wanna look at cars close to 3k unless you plan on having a project car that you can park for a while (weeks, months even at times)

Honda prelude if you consider a FWD for under 3k. stick, 5th gen preferably

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