I don't get why the Veyron never got much respect. 16 cylinders, 1000 horsepower...

I don't get why the Veyron never got much respect. 16 cylinders, 1000 horsepower, could be driven by anyone from an F1 pro to a senior citizen, and it beat the McLaren F1 to be the fastest car ever. But no one ever thinks twice about it. Is it because we saw too much of it when it debuted?

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No it's because its pigfat and top speed doesn't matter

> But no one ever thinks twice about it
This is far from true, but it isn't very prominent on Veeky Forums

an S-class coupe is 4700 compared to the Veyron 4000. plus the Veyron has 1000 horsepower and 16 cylinders, i think it makes up for the weight

>don't get why the Veyron never got much respect.
it was one of the most overrated shitboxes of the 2000s and every fag who was the least bit interested in cars wouldn't shut up about it and still don't to this day. the hype may have died down some and the people who once hyped the Veyron are not divided between it and the latest Keonignog by dr swede robotnik.

Really, what the hell are you even talking about?

Power to weight doesn't mean anything. Also just because a heavier car exists doesn't mean it's light

It was like the Concorde. A magnificent engineering feat more so than a practical vehicle. People whose favorite cars couldn't compete in sheer speed and comfort started blabbering about weight and costs and maneuverability.

>Power to weight doesn't mean anything.

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>Power to weight doesn't mean anything

Who cares about the weight nigger. You’re probably the kind of guy that thinks a 1000hp supra is the same as a veyron. The whole car is about having a 1000hp mad accelerating car, that has a fully flat torque curve from 2000 rpm.

>Pigfat this pigfat that
You can’t have a nice car that isn’t ‘pigfat’. Have fun riding your 2.5 hp tincan in muh twisties

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Literally this.
Something this fast and this powerful with immense luxury. It is ground concorde.

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Do not compare this shit heap to the magnificent concorde you fucking faggot

He has a point, the Concorde was designed to serve. The Veyron is designed to titilate.

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It's not exactly brand new anymore, but when it came out it was constantly talked about. I would say none of the faster things that have come out since have been discussed as much or gotten as much attention.

As for why Veeky Forums doesn't talk about it is because it's not fast around a curvy track, and is mad expensive.

Are you blind? It's hideous. And to pay all that money for that?

the veyron was like the condorde

Its a million dollar VW. No one wants that.

It’s ugly.

The Veyron was just VW showing off how much fucking money they have to blow on utterly irrelevant top speed projects

>a 2 tonne one trick pony for super rich sand nigger oil oligarchs
>why u hate guys

it's trash, I'd rather drive the 250 hp alpine a110

>exactly what everyone else is going to quote for this post

its a car with no purpose, its literally a way to empty the pocket of sand people and arab war-I mean oillords, they just shoved the most expensive things they could find into a chassis and slap on an outrageous price tag so the sand people could show it off on their gun trades or whatever

>What the last guy greentexted

That's why you are a failure in life while those "sand niggers" could buy your gf if they wanted.

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its ugly as fuck thats why. if it was actually good looking it would be a insta classic, but its so god damn ugly. literally one of the ugliest cars in the last 20 years, full stop.

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>Power to weight doesn't mean anything.

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They have literally done nothing to make the money they have. They just got lucky in that the shithole territory they controlled happened to have oil under it. Now they waste their money on piece of shit luxury cars, and child sex slaves.

its just too obvious
what else do you expect from something that took one of the largest auto makers several decades to develop

my only question is
aside from vw autism why does it make so little power
apparently they got it to 1500 hp then it caught fire to the building it was in

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It is a luxury item for the extremely rich, of course Veeky Forums hated it.
>b-b-b-but I'm not poor, user
Anything less than $1,000,000 per year is poor. The one Veyron owner I've met made at least that per day.

>average Veyron owner already had 30 cars
>got bored of them


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Lol you have to be, like, 13 right?
>...never got much respect.
You have to have been too young when it was in its prime if you honestly think that.

It's too expensive to ever really drive spiritedly, and doesn't drive well anywhere besides a straight line.

Because probably 1% of the owners have ever reached its top speed or done literally anything it could do that any other car couldn't. It's nothing more than a status symbol for the filthy rich, and a teenage racer in a Miata will beat it every single day down a canyon just because the owners are largely money bags with zero driving ability.

>that top gear episode
>clarkson destroys it by showing how slow AF it is off the line cause the turbo doesnt kick in until you're almost going 100mph

> I don't get why the Veyron never got much respect.

Because it's a faggots car. It doesn't take a lot of talent to build a car with 1000 HP..blah blah.blah and charge 1 million for it but try to build a car with similar performance and sell it for 100k...That's a different story.

>try to build a car with similar performance and sell it for 100k

so any top of line porsche 911 GT/Turbo released since 2005?

Because like the Chiron its just like throwing horsepower at the wall and seeing what sticks
they had a option to make it lighter with the newer model but NOPE

3 million for a 2 tonne vag R35 gtr


I find it very hard to believe that an Veeky Forums poster had a one on one conversation with a person who makes well over $365 million a year

$0.05 per bj

What can you guys tell me about the tires? I can't even begin to imagine the cost let alone the performance

>ultra rare
>$2m and out of the reach of most of the population
>cletus's twin turbo Vette or Ford GT is faster at the texas mile
>$2m gets you a plane that puts it's top speed to shame
>this golf club carrier was faster for like 20 years.

Why didn't they just use a diesel if they got a torque fetish? The W16 weighs as much as a Cummins anyways.

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>I don't get why the Veyron never got much respect.

Did you spent the whole 00s decade in a redneck town in the middle of nowhere or fucking?

I mean seriously, what the fuck are you talking about?

0-400-0 is way more impressive

bugatti's 3d printed titanium caliper is fucking awesome. It's amazing how stuff looks when it's optimized by computers and not restricted by manufacturing limitations

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Because it was an engineering stunt made with an unlimited budget and a one trick pony. No owner can even hit the top speed because they're all limited

Meanwhile something like a 2CV is an engineering marvel. They managed to make a hilariously cheap car on a large scale to sell to poor farmers in war torn France on limited resources. Not only could it handle rough country roads but it could also (eventually) accelerate up to and maintain highway speeds
In Asian countries the Honda SuperCub had the same impact except on a much larger scale. At over 100 million units sold entire economies run on that groovy little motor bike

So yeah no one talks about the Gayron because it's not interesting as a sports car, not has it had any kind of impact on the automotive world other than a top speed record that can only be achieved on VW's special test track
Also its ugly

While I see your point you are hilariously uneducated or so salty you are willing to ignore a lot of things to make you think your opinion is correct.

Because in the most important facet, it only barely beat a McLaren F1, which was over a decade older, which had a smaller engine and no forced induction.
Sure the Veyron is a more complete car when you also consider it being a supreme DD, but that only matters to the rich flogs who can afford it.
If the Veyron is Concorde, the F1 is the SR-71.

Just did a quick read on that, overall i'm genuinely impresses. Quite a lot of wank about titanium being the absolute paragon of hardness and impossibility to machine, though.

>speed is the most important number in cars
>unless its the veyron in which case the handling suddenly matters
americucks and their salt

hows it feel to be completely retarded?

>muh 1000hp

Lancia got that much power out of a boosted 4-cylinder in the 80s, needing a Quad-turbo W16 these days to get those numbers is just sad.

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>Power to weight doesn't mean anything.
t. boomer

>Lancia got that much power out of a boosted 4-cylinder in the 80s
no they didn't

outside of Group B restrictions Delta S4s easily put out 500hp+. in laboratory conditions the twincharged engine could hit 1000hp with 50psi of boost.

its successor the Lancia ECV was first designed to put out 600hp from its twin turbo Triflux i4 engine and the only ECV currently in existence is tuned to 800hp.

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>Power to weight doesn't mean anything

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I dont thibk making the power is the issue. Anyoen can make 2000hp with some ls v8 or whatever. It was the way that the car put down the power that made the veyron. Thing was a docile as a boring shit box until you put your foot down

pretty docile at speed too
they over built every aspect

It is over engineering at it's finest.

>Meanwhile something like a 2CV is an engineering marvel. They managed to make a hilariously cheap car on a large scale to sell to poor farmers in war torn France on limited resources. Not only could it handle rough country roads but it could also (eventually) accelerate up to and maintain highway speeds
Not to mention that due to demand it was actually manufactured all the way to the 1990s

who's the poverty tier owner not using the original michelin tires

>slow af off of the line
>very low ten second quarter mile, probably hampered by the meme tier michelins

is it german or french

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Because it's a heavy disgusting pile and everyone could build a heavy, powerful pile that's pretty much worthless in any other competition apart from driving fast in a straight line. Then the fact, that it's ugly af, VW and Bugatti are a bunch of narcissistic shitbirds and there's nothing revolutionary about their product while they are getting their asses beaten by the Koenigsegg.

Ring time says everything, t's worthless against a 300k beetle

How much money would you save on a Boneville racer that beats the shit out of this thing...

It is a motherfucker to machine desu, it insulates so your tip gets hot af, the right cooling is critical.

Its kind of like Alsace Lorraine, we don't really know

>Power to weight doesn't mean anything.

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why are people like this even on Veeky Forums?

They bumped the thing up to 1200hp in the Supersport and 1500hp in the Chiron

The hate is for

>The people who are associated with driving/owning the Veyron
>Brainless normies hyping it up as the greatest machine of our time, only to forget about it when the SSC, Hennessey & co. showed up

Also notice how literally no one speaks about the SSC Ultimate Aero anymore

Pretty sure a lot of normals still think the Boogarty is still the fastest production car.

>can't beat 2 LS's stuck together

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Supposedly the transmission can't handle more than what it's putting out now, it literally starts cutting boost at 2000RPM

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>Hennessey & co. showed up
John Hennessey is a fucking hacking and anyone who says otherwise is wrong.

>The SSC Ultimate Aero held the title of the fastest production car in the world, according to the Guinness World Records, from 2007 (when it was officially timed at 256.18 mph (412.28 km/h)) until the introduction of the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport in 2010.

Yes, and?

Yet a semi-built dodge ram transmission will handle twice that torque.

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Why should anyone care about it now?

Hello underageb&

The new Tesla roadster is faster. Sorry but know your shit

Because some guys out of Texas beat it with an LS

Because normals don't know or care about cars, which was my point. The Veyron to this day still has a reputation for being the fastest production car, despite being beaten multiple times even by other Bugattis. A lot of people don't even know Bugatti makes cars other than the Veyron. It's a magic car to them. Normals don't know what a Veyron is, they know what "the Bugatti" is.

*will be

The thing doesn't even exist yet. I bet you're ready to suck uncle elon's dick on mars too huh?

>could be driven by anyone from an F1 pro to a senior citizen
Because an Exotic is supposed to be for rich lunatics.

It doesn't handle well because it understeers.
So it's useless in the track. Has a top speed that is unusable because it drains fuel fast if it's anywhere near that, so it's not even a good top speed cruiser.
Koegnisegg was and is always cutting them of and steeling their records, plus, the Koegnissegs have better handling, and are perceived as dangerous and tough beats to tame.

The Veyron was never a good exotic car. End up being a car people wear rather then drive.

Also, the inability to open a door and check the engine pretty much makes it a non petrolhead car.
Unlike Koeniseggs or Paganis.

My car also is faster than some 15 years older GT car. Wow..

they've made functional Roadsters already retard

As a matter of fact the Veyron does still hold the record because the electronically limited Chiron is slower, and no one's made a record attempt with an unlimited Chiron so far.