I know the USA has something similar...

I know the USA has something similar, but thought Veeky Forums might be interested in looking at Anyca - a car sharing app on the Airbnb model.

I've rented an AE86 and a Miata so far, and will get an S2000 next month for a trip.

If you're interested you can search by maker/model here:


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this was the miata i got

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and this was the hachi

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Bump for effort. How are the rates?

pretty decent i think, about $50 a day for the miata and $100 per day for tofu tax on the 86

s2000 will be about $75 a day

What's the US equivalent? A couple buddies and I are planning a vacation in a few months and something like this will be lot more fun than some econobox sedan or hatchback.

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Interesting, I might have to try the Lexus RC F near me

Any equivalent for the UK? Plenty of cars I'd like to try and would be happy to pay £30-100 per day depending on what it is

hiyacar and easycarclub

>A lot of fun
>Up until you go full dagumi
>Months from now "I fucked up! how do i get away with it without paying"

That's the one.

Worst attempt at marketing, fuck off nerd

Both seem shit and have barely anything on them, let alone enthusiast or performance cars. I also imagine insurance makes it much more expensive and more of a pain in the arse.

Guess I won't live out my weeb fantasy of hooning an old corolla through the dale's of the north like a btec takumi

>I know the USA has something similar
You're talking about Turo and Getaround which are both peer to peer car sharing services similar to Airbnb. They are new startups still feeding on investor capital as they grow their businesses. The number of people signed up on Turo’s site has grown to almost 5 million and its car listings has increased to 200,000. The Turo company raised $92 million in a September funding round led by Germany’s Daimler AG and South Korea’s SK Holdings, which valued Turo at about $700 million. The Getaround company raised $45 million last April, with Toyota Motor Corp. among the companies buying in.

Will those businesses survive? In one sense, users benefit if all the cars are in one vast giant pool rather than two pools. And there will be a third pool coming since GM is planning to put out an "Airbnb type" service but for cars. The pilot program for peer to peer sharing of cars comes out this summer.


That venture is timed to work with future self driving cars. That's because the next year in 2019, GM plans to be releasing its self-driving cars. GM also has plans for self-driving fleet services similar to Uber but without a driver. It would be awesome if GM's one stop transportation app gave a choice between driverless and peer to peer sharing. GM already tested the peer to peer software out with real customers. It's just that GM was the owner of all cars.

The future is coming this summer since Waymo is releasing self-driving car taxi services in test market Phoenix, Arizona. It will use modded off the shelf cars.


GM is slated for 2019 because its cars will have no user-accessible steering wheel, accelerator, or brake pedal.

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>thought Veeky Forums might be interested in looking at Anyca
Does canadian driver insurance cover you when borrowing a car? They aren't rental cars so they don't fit in the normal insurance contract wording.

You can't use Anyca in Japan as a tourist, you need a Japanese license

The insurance/fee is added after the cost of the rental, but it's usually pretty reasonable (can't remember the specifics)

>You can't use Anyca in Japan as a tourist
Just like some japanese businesses don't allow gaijin too. They don't want any bumbling around that causes problems. Of course, such a requirement wouldn't work in the USA. Can you imagine what would happen if a business put up a sign saying no africans for our Anyca cars?

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Not really super related but my landlord's fiance (both of whom live in this house) just bought a new house in the shitty part of town with hopes of paying it off with Airbnb

I think these "sharing" apps are cool but lack real oversight and will ultimately fail within five years when investors stop investing.

Fuck you and fuck all you faggots who think peer-to-peer sharing economy bullshit will make anything in your life better. Fuck you. Fuck you all right in the fucking asshole, go to fucking hell.

>go on Turo and search for the cheapest car near me
>2011 Nissan Versa, manual transmission, for $24/day
>If I needed it for a year just to go to work 5 days/week I'd have paid over $6200
>brand new 2018 versa starts just over $12k

Literally you're fucking retarded if you in any way think this bullshit is a good idea.

>hurr durr but if I live in a city i don't need a car every day so this is way cheaper than owning because i'll only rent in the meantime

Yeah. And as more and more people do that the price goes up and up and up. And you don't have a freedom machine to go wherever you want whenever you want. Guaranteed the insurance companies will start demanding you keep some sort of tracker on while you're using the car, too, so you're not driving it too unsafe since it's not yours.

This shit's a joke and you're all a bunch of faggots for giving up your freedom of ownership. Fuck you.

>letting people fuck in your bed and jizz all over your fucking house and car
>hey they paid me $100 so it's cool
fucking disgusting. you all deserve your aids.

This is neat, it would be kinda cool to drive a car for a day to see if you'd actually like to buy the same model

sperg much?

You can just go to the dealer and ask for an overnight test drive.

>sperg much?
No, that guy is right. His post is about the long term economic health of both dedicated car sellers and general car buyers who hope to own their own vehicle. It's a subtle issue that has affected the housing availability market adversely due to Airbnb (and other copycats) using legal loopholes. Housing speculators ended up taking houses out of the loop to airbnb them and that caused apartment rental prices to rise up to match them in my greater metro area. So Airbnb (and copycats) affected apt rental prices by making them less affordable. I bet what happened to the housing market will happen to the car market too as a result of these peer to peer sharing services.

Many Airbnb sharers aren't even honest about following the law. They aren't sharing; they are renting. They do not share because the owner is not living in that house to share it. That is a requirement in order to avoid laws and taxes for the house being a rental or impromptu hotel. There is an Airbnb across the street from me and the owner doesn't live there. It is always packed full of people and some throw fast food trash out their windows. Nothing can be done about it. It's disgusting.

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>nothing can be done about it
Try going to your local zoning board

Not if I'm buying a used car from a private seller

Maybe in the long term, but in my lifetime I'll continue to enjoy a broader selection and decreased prices due to competition.

I actually want to rent a cool car and smash on it

>but in my lifetime
No. You won't. I just described to you what it would take to have a manual transmission 2011 Nissan Versa with god knows how many miles already on it, the cheapest model available near O'Hare Airport in Chicago. You're literally paying anywhere between 4-10x more than it would cost you to own a brand new Nissan Versa per day over the course of a 5 year loan. This is configuring the absolute dirt cheapest model currently available, not any luxury or more premium brand. Sure, you could say, "hey that's fine, I'll just own a little shitbox to get me from a to b and just rent a luxury car for a sunday here and there for fun." Congratulations, you've just collapsed luxury car brands forever. Welcome to communism.

Oh and I also jizzed on your gearbox and steering wheel while I had it. You're welcome.

>I'll continue to enjoy a broader selection and decreased prices due to competition.
Not that other guy, but airbnb fans say that as their fallacious defense of housing availability. But it actually decreased selection of housing AND increased housing prices due to competition. Competition in the housing market increases prices.

That will happen to cars too. Right now, private sellers have no alternative but to sell their working used cars to CL and dealer-type resellers if it isn't traded in. But with peer to peer becoming available, they will peer to peer it until the car is worn out and then sell it to Craig's List. So the quality of cars you will on CL will decrease due to peer to peer competition. Competition was negative in result to the wannabe car owner in this case. Instead of trade-ins to the dealer when getting a new car, the person will peer to peer it. So now people who buy used cars from dealers are negatively affected too by peer to peer cars.

The reason you can buy used cars at affordable prices is because the private car owners had no option to peer to peer the car instead of selling it. Now they'll just peer to peer the car and squeeze out all the good life out of the engine. Then pour in different types of stop leak, transmission quiet, and overdose the stop leak if needed before dumping the ticking time bomb car onto someone.

Who the fuck rents a car (either through one of these services or Hertz/etc.) for long term?

They don't. That's the point. It's fucking retarded. And it helps no one in the short term or the long term. And if it gains traction will collapse cars completely. Some would argue it's what they're trying to do because cars are freedom machines.

Who the fuck rents a car for that long, fucknuts?
This shit is meant to be an alternative to normal car rentals for a brief time while you're on vacation.

el oh el

>implying I would let anyone drive my fucking car

Nigga please. The only people who would possibly rent it are weekend warrior soyboys who would drive it off a cliff.

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Not only has Airbnb driven down hotel prices, it has often lead to a better place in a better location at a lower price for several of my trips. Sounds like a win to me.

That's not going to happen in the majority of the US where there is not functional public transit. People aren't going to use "daily rentals" for their everyday transportation.

There's a red Ferrari 488 gtb for rent $999 a day i want to do it

>own an AE86
>rent it out

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it's not about race or being a foreigner (i'm european)

sorry, to add to above, it's about liability and coverage - as a startup, anyca probably doesn't have the most comprehensive insurance package that would cover the risky business of tourist users

also, another major factor is that you need to interact with the car owners in Japanese and only a very very small portion of tourists could do that

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if you think rental issues are due to AirBNB you're ill informed at best

airbnb, anyca and similar services are for people who need them temporarily - anyca in japan is cheaper than renting a from the big rental companies, and you get far more choice, they are not meant as a permanent replacement to those services

you're right, and the guys response to you makes zero fucking sense. i think he is confusing airbnb and anyca like a payday loan


for all the assburgers trying to derail, owning a car in tokyo is completely unncessary. i go on about 4 trips per year, and i like to rent a car - i'd rather rent a AE86 than a honda jazz if I can

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>for all the assburgers trying to derail, owning a car in tokyo is completely unncessary. i go on about 4 trips per year
that's because you're a huddled mass of soulless automatons who are so fucking embarrassed about your existence you've stopped fucking and so fucking pathetic that you literally just wrote shit like what you wrote above and think that makes you cool or life fun in any way whatsoever. You live in hell, jap. Wake up.

>anyca in japan is cheaper than renting a from the big rental companies, and you get far more choice, they are not meant as a permanent replacement to those services
exactly the same bullshit things like UBER and Lyft tried to pull. "Hurr durr we're not cab companies! All we do is allow people to share rides!" Now here we are, years later, and insurance companies and government regulators have stepped in (as they fucking should have for these fucking retards) and now all the cab drivers are now driving for Uber or Lyft. So, when all is said and done, they just basically made better software for calling a cab directly to your house that would have saved everybody a lot of time and long winded bullshit had they just marketed it to existing cab companies in the first place.

Anyway, you reek of a marketer/ceo for Anyca. Coming to Veeky Forums to shill your shit sharing economy bullshit app. Actually coming to Veeky Forums to shill me a fucking car sharing app. Fuck you. Fucking kys.

I doubt there are 5 people on Veeky Forums with a Japanese driving license and residency that could use Anyca you fucking brainlet

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>I doubt there are 5 people on Veeky Forums with a Japanese driving license and residency
the utter state of Japanese men

I live in Japan and have a Japanese license. Hadn't heard of this till this thread. Gonna use the shit out of this.

Turo is a service that allows you to rent other people's interesting cars rather than boring airport loaners.

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enjoy, glad the thread was of some service!

most of the selection is in tokyo, but there is a lot of cheaper gems out in more rural areas

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I've looked around extensively. I live in Kanagawa so I'm close enough to Tokyo for a good selection but also out far enough that there are some cheap things as well.

nice one, hope you get something nice

pretty sure there's a few Veeky Forums fags around tokyo area, we should do a daikoku futo run some time this summer?

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what happens when you wreck the car? who gets fucked?

the insurance company

there are excesses to pay for damage

have you ever had insurance user? not old enough to rent?

That would be Turo. There are a lot of cars to choose from. People do post random prices and random time windows. The problem with the service is that it searches for cars based on the time frame you selected, down to half hour.
So if you are leaving the airport at 1030 am you can find a mazda 6 for $40. But if you weren't in a hurry and had waited at the airport for another 30 minutes, you could have had 10 other Mazda 6 to choose from for possibly much less too. It gets kind of annoying because I was trging to find an AWD crossover in chicago and I had to constantly adjust the time frame so that other cars would pop up.

Turo sounds like a different model slightly - Anyca is more organising it weeks in advance - most of the guys with the cars just set specific days, but most people I have spoken to have their whole schedule open

Obviously being a weeb car enthusiast, there is a hell of a lot of cars to choose from here that are desirable which is nice

which party's insurance company, genius?

this whole shit feels like a scam. i can't believe this thread is still up. but i guess if you're gullible enough then you deserve to get your shit fucked

no way would i trust someone with my car for $100 if i had an ae86 but in japan people would probably not abuse it so much, anywhere else it would just get destroyed by low iq fools, I've seen the way people treat others property

have you ever had a car? or insurance? or know anything about liability? how does it work in your country? how is this any different?

absolutely potato

I feel you, and to be honest, a lot of the cars are ripe to be raked a bit so there's probably excessive wear and tear. the guy i got the ae86 had his 20v recently rebuilt and asked not to go mad so i kept it reasonable, but i'm not sure not everyone would go along

>i'm not sure not everyone would go along
Certainly not in the USA. But Japan has a different culture and different attitudes toward meritocracy in driving. For example, Japanese licenses have that gold class. In the USA, everyone's driver license looks the same due to anti-discrimination laws against public shaming by providing laurels for the better drivers. But the no-accident and no-incident drivers have better looking driver license colors. So simply by looking at what color the driver license is, you can get an idea if that person has accidents or not.

I look forward to Big Brother. Ignoring the abuse by politicians and police and insiders, a society completely run by Big Brother would be good. Your credit card and driver license has a small square that automatically changes color based on the person's rating. All shops can have entrance gates that don't allow riffraff with criminal shoplifting records to enter. Anyone can speed, but their cars automatically inform the government and the speeding ticket fee is automatically deducted from their registered bank account.

With Big Brother, all cars automatically disable themselves if someone in the driver seat doesn't have a valid driver license and insurance for that class of vehicle. That means the USA would also change driver license from being valid for all normal cars. It would switch to weight classes and drivers would have to "level up" to get permission to add the next weight class onto the license. Too many accidents also drops them down in weight classes to reduce their ability to have bigger crashes.

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wew lad. Top quality bait. I'm literally boiling with the freedom rage of 1000x American founding fathers right now.

>Top quality bait.
More like a lament. A lot of those tools are already here. For example, at work, the company computer knows where I am at all times due to my work badge. It knows where people are located especially if they have no badge. Building entrances, security gates, internal building doors unlock automatically even though my badge has no battery. The sensors radiate a little coded signal and the badge uses the energy and re-radiates my encrypted identity code back. So they can't be recorded by a sniffer and re-used. Well, okay, they can, but then alarms sound because the security system gives alerts if it detects breach attempts. I can even buy stuff with my badge while on company grounds like at the cafeteria or gift store.

If driver licenses were required to be similar to corporate smart badges, then that would help Big Brother, shopping malls, and big stores out a lot. As soon as you walk in, they know who you are or if you have a prior shoplifting conviction via public records lookup. It's not like they are violating your privacy if they use only public records.

imagine being such a consumer cock sucking cuck that you buy a car so out of your price range you have to whore it out to strangers on the internet for money

>rent out someone's ferrari
>crash it
>call up insurance
>"uhh what the fuck is this? this isn't your ferrari, user. you're on your own lol"

the naivite of some people amazes me. if you use any of these services you deserve to get rammed in the ass like the dumb shit you are

Honestly...user...I don't know if I've hated a person in the last 10 years as much as I hate you in this moment. Truly...I'm triggered as fuck.

They provide insurance options when you book the car. If you decline coverage, obviously it's all on you.
This isn't rocket science.

this actually isn't a bad idea. the only people that get screwed are criminals, and for the rest of us it gives us sweet benefits and perks. there's no reason why i should be treated the same as tyrone with multiple felonies and a shit driving record

>it gives us sweet benefits and perks
you literally already do
>there's no reason why i should be treated the same as tyrone with multiple felonies and a shit driving record
you're literally not

true but i want the gap to be even wider

I see that "Shoot the messenger" attitude is alive and well.

>i want the gap to be even wider
The gap actually needs to be wider.

i was selling a car once and let someone have a test drive, they had the nerve to do a burnout and were going to fast. Never again but i should have seen the warning signs, he seemed like a dumb bogan. A true enthusiast would not abuse another persons car in my experience.

I wonder how well does insurance coverage work on these used Getaround and Turo cars. Car failure stats from rental fleets aren't applicable as those aren't used cars with parts close to failure. Rental cars get abused but can take it as they are new cars that don't have worn parts that can't take a peak amount of stress. And suspension and power train problems are supported by their new car warranty.

insurance is not optional, this guy is brain damaged, just ignore him fampai