ITT: your 10/10

ITT: your 10/10

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*Timing chain death rattle*

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how do you know it' s not a 728i or 730d?

>don't use shit oil
>replace a vanos seal/timing chain tensioner every 150k
wow that was hard

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Because it said 740i in the filename

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I want her so bad bros

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I am not your "bro"

Best ass in class.

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I am not your “buddy” pal

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>*laughs in slow*

It's between the Gallardo 550-2 Spyder or the GT3 Touring

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With a 6 speed preferably

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Not a single day goes by without me regretting selling the E32 and keeping the E38 instead. Should've gone the other way around.

Now I'm desperately trying to offload the E38 so I could get my hands on another E32 again and live in perfect bliss for the remainder of my short life.

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i just wish it had a glass roof option, low slung GTs always feel like such a cage after a while, the Jaguar F-Types have it and even the old S197 Mustangs had a glass roof option for a couple years.

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in terms of cars i may feasibly be able to afford

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>there's a $800 e36 bmw in my area
>tfw unemployed college student with no time and money to save up for it

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I'm not your "buddy" guy

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I'm not your "pal" friend

the CS unironically

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Get an RS fagget

Mein liebe

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It's beautiful

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pleb taste I know but I cant help myself

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GT4 cayman is sex

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It's not a good picture but it's tough to find nice images of these cars.

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Fucking this, most beautiful porsche ever made

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Cant wait to have it shipped in Europe in a few years time.

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Hell, someone had to post it sooner or later.

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Can you explain why?

Such a handsome car. This period of design needs a renaissance.

I agree 10/10

you ruined that thing pretty good faggot hope you're proud of yourself

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bros got it d'downnnnn

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Got damn this car is beautiful especially in this colour. there isn't a single bad angle IMO. Honda really outdid themselves.

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Literally a pigfat Honda Civic with a shit body kit

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fukkin nice

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Some day.

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Nice boxter with a bodykit

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Once I fix the rod bearing and throttle actuator issue with proper aftermarket parts it should be fine.

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I sold it due to being up my ears with broken cars and the transmission of the E38 blew, leaving me financially crippled. Had to offload almost all of my cars save the E38 to repair the transmission.

Now I want to get another E32 instead because I just enjoyed the car more.
It was technically easier to work on and the aesthetics of the car pleased me. I also am quite experience and adept at maintaining the old 7's, know the quite well so there's that too.
Sure the E38 is objectively the better car in almost every single way imaginable, but that doesn't really matter to me.
All boils down to nostalgia and personal preferences really.

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Turns out the driveshaft is the same length from the hanger bearing back.

Good thing the U Joints are only in the back section.

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Muh phallic member.

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How the fuck can you like that broken suspension and nigger-tier wheels

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wtf get this reddit cancer off here its not even funny

Are these cars any good? I am eyeing an italian car for awhile, either the 159 or the 166. I would like the 166, but damn they are getting rare

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the king

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if only it had an svr version

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I've never wanted a new car before.
God damn if i had the money.
I really do think this thing is gonna be amazing

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god DAMN

Dunno, how can people like a lot of the ugly shit itt?