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I'm sure that the EP3R is great, but the best US version of the EP3 hatch (the Si) came with the crappy K20a3. The K20a3 is significantly different from the other K20s.

The Si has 'eco-vtec' which engages at 2200rpm. They make you think it has real vtec by having intake manifolds with 2 sets of runners and they switch to the shorter runners at 4500 or something. But I digress, that engine's vtec doesn't even have 3 lobes per cylinder, what it does is go from 12-valve operation to 16v (as any other dohc would normally be all the time) at 'vtec' engagement.

It's still probably better than a b18 in stock form but it leaves you with very little room to mod without spending a ton of money for little benefit. Also the fake-vtec thing pisses me off, but it is good for emissions or something.

tl;dr: EP3-R good. USDM EP3-Si mediocre.

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But if you don't give a shit about modding the EP3 Si is a bretty fun car and it's a hatchback which is neat.


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I totally agree, it's one of the few modern fwd cars I like, I had an RSX with the same engine and I loved it (esp after removing the cat). It just feels shitty knowing that it's so close to something amazing which they sold everywhere else but your country.

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You can swap in the k20a2 from the rsx type s. Same as the type r and bolts right in

Yeah, but have you looked at how much Honda motors cost?

A 100+k miles used longblock with no engine harness is a grand. A full used Type-S swap costs $4k+ just for the stuff, no shipping, tools, or installation costs. And it's not 2003 anymore so the chance of coming across a top-spec Honda in a junkyard is nil.

Based £3k Civic

>engine harness
Meant wiring harness.


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Build you own then. Frankenmotor the stock block with a Type S or R head and find yourself a 6 speed or stick with your tranny for lower cost. Make or buy an aftermarket harness.

>save 2k for your 4cyl build while my LS makes 400hp for 4k

That's still $3-4k at a minimum, assuming you can wrench and nothing goes wrong. And you've got to get another ECU for that, right? And axles, and tools, and another car to go to work in, etc...

...might as well just sell the EP3 Si or base RSX and get an RSX-S.

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I was gonna get an ep3 si or a type-s but i found the interiors really ugly, 2/10 on the comfy scale. Ended up getting a 2006 civic

You faggots talk about swapping this for that. You have neither the knowledge or funds to do so, So cut that shit out.

I am starting to see 03+ accord, crv, and element at my local junkyards all of which came with the k24, its not the type s but its +30 more torque and can be had for under $500. You use your factory harness, tranny, and will need an ecu or tune and boom, you in type s turf

not necessarily . The K20A2 used by the Type S had a much different, and much superior cylinder head. A K24 is still a great engine, but to get the most out of it, you need that K20A2 cylinder head.. Not only did it have actual Vtec, and higher lift camshafts, but it also had much better airflow with larger valves.

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>tfw the Fit is the actual Civic

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No. It isn't. You're thinking external size and nothing else.

I want that size. I want my suicide hot hatch.

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buy an EP3

I want a new car.

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>there's no such thing as a Fit hot hatch

>Missing the point of my first post

J series master race.

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You want a HOT HATCH.
Fit does not do that
The HOT in hot hatch implies performance you fucking dumbass. Just because it's a hatchback, doesn't mean it's a hot hatchback.

well yeah, i said its not the type s but it will make 30 more torque then the stock engine, hp rating are the same, the si and k24 both make 160 horses. I also read somewhere that replacing the intake came with another exhaust one adds like 20 horses on the si's

You passed up getting one of the best generations of Si's to get one of the worst generations of Si's.


You want a fiesta ST.

>8th gen Si
no. fuck off

Sorry it was not very good. Pigfat ugly and responsible for making the Si into a sedan. Just really bad in general.

the ugly is subjective. as is everything else you said.
The reason the sedan was chosen was for the stiffer chassis, which is why it was used for the JDM Type R variant, pic related.
The front suspension also fixed the geometry issues of the seventh gen cars, bringing back a lot of the handling prowess lost in the 2001 switch from double wishbone front suspension to macpherson struts.
There is no factual reason the 8th gens are worse.

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>You faggots talk about swapping this for that. You have neither the knowledge or funds to do so, So cut that shit out.

I don't know if you've heard, but engine- (or just head-)swapping is pretty common in the Honda community. Lots of ppl have done lots of swaps and there's plenty of documentation. Also, I pulled my first motor 12 years ago and am now a mid-level engineer. I'd say there are plenty of regular posters here who could handle and afford swaps/frankensteins with minimal issues...
...if they had a car that would benefit from it, free time to do it, a place to do it, the tools, and were really into that.

Also, K20z1 head on a K24a2 block is the best K-series (other than the tripfag of course) and probably the best Honda engine of all to build around.

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Look buddy, cope all you want but those cars were trash.

>no argument against facts
>lol that car is trash cuz I don't like it

how are these? all ive been hearing is that theyre simply worse than ep3s

The reason you hear that is because the EP3 used a double wishbone independent rear suspension, which was tossed out in favor of a cheaper torsion beam rear axle on those 8th gen models.
Fun fact: American, and Japanese equivalents kept the Double wishbone IRS. Only Euro cars got the beam axle in the back. So, the Euro Type R can't handle or corner as well as the IRS cars

>something doesn't exist, therefore wanting it is invalid
are you genuinely retarded?

I wouldn't harp on him so much if Honda finally shoved the 1.5T from the Civic into a Fit Si or Fit Type R.
That'd be neat

Now, to be fair, there is nothing wrong with a torsion beam rear suspension, PROVIDED it's set up properly. The Cobalt SS Turbo taught us that when it held the Nurburgring lap record for FWD cars

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I've got an fn2r, good cars, got it cheap af so no complaints

Basically this, they're still a fun car to drive though.

the one time being yuropean hurts

And Euro cars kept the beam axle through the 9th generation.
With the new 10th generation, the double wishbone IRS returns due to America demanding the hatchback and the Type R. And the American cars have had that IRS since 1988.

well, On the upside You Euros got the hatchbacks.
On the other hand, Us Americans had the IRS on our Si (Type R equivalent. Same engine as Euro Type R). But America was limited to coupes and sedans, and Japan was limited to Sedan only, or the imported Euro hatchback.

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As much as I wanted the hatchback for that gen, god I loved the coupe.

The best part of the coupe is there's no JDM bullshit for them because it was North America only

yeah i guess, still seems like a great car overall

My friend owns an EP3, it's a pretty cool car. He can't drive it anymore though because he lost his license for a year for going 40km/h over the limit.

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>Losing license over hardly speeding

youtu.be/o1J2RBjhYZU EP3 v FK8 :)