Let's share some good wallpapers!

Let's share some good wallpapers!
What y'all got?

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you start

>good wallpapers
take this

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bumping with gran turismo

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whats with all the rice

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>some of these resolutions


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keep posting user, this is good shit

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here's one for my phone niggas out there

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phonefags might like this one

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another phonefag one

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rally phonefagging

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bathurst phoneposting

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Let's finish with my favorite looking car.


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I was just marking my finished image dump not the thread

>all these fucky resolutions
I appreciate the quality of images but most of these are bad for wallpapers.


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just select "stretch to fit" B^)

Here's some OC. Whether it's any good or not is for you to decide.

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"Bro I love cars"
>Ruins them with body kits

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