Loves the R32

>Loves the R32
>Actually works on her cars
>Does LS swaps by herself
>Actual useful mechanical knowledge in her videos

Is Emelia /ourgal/?

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>loves the r32
>pic of r34

>car girls
>not sluts

Pick one.

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Lol, women don't know anything about cars who woulda thunk it?

Who the fuck is that
And it's pretty dumb that you are giving her status just because she has a pussy.

You're not meant to use this site if you're under 18.

>The two statements are incompatible

It's Emelia Hartford, she has pretty good content for a girl

That title.

Self service gas stations don't exist in Japan.

haioku mantan de onigai shimasu

>look at meee i'm a GRILLLLL

This. I refuse to watch her videos because she has titles and thumbnails that are made to grab the attention of horny losers who only watch her videos because she's an attractive girl.

>she has pretty good content for a girl
That is a meaningless statement because men and women are equal :^)

Yes they do idiot

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I lived in Japan for 6 years and never encountered one.

why do you even need to remove sound deadening material from your car? To shave weight for racing? Will that actually make a difference in lap times? Also the interior looks worse than before.

>Does LS swaps

>car girls
same as gamergirls: ignore

I visited Japan for two weeks and encountered several.

this. She bought that S14 with the LS already in it.

this tbqhwyf

o dat must mean dey dont exist

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>car vlogger
>every shot is of her fucking face, never a car

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She's not even that attractive.

Cant wrench without the help of other guy lmao

removing the sound deadening will probably take away a good 10-20 pounds of material, which is pretty significant

>inb4 "just lose body weight"
serious racers should already be thin

So this site is pretty much all incels now, huh?

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I've removed sound deadening on vehicles for road feel. The weight loss is a minor plus.

野田ナンバー 千葉か


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this is rent car

what a cheating whore

not defending her because I loathe any youtubers but

>she visits japan
>rents an R32 GTT

whats the big deal here?

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you included of course

>whats the big deal here
visiting japan to start with lmao, goddamn autistic weeaboos

>If you visit japan you must like anime

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>Defending someone renting a GTT
>In Japan

>he thinks being a weeaboo is limited to anime

What? Weeaboo? I don't give a fuck about anime you retard.

>implying everyone that likes Japanese cars watches anime

honestly you got me there. She's a fucking idiot.

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>being a closeted weaboo
>defending weeb tendencies

shut up, troll.

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>triggered this hard
stay btfo with your weeb tendencies

>LS swaps

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>He thinks you have to like anime to be a weeb
>He calls others retarded despite thinking this

samefag troll. Sad!

Hilary supporters are very low energy!

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lmao look at this faggot having a meltdown

>LS swaps by herself
she bought an s14 that already have an LS in it. She didn't even fucking do it herself. She makes herself look like a whore for her thumbnails, and complains when people call her out on it. she's the car guy version of a titty streamer. she's a fucking roastie.

Get this hothead out of here

Stop making these fucking threads, Veeky Forums can't even agree on a car they like and you think they will agree on what hoe vlogger they like

>tfw you feed off my (you)'s

good to know I got this cuck exactly where I want him.

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>if you like anime you must be a pedo

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2d can't be pedo

>I'll call him a buzzword!!
>implying you're not feeding off my yous
stay btfo weeb lmao

weeb is a buzzword that you have used 5 times ITT.

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>still has no argument against the initial point
>proceeds to continue having a meltdown

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Trips of truth

Also checked

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samefag troll.

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>STILL no argument
no argument, no (yous)

don't reply to my posts, weeb


hentai website

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What the fuck are you going to do about it?

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this makes no sense at all, your japanese is garbage

>does ls swaps
into the trash she goes

konichiwa nigga

Licence plate with "わ" means the car is a rental car

No such thing as car girl or gamer girl, they only use that title to attract dudes for personal gain and as you can see, its working.

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>HAD to mention girl in the YT title to generate publicity

>Trash modern feminine "house music" on the timelapse

>Pretentious beer drinking scene

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Its also for aesthetic because people repaint the inside, and for rollcage purposes.

>>rents an R32 GTT


I hate brown girls so much. They're built like men.

confirmed only women like the ls

shes italian bigot

She's brown.
Most Italians from the south of Italy are brown.
They're literally not genetically different from Syrians.

Why are carchicks all booblets?

Cute apart from that usually they're dad's and or bros get them into it

Why do they wear 5'' heels?
Why do they buy $5000 purses?

Women compensate with things just as much or more than men.

>>Loves the R32
>>Actually works on her cars
She does simple things, everything else she had help with.
>>Does LS swaps by herself
Nope. She bought the car already swapped.
>>Actual useful mechanical knowledge in her videos
Wrong again.
>Is Emelia /ourgal/?

Lol sweetie men time up me too lol

Just imagine sjw car chicks reee

i want to succ on that nose

nice mum you got there

top tier image

>They're literally not genetically different from Syrians.
but you said they were brown

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This video is complete shit, the music, the editing, putting girly things like look at me bought some beer, my shit homemade food exc. Absolute garbage.

People that LS swap either skylines, supras, or RX7’s are cancer.

>looking up to women

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Love people who don't own a particular car but have an opinion on what people should do.

honey take a picture of me pumping gas into my car with the door open and keys in the ignition, make sure you don't show the pump screen to show i'm not actually pumping gas

they're really going to love that i'm doing the show-3-inches-of-my-ankle all the 15yo boys are doing these days

>Is Emelia /ourgal/?
Too many faked shots and she gets too much help from others doing the work. She over promotes herself too much since she wanted a TV journalism job. I remember one car videos style of "car content". She sat in the car reading and answering some mailed in questions.

And she overdoes some of the flirtiness stuff. If men and women are supposed to be equal, then women like Emelia must stop stressing the "Grrrilll" in an obvious way and stop with the flirty type poses and angles too. She reminds me of the women that use sex to get ahead and then file discrimination complaints if they don't get the job positions and salary they expected.

There was a car video about brakes. She did a little bit of it, but someone else did almost all the brake work. The camera was zoomed in on her or her hands most of the time and tried to get most of the brake work done by the male mechanic off screen. So when it comes back to her handling something, you see her and a pan/cut to her hands with the brake parts fiddling. Then a cut away and someone else would then do the job and then back to her while she kept on talking and talking.

She knows something about cars. But is she really a mechanic or a self-promoter?

And why does she use rental cars? Does that mean if there is a slight mistake, the problem can be brushed off?

Buys an S14 that already has the LS.

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is that dave franco?


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