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What is the hierarchy on late 80's to early 2000's trucks?
I got like $3000-$3500 max I can reasonably spend on a truck for work (can't get a job without one, and can't get more money for a better truck without a job)
Most shit is rusted to hell or is a basket case.

What is the best of the old shitty trucks in this price bracket? Ford or Chevy and which generations? Are early RAM's really as shitty as people say?

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Meme tax on square bodies right now. Can you use the 5k on a down payment for a 10-15k truck and pay it off quick?

I'm aware, most people want mid $1000's for one with a toasted frame.
>Can you use the 5k on a down payment for a 10-15k truck and pay it off quick?
Not reasonably.
I don't really 100% absolutely NEED a truck to get a job I suppose, I COULD just get a civic, but I really could use the ability to just throw shit in the bed and come home instead of either missing out on it, or have to rent a van and all that.
Even a compact would be okay since it wouldn't be heavy towing or anything, just really want something that has a lot of room encase I find welders,drill presses, lathes etc that I want to get.

Old cherokees could probably work too. Just want something that can get large objects around that a cuckbox can't.

Anything you find in that price range is going to be a gamble. It could break in 5k it run completely smooth for 100k. Everything has it's quirks. I have a 94 Mazda b300 with 208k and a 97 ram 2500 with 328k on it. I drive my Dodge for heavy pulling and road trips. My Mazda is my dd.
I would much rather work on the Dodge over the Mazda/Ford. It just seems easier because of how it's out together. (I don't have to remove five things to get to one silly thing). I've never owned a Chevy but I love how they ride.
Find a old man selling his truck that has a million miles but not a scratch otherwise and pull the trigger

I'd go OBS or earlier Ford if I couldn't get a squarebody GM. The early Rams aren't as bad as people make them out t be, but meh, without the Cummins they just don't really have any edge over the other two.

just get a GMT400 man
you can find a super solid one for 3-3.5K

the TBI 5.7 is dead fucking reliable, 7.4 is even better but the 2500s aren't as cheap and plentiful

I'm not a fan of American autos in general, but the GMT400 and GMT800 were excellent trucks, there's a reason they're still everywhere

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I knew a guy years back with a super clean one.
Unfortunately I moved half way across the country and he died a year or two back, wish I bought it off him.

This I love the fuck out of mine.

I really wish it had a real front axle but that only matters if you're going to build it up. Mine runs 33s (285/75/16) no problem.

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first gen dodges are GOAT

hold on to your shekles a little longer, prices are inflated as people try to cash in on incometax ballers. in a couple months prices on trucks that didnt sell will drop and people who did buy will be trying to sell cause they need money for other shit

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It keeps fucking snowing here which put a dent into my plans of just waiting until spring when people start selling stuff they were using as winter beaters.
Maybe I should just buy a beat up $1500 honda and drive it until I can find a truck.

Does this go by another name? I don't see any gmt400s on my CL

just sort model year to between 88 to 98 chevy trucks I'd imagine

givin your geographical location youre probably going to end up having to overpay for half decent truck or end up getting a rust bucket, thats just the nature of your local market

if you want a truck you can keep id suggest looking further south if you just want a beater truck for a year or two find something not completely rusted out and buy it

It goes by many nicknames
>K1500 (or C for 2wd, or 2500/3500)
>OBS among enthusiasts
>GMT400 is the name of the platform like "panther" is to the Crown Vic

Just search by model year. The 96-98s had MPFI instead of TBI and make a lot more power. Interior changed in 95 and got pass airbags in 97

I see some clean rangers, like one today with like 150k on it for 2k and change.
But what worried me and lead me not to go look at is the guy had like 6 other cars on his property in the back round pictures, and said he got another ranger from 2005 with a bad axle that he is replacing this one he got a year ago with.
I'm not a mechanically inept retard but I get really nervous any time I even think about looking at something because I don't want to get raped when I get it inspected. Rust I can spot, but how to tell if some joint is going to be okay, or needs to be replaced when I take it in to get it inspected gets me nervous.
If I needed to I'll do the work myself because I do whatever I need to.

Ok I got some hits. Any reason these retards think that a lift kit adds +$5000?

same reason people that vomit the tapco catalog on an SKS makes it worth $800

>I'm not a mechanically inept retard but I get really nervous any time I even think about looking at something because I don't want to get raped when I get it inspected.
just buy a civic for 3k. old trucks are a fucking nightmare that'll nickle and dime you to death and i live in a rust free state.

sttop buying dumb shit you don't need and you won't "need" a truck to buy dumb shit. ffs, you can't scrape together cash for a decent truck. just get an affordable car so you can get a real job and some savings instead of some old tired workhorse that'll destroy you financially.

t. 1stgen fag that's been there so I know you'll ignore it.

1st gen dodges are literally terrible. fuck every first gen dodge unless you plan on having zero parts support and having to rewire the entire truck like I did with my w250.

>1988 k1500 silverado tbi 5.7 $800
>swapping this with a vortec 5.7 i got off cl for $400
> with a highrise carb intake $160
>tbi adapter plate. $60
>fresh gaskets $50
>custom chip coming in the mail $280
>new 60psi fuel pump $90
>new cam built for more low end torque and a small hp increase. $200

Total: $1990
Ive built a 300hp/350ftlb truck for half your budget OP.
>go to the country. Ask farmers and rednecks about their old farm trucks.
>should probably mention ive also replaced my tc solenoid, headlights and oil/tuneup shit for both new and old engine so add another $300

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Any mechanically inept loser can repair a chevy. ford is a bit more difficult but drivetrain is bulletproof. Dodges have little redeaming values

that sag tho

probably the only reason a 2500 is a better choice

>sttop buying dumb shit you don't need and you won't "need" a truck to buy dumb shit.
>machine tools are dumb
nigga how am I gonna get shit for my shop then

Doing work itself is not a worry to me, it's the back of my mind nagging me what if I manage to miss some minor symptom of a tranny or engine problem that will make my life a living hell by having to rebuild a trans or engine.

They really are, I beat this piss out of mine and the 318 and 904 still live on in my buddies 74 charger.

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Even more basic than that, I couldn't even get some lumber in my old car without rolling down all the windows, put it in diagonally and drive with one hand while holding on to 2x10's with my other hand.
It'd be nice to be able to buy some sheet goods and not have rent a van

you should get an education instead of buying trash and destroying your body.

Fuck off.
This house went from being a $120k foreclosure to under contract for $226k after the work I did on it. prior to the transaction needing to be canceled due to a family member's medical issues causing them to be unable to move south.

>t. Barrista with a comms major

I asked a few days ago in /ccg/ and got a solid answer but i figured i would ask again here. what is the"best" pre 1975 truck to build a prerunner with decent amount of travel? by best i mean most accessible with a path that has been traveled a million times before and paved with information and parts. i figure if the build advances far enough there will be a lot of fabrication anyways, but i thought i would ask anyways.

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also, what about vans?

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realistically if you're building an actual pre-runner or desert racer, the truck itself is going to be arbitrary. Just pick the one with the best manufacturer engine and drivetrain options, as anything suspension wise is to be replaced anyway.
Or you build a "truggy" like your pic and brand matters even less.

that render is just a buggy style space frame with a van/truck body adapted to it, hence the name "truggy".

i getcha. i had a feeling itd be like that.

first truck i had was an 05 silverado z71. Got rid of it a while back but i miss it, the only ones within 250 miles have shitty touchscreens in them except for like 3. Biggest question i have is, would it be worth 9grand to buy it when it has 200k on it? When i first bought one it had 100k and i spent 10grand put damn near 150k till it broke. I loved that truck as it was my first car and the noise the 5.3l v8 put off was godly. Any tips or suggestions ya'll.

>5.3l v8
i know that sensation too bro

yeah, so basically just get any bucket of shit that still resembles itself you like the style of, as long as the chassis and most of the mounts/hangers are in good shape. Also aim for something that may have most of your desired drive components already, and save a bit of cost ;)

damn u cant find cheaper

Late 80s to early 90s fords with the 4.9l and 5 speed are the cock roach of older pickups. Not great on gas but they run forever. I also like the posted gmt400s. They run great but i dont like their looks that much. Dodge, id avoid.

more like oldfag with destroyed body from manual labor. keep projecting though.

yet you can't scrape together 10k?
wow good job faggit. the fact that you're talking purchase/sell prices lets everyone know you don't have a fucking clue. you didn't say how many hours or funds you wasted on it. for all we know you spent 400k making it right dipshit.

go back to highschool dumb fuck.

americucks btfo

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Got rims for my truck. 2006 k1500.

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Media blasted them.

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And powder coated them. Thankfully I work in a paint shop. I need to do a ball joint before I get new tires.

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I've wanted an ARB bumper for years but could never justify it for how much I go off road. Plus it'll probably end up a rusty mess here in PA. Should I just say fuck it and buy one, or is that too mall crawler?

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you're fucking retarded

get a 7.3 ford or first gen cummins
the diesels are bullet proof and easy to work on with cheaper parts. they hold their value well so it might be hard to find one for 3-3.5k that isnt rusted away.

My 97 f250 HD broke 300k the other day and is on its way out. I could probably keep it going but at this point its not worth the $ or time.

Recommendation on a good replacement? Ill use it as a daily driver aswell as towing a 24ft trailer to the dunes and such.

New or Used just want some opinions.

>Veeky Forums
>not knowing it's already used for Toyota General
Lurk more faggot op

not a fan of arb personally, too bulky imo

Why ruin a classic truck? Just pick your power train and build off of that. You'll end up cutting and building the frame anyways. And then just order your classic body panels from a catalog. You'll probably save money going this route

gonna have to agree with him, this is the best route

Chevys are the easiest to work on but I prefer OBS fords. 4.9l I6 is an absolute workhorse that’ll easily make it past 300k. 4 spd 80s transmission is the toughest but the Mazda 5 speed isn’t bad. If you want a 3/4 ton and up they’ve got a stronger zf5 speed but you can’t really find one with the I6. The IDI diesels are great but slow.

>A wild dentside appears

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Real mans truck coming through bask in the ambiance

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>modern chevy
must have been fed soy baby formula

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Except it's missing any redeeming truck qualities

>at least 6 tires
>at least 3 pedals
>at least 8' of bed

2/10 got me to reply

I bet it's a blast to hoon though

Holly fuck. I looked up Nick Foreman's stuff and this shit's amazing.

Thank you for introducing me to it, user. Here's an F1 in GOAT color.

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Spic. If not, sad. You should know better.



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more truck than anyone in this thread needs

Reply :)

"Real" mans truck, the only thing truck about that is that is has a bed. Fuck off faggot.



Op you aren't going to find a truck in that price range that isn't a total piece of shit unless you get a quarter ton truck, which is nearly pointless.

Not even memeing, look into the older Dodge minivans. You can cop one in decent shape for $2-$3k and apparently depending on which engine you get they're pretty reliable. Just watch for rust on the pinch welds, make sure it's not too far gone. And also do the usual checks when buying a car to make sure it's been taking care of, like all the tires match, the oil and trans fluid are relatively clean, the engines power delivery is smooth and the transmission shifts fast without issues. Ask how long they've owned it, why they're getting rid of it, shit like that. Drive the hell out of it until you can save $15k for a good truck

I'm waiting to hear back on a decent looking camry I found. I'm thinking just drive that for a few years and get some money to go west or south and buy and old diesel 4th gen chevy or pre 97 ford.

Anyone have one of these? thinking about picking one up. 2007 with 95k for just under $7000. What you guys think?

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GMT400 gang
92 K1500
96+ 350 crate engine
4" rough country lift
33" General Grabbers
14 bolt, trans cooler, other tow goodies

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Also can we pretty please stop hating on 2wd and lowered trucks, whether they're static or bagged or hydraulic. They're sick and can still be plenty useful as pickups.

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Moar truck for the truck thread
Sister's 76 with a bored out 390 and 4 speed

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>tfw pulled my overload leaves so my truck would sit level but now if you load 1200lbs in it its almost on the bump stops

might have to put the overload leaves back in. already had the left rear catch the bedside and pull it out when I flexed it out wheeling, and i dont feel like cutting the fenders yet

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Im gonna hope you come back. What cam are you running?

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My garbage.
800 bucks
Runs and drives
Fires up every time.

You'll be fine with your price range, OP.

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i just bought this
how'd i do?

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you stealing user?

mainly because of smog laws. i figure it wouldnt be a tragedy because there are so many. also, if its clapped out and not being driven, it would be back on the road.

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The hearts and minds of those around me.

If you live in the South, get a truck from up North. My dad got a 2015 Sierra 2500HD Denali with the 6.0 with 2,000 miles for $42K. MSRP on a new one is almost 60K, and the appraised value if a used one with that low miles is over $50K. I got my truck (FX4 Level 2 Ford Ranger, FX4 Level 2 is the highest trim package and there were less than 18,000 made) for $6,300 ($7,000 with shipping) from New York. The cheapest one I found in Florida was $10,000.

Most reliable ford engine. What. Is it?.

id say anything from the windsor family. 289,302,351, 5.0. and people seem to like the 300ci inline six

>people from the south telling people to buy trucks from the north
did hell freeze over?