Road rage

how do you deal with idiots on the road and road rage Veeky Forums?

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You ignore it and move on because nigga moments can happen to anyone.

just sit in my car and ignore it but the moment they break something theyre either a.) getting ass beat (if smaller than me) or b.) getting shot

Just try to ignore them. If they try to get infront of you to cut you off and make you stop, slip a right turn when theyre guning by. Ive done it before and i couldnt stop laughing

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mine was just chilling in a drive thu waiting for the car to move in front of me. The moment it does the car behind me honks and jump out and starts raging at me. Maybe they did me a favor got tired of listening to them rage and just pulled out.

Make sure my dashcam is on and call the cops.
Minimal fuss, minimal muss.

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last september
was in chicago
have TX plates
right lane was about to end, dude in right lane with NY plates sped up
I did too, wasn't gonna let some fag from new york cut me off
he doesn't slow down, I don't either
I refused
dude barely avoids crashing, slams on the brake, gets behind me and holds down on the horn for like 5 straight minutes
for the next 15 minutes, every time I look up into my rear view mirror he flips me off

a revolver in my console

I have a dashcam and there is always a gun in my car. Had a guy get out of his car with a metal pipe headed to my car, pulled out my pistol pointed it at his head and told him to get the fuck back in his car, he got back in his car and I held the gun pointed at him til the light changed and he drove away. Went to the local police station and showed them the video in case he claimed that I pulled my gun unprovoked report was made and I never heard another word about it.
I'll never forget the look on that assholes face when he realized he brought a pipe to a gun fight that he started.

Dragged a fella to court and won when he stood in the middle of the road when he threw a fence post at my car

Good times

Board them

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LARP about it, apparently.

Nothing because I don't into road rage and maybe call the police if thing get violent.

always leave half car space between you and the car ahead, so you have enough space to pull out and ran off if you have to.

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user why did someone poke so many holes with a screwdriver in that nice gentlemans car?

I always cuck drivers who try to weave in and out by matching speeds to the guy next to me

road rager here. I don't understand the logic behind cucking road ragers. I understand if they're doing asshole things like honking, tailgating, or threatening you, but if they're just trying to get in front of you like in , why not just let them do it? How much of you even know the purpose of the left lane?

by not living in a 3rd world country

LAPD dorner manhunt.
truck belongs to a old white lady

You can't just let someone do that to you. It's like having someone cuck you in public with everyone watching. That's why I turned my daily into a sleeper.

>how do you deal with idiots on the road and road rage Veeky Forums?
The police spokesperson says to NEVER stop your car to fight it out with a rager. Keep away and call 911 if they keep following you. You are allowed to use a cellphone in a car during emergencies or safety situations such as a road rager. Drive to a police station or let the officers know where you are going and a police car will pull up to you, look for the rager, and then pull that rager over. It's a criminal violation (can be handcuffed).

>this guy knows.
I just stop and wait for them to get out then as they are on foot drop the clutch and (hopefully kick shit up in their face) then gtfo.

Kill them of course

>I turned my daily into a sleeper.

In other words, I eat chicken for breakfast.

drive faster

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again, grew up in texas, I know that the left lane is for passing and right lane is for driving
this was on a 4 lane highway, lad

Nice story fag, but that wasn't you in that video.


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There isn't really anything you can do. I get some shitty road rage and I've jumped out of the car several times to confront someone. Nobody ever gets out of the car and just gives you about 5 different accounts of what just happened.


Not trying to die on my way home or to work.

I always block the fucker trying to get into the one car space in front of me (from the right lane). Best entertainment commuting to work.

Move over the right lane(slow lane) every possible chance.

Every fucking time I'm on the highway the there's always some asshole doing bang on 20 km/h over the speed limit in the passing lane holding up 20 cars all sitting in the left lane for 50 km holding up traffic and no one has the balls to honk or flash their high beams at the cunt in front of them. So I constantly have to weave in and out of lanes to get around the pack of cars and blare my horn as i pass the front fucktard hogging the left lane and cut in front of them. Inevitably another car will follow my lead and weave around and I have too believe the dickhead will eventually learn to move over to the right lane as frequently as possible.

Fuck the GTA, fuck the QEW, fuck the 403, fuck every person in Mississauga and Brampton. As soon as your outside of the Toronto area drivers are noticeably more courteous.

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How very European of you.

So guy in rate lane is trying to merge and has the ability to go in front of you, but you intentionally shut him out of the lane because "muh state pride". Good job on almost causing an accident you fucking retard.

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no, he sped up, there was 20 feet of room behind me

This happened to me the other morning. Cars in 3 lane highway, cars in the far right lane were doing maybe 100kmh tops. I start coming up the on-ramp and getting ready to merge, preparing for a proper zipper merge towards the end of the lane. Check, see like 5 openings, signal, get ready to come over. See little faggot in red GTI slam on gas and start racing up beside me. Signal is still one, now he's riding right in my blind spot and not speeding up or slowing down.

>mfw driving 4300lbs SUV
>mfw signal on
>mfw slowly start merging into lane
>mfw red GTI fag starts flipping out and honking his horn
>mfw I just keep coming over
>mfw we're literally inches from each other now
>mfw I can almost hear his screams of rage
>mfw he finally slams on brakes and jumps into the next lane to avoid collision
>mfw I merge into the lane smoothly, just as the merging lane comes to an end
>mfw he's now beside me screaming and honking his horn and giving me the finger
>mfw he tries to get in front of me so he can brake check me but I won't let him
>mfw this little faggot follows me to my exit, takes same off-ramp, and into Mr. Greek parking lot
>mfw I park and he parks across from me
>mfw he gets out of car and starts walking towards me
>mfw I get out and stand next to vehicle
>mfw I'm 6'3" and he's literally 5'5"
>mfw fucking manlet does a 90 degree turn and pretends like he wasn't trying to start some shit

lmao fucking manlets, will they EVER learn?

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I kind of get where you're coming from, but at the same time there is a huge problem with idiots in the right lane not maintaining their speed. Countless times I've been trying to merge and I see traffic flowing, but then the gaps start changing because idiots aren't going a consistent speed. Normally, as a rule of thumb, I just boot it and aggressively pick an opening, because I'm usually going to the left lane anyhow.

If you're in the right lane, you're basically obligated to use cruise control or maintain the exact same speed. If you're waffling by even 5mph it really fucks with people trying to merge, especially if you're insecure and intentionally shut them out.

Fact is, you saw him speeding up and decided to do the same. He would've easily gone ahead of you and been out of your way, but you decided to dickwave and create that situation.

Try to stay in Texas where literally everyone drives like a retard, you'll live longer.

I used to do this until I read about how this very maneuver prevented someone from getting to the hospital in time and dying as a result. It's just not worth it to me now.

honk at the offending party, you transfer the stress to them

>wtf why he honkin me motherfucker reeeeeee


>People who don't know how to zipper merge

is there a video that goes with this picture?

I live in the upper midwest now, everybody drives well by necessity. there are deer, the roads can be unpredictable during the winter, whiteout driving conditions aren't uncommon, and, of course, there's a huge fucking hill in my town with winding roads at a nasty pitch.
turning your brain off and going the entire length of business 83 without ever looking up is no longer part of my life

>Wow you should've let this dude cut you off even when you're driving properly. It's your fault you turned on your signal! That's his space you're driving into!

How is it cutting you off if he's going faster than you and not taking off your front bumper? By your logic, literally anyone who merges in front of you is cutting you off.

Butthurt Texas fag saw NY plates and wanted to start some shit. It's just that simple.

I’m usually quite calm on the road, I get impatient, sometimes frustrated, but rarely angry.

If someone brake checks me though I’m insta raging. I will go into full on get around this person however possible mode and cut them off as violently as I can. If they have thrown logic out the window I will call their insanity and raise it to reckless endangerment

Fuck the police

Toronto is the absolute worst, it's so jam-packed with undeveloped shitholers in cars. They all drive like they're still in Shitholistan where there are no traffic laws and everyone does whatever they want. Not to mention the startling number of womyn driving their boxy crossovers.

I make a point of not taking the 400-series and QEW, and especially not the Death Valley Parkway. I will take slower sideroads and streets with traffic lights if I absolutely must go into downtown TO, I just add another 20-25 minutes to the drive and accept it.

>guy is trying to merge
>speeds up to get in front of you and merge
>you speed up and block him from merging

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The previous post is literally specifying the dude BEHIND him speed up to get IN FRONT of user before the merge lane ended.

He's attempting to pass on the right. That's a no no.

> all this samefagging

and the guy trying to merge picked an opening ahead of the Texas fag

he would've gotten over into that lane just fine if Texas fag hadn't sped up, he literally created a dangerous situation for no fucking reason

if someone wants to drive faster than you, why the fuck does it matter? if i see someone coming up behind me in the left lane i start looking for openings and get to the right ASAP to let them pass - it's just common courtesy

you certainly don't fucking SPEED up when you see someone trying to come over - THAT is actually a violation in most provinces and states

you normally don't have an obligation to MAKE room for someone to merge, but you DO have an obligation not to shut them out

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He had plenty of room to get behind me, he was trying to cut me off, not just to merge

>Texan visits another state
>acts like an asshole, treats others like shit
>even manages to fuck with people who aren't even from that state

Can we just build a fucking wall around Texas to keep them all in?

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Holy shit manlets are a riot
>riding my bike to the gym for cardio gains
>black manlet speeding in my neighborhood with one of those shitty abortion fiat
>slams on his horn when he sees me then speeds off
>down the road I see hes stopped at a train crossing, behind a long ass coal train
>roll up, "You shouldn't be speeding in this neighborhood, there's a ton of cops"
>flips his shit and gets out and starts chimping out, hes at least a foot and a half shorter than me with a huge weird fucking amish beard and hipster glasses
>"Get back in your car or I'll call the cops"
>kinda just jibbers in the same location like a confused NPC
>finally gets in his fiat and waits for the train
>block his lane the rest of the way to the gym going 10 MPH on my bike
>he follows me and parks in my parking lot
>walking up super quick yelling how hes going to fuck me up
>gym owner and a couple regulars standing just in the front window look up, manlet sees them, stops 180s, 180's again, "dude why did you block me", 180's again and awkwardly run walks back to his car

They never, fucking, learn

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>aussie ford dike ktfo

is there a video for this?

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My cars faster than all of theirs so I just continually piss them off until they fuck off. I've never had one get out and try to approach me.

>6ft 230lb construction worker
come at me bro.

Clearly he had the ability to merge in front of you too, so what's the fucking problem? Again, you can't even define how that is "cutting you off".

Cutting you off would be riding out the lane til the absolute last second, matching your speed, then coming a few inches from your front bumper while jumping in front of you. THAT is cutting someone off.

Speeding up to get in front of them with plenty of space is not cutting off you fucking retard.

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>keep distance if possible
>write down plate number
>if they approach and get violent, leave area and call police
>if no way to leave, make sure doors locked, windows up, call police
>concealed carry in the event that you break into vehicle and/or are armed and escalate the situation to the point of displaying their firearm
Anything else is LARPing

once I was on my bike and some fat Mexican threw a bottle at me
so I went into the highest gear, he floored out, got stuck behind a car at a red light, ended up blowing the red light to get away cuz I caught up
What do people like that say when they get home and their family asks how their day went? I never understood it

It would've been cutting me off if I hadn't staked my claim

>cuck lets people inconvenience him so that he can avoid any possible chance of conflict

If it doesn't inconvenience you, let them. If it does, fuck them.

Lots of room behind for you to pull out behind me then use the passing lane? Do that. Trying to use the merging lane to pass me when you should have merged behind me? Get fucked.

quads confirms texasfag a douche

>write down plate number while driving
lol nigga what? just say it aloud so your dash cam has an audio recording of the tag number, usually most cameras don't have good enough resolution to get clear plates

you probably made it into a cut-off situation by speeding up you dumbass

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So this is basically a manlet inferiority complex you're acting out on the road. You think they're "cutting in line", just like bullies used to do when you were in middle school.

Now you're a big bad guy in a metal cage so you think you're "equals".

Don't worry, the other drivers aren't going to give you wedgies and embarrass you in front of the pretty girls user. Calm your manlet rage, one of these days you're going to piss off some ex-convict who'll literally kill you for trying to be a tough guy.

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Literally never witnessed road rage. Americans must really have some anger issues.

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God damn I didn't know Texans were actually this retarded

All he had to do was slow down and get behind me instead of nearly hitting a barricade

I do my best to not inconvenience anyone else on the road. Don't inconvenience me. Pretty simple and logical. Your "Manlet" internet meme problems are your own.

How is him going faster than you and never touching your vehicle an inconvenience? You wouldn't have had to do anything at all, just keep driving the same speed. He would've merged in front of you and kept on driving off and away from you.

You're a jackass and you drive like a cunt.

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>while driving
If you're driving, why would you care about some tard sperging out in another lane. The only time it matters is if you're in a stopped situation where violent confrontation is a possibility
Most people don't live in 3rd world shitholes that require you to monitor yourself with video evidence

Pretty easy youngster. Like I said, if it doesn't inconvenience me he can do what he wants. If he floors it and can't get ahead of me while maintaining speed in time for him to merge, he's going to have to hit me to get in.

>dash cam
>third world

It literally protects you from crooked cops, sperging autist Texans road raging, niggers doing wild shit, and helps prevent you from getting fucked by the Insurance jew.

Not to mention all the insurance scams these days, last thing you want is some car full of niggers/poos reversing into you, then claiming you rear-ended them and suing you.

You're monitoring others, not yourself, retard.

I just bought a dashcam cuz I'm hoping to one day capture some Russia tier shenanigans

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And you sped up to prevent him from getting in. It'd be the exact same as him trying to get in behind you, and you slam on your brakes to block him.

Texasfags confirmed for some of the most cancerous shitlord drivers.

America is basically a third world country at this point.

I see you don't understand what maintaining speed means. Fucking kids these days can't even read.

and you already said you sped up to shut him out you fucking moron

>right lane was about to end, dude in right lane with NY plates sped up
>I did too, wasn't gonna let some fag from new york cut me off

do you have brain damage you fucking scumbag?

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All he had to do was slow down and change lanes

>How is it cutting you off if he's going faster than you
Because in some states passing on the right is not legal. And the other states like mine have not made it illegal, but put traffic lights on almost all on-ramps. Those lights make use of sensors on the freeway to sense the amount of traffic and where gaps of traffic are. The lights are timed to then allow cars to use the on ramp.

We get a lot of on ramp cheaters that ignore the traffic lights. They just run the red traffic light and go onto the on ramp and brute their way into traffic. It makes me wish all traffic infractions other than speeding had a minimum fine of $10,000 or one year minus one day jail time. That would never fly of course because the Bill of Rights in the USA Constitution states that no cruel or unusual punishments can be used.

All you had to do was literally nothing at all, other than what you were already doing.

There is no way you can twist this to make it look like you are anything other than a manbaby cunt who drives like an asshole.

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At least I got to piss off somebody I dont like

a merging lane is not considered the same as through-traffic lanes

there is nothing illegal about merging at a rate of speed higher than the vehicles in the right lane

>Those lights make use of sensors on the freeway to sense the amount of traffic and where gaps of traffic are. The lights are timed to then allow cars to use the on ramp.

Holy shit, America the fucking POLICE STATE.

Stay cucked.

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this is also a tip for people living in Europe in case of terrorist attack or attempted abductions, legit something that is told to families being stationed over there.

>random person
>fuck with them on the highway for no reason
>create dangerous situation


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>attempted abductions, legit something that is told to families being stationed over there
I read in the news about two years ago where the abductors were already aware. The car in front immediately stopped and hit reverse quickly to crash into the target victim's car. The victim's airbags go off causing a useful confusion and escape response delay. They can't drive off because the airbag computer shuts the engine off. This approach uses the victim's car's features against them.

All the more reason to install a ram bar/guard.

Airbags are really only useful if you're traveling at a higher rate of speed, otherwise your seatbelt is enough to catch you.

I'll be fucked if some ragtop is going to cut my head off on a camcorder.

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Why are you in danger of being abducted?

I don't really get angry.

>live in a no fault state (everyone is at fault)
This shit doesn't exist here
>crooked cops
Stop being a nigger
>not third world Mexican shithole

>attempted abductions
The Middle East isn't part of Europe m8. There's no terrorists abducting random white people for ransom in Europe.

>live in no fault state (everyone is at fault)

Kek, try living in a place with direct compensation property damage guidelines you pleb.

>be Ontarian
>have dashcam
>get in accident
>iron clad proof it was not my fault
>don't have to pay deductible
>insurance rates don't go up as a result of claim

As opposed to

>no dash cam
>lying street shitter lies and says I hit him
>no evidence to contrary other than my statement
>have to pay 50% deductible
>rates go up

Protect yourself from shitholers, it doesn't matter what country you live in - they exist in your country too.

not once in my driving years did i ever experience road rage in europe, move to america and it's almost a daily thing because americans are such obedient cucks

the problem with americans you give them financing and they magically believe they're part of the 1% and that's such a fragile delusion they attempt to cling to that if you do anything like a simple overtake they think it's a personal attack on their ego

>be European
>"""Drive"""" your 1.0L ecodiesel ultra compact shitbox on the motorway
>accidentally exceed the artificially low speed limit by 1kmh for 3 seconds
>average speed cameras mail you a ticket for 400 euros
>insurance is notified and rates are increased
>police visit you next day for antisocial behaviour
>notice you haven't paid your TV license fee yet
>fine you another 500 pounds and put you on probation

Yes Europe truly is the superior nation indeed. A cold, dead, emotionless shithole where people don't know how to be sad/mad/angry/happy anymore.

Best just keep to your work Winston, don't ask questions.

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see, americans always take it personal. literally niggers

That file name

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>Americans are obedient cucks

You've never been to America have you? And how the fuck would them being obedient cause road rage?

>A cold, dead, emotionless shithole where people don't know how to be sad/mad/angry/happy anymore

This bit is so fucking accurate in particular. I took three trips across Europe in my life and people in western Europe at least seem fucking incapable of expressing emotion. Why is this? I'd say it's a language limitation but British people are just as docile as everyone on the continent.

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because they don't owe you anything, dipshit. people have better things to do then worry about what you think of anything

Tbh ths, Texan here, I'm just trying to get on the highway, what the hell are you doing acting like a jackass in the right lane?

Even when I am in the right lane, I only change my speed so the person getting on has room to merge.
And brake checking is for faggots who want to act like they are in a hurry, yet still purposely slow down instead of going even faster after passing a grandpa or woman going 30 below the speed limit in t eh left lane. In the end hyou are just wasting time trying to prove a point to a nobody.

>Americans are obedient cucks
if your dick is cut, you're obedient to your muslim and jewish overlords you dumb cunt.

Exactly. Europeans are too busy ensuring they maintain a constant state of doublethink so as not to offend anyone or get themselves into trouble. They don't have time to concentrate on things like smiling, being happy, expressing original opinions, etc.

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at least you had the forethought to be courteous to others, not the type where people think not smiling at them is mandatory