The ultimate car company

the ultimate car company

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Man, you really drank the Kool-Aid.

>fastest porsche is a 6 cylinder

based, 6 cylinder cars are simply better

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Owned by Volkswagen.

I like to imagine all the porache designers sittong in a circle and wanking each other off to their own importance. A complete loop of masturbation and self-righteousness.

(In German)
Hey we're porache design
We make the best cars
Let's design a phone and make it $1200
Let's design a stereo and make it $1500
Let's design a Bluetooth speaker and make it $600

Volkswagen was founded by Porsche. Shame he didn't use his own name back in the Nazi days.

he had an entire tiger tank and ww2 German factory designation after him

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Shoulda just put some Mausers on the beetle.

porsche as a whole is the biggest circlejerk of the automotive world. bigger than the musk cult of personality.

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>porsche designed tanks
did YOUR car company do that?

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Most did. America's big 3 all have designed/made military equipment.

No - they made something even better.

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this is my favorite Toyota model

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The reason your corolla was a tenth of price is because they're made entirely by robots out of the cheap shit, and are designed to be made as quickly and cheaply as possible. Porsche is not so efficient. They also spend a lot on R&D for muh gofasts and keeping the classic look while still meeting modern government standards.

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Fucking this

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i forgot they still made cars haha

Not very ultimate when you need a engine swap and improved aerodynamics to make it good.

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That's not Honda


why would anyone bother with such a shit-tier engine???

its ultimate sports car company and its owner base outside the cuckovers and panamera are pretty based and pretty much always track their cars.
But the ultimate car company is toyota
>sold worldwide
>popular worldwide
>"toyota reliability" is a phrase
>legendary offroaders like land cruiser
>legendary trucks like hilux
>legendary small cars like turbo startlet
>legendary everyman cars like ae86
>legendary speed demons like supra
>legendary rally cars like celica
>made a fucking midengined sportscar that could fight with supercars
>the fucking LFA that manages to be desired world around despite not outbenchracing other cars
>still makes cuckboxes, econoboxes and shit like that for normies


>Make a couple decent trucks
>make a couple decent sports cars
>everything else is soulless fwd garbage
>ultimate car company

If it's lighter, more reliable and make twice the power than a shit6 then what tier is a flat 6 on?

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>this delusional

lmao at GM cucks

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congrats by you standards only buggatti is good

Even Porsche cucks accept the LS as a God.

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the LS is trash, don't be delusional

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>american plates
no its just americans who are so bad at driving they need to ls swap a fucking porsche to keep up

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user are u forgetting her? The V8 NA grandtourer? :(

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This is correct. Not only do they completely fucking annihilate everything else on the market, they're not faggy little princess about it.

Ferrari etc forbids you from setting lap times and saying anything negative. Porsche lends you a car and let it do the talking

I'm gonna get 911 one day. Any generation, even 996 (which are cheapest right now), 911 is just my final attainable dream car for some reason. I doubt i'd be able to push it properly on a track, i doubt i'd be able to grasp RR layout gimmicks, but i'm just so in love with those cars. I love how they stubbornly keep to RR layout, i love how it's relatively lightweight, i love the looks, i love the sound (even liquid cooled ones) i love everything about them

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real niggas know the true power of Porsche.

I was recently bit by the Porsche bug but I can't currently afford to "cure" it. I'm working on that though.

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>almost no motorsports heritage
close but no cigar :^)

>>still makes cuckboxes, econoboxes and shit like that for normies
also thats ALL they make these days user

nice bait
A little car called the gt86? Maybe you've heard of it, its just oh, the best reviewed and most well received sportscar when it came out?

>speed demons like supra
ackchyually, supra is a meme, definitely not a speed demon. it's a tuner's car, but except that it's just a pig fat grand tourer that was never anyhow exceedingly good at anything in its class, it's only famous because 2jz can handle lots of boost. if i remember correctly, toyota closed supra mk4 production prematurely because no one wanted to buy it. then fast and furious kicked in and now it's stupidly expensive classic. supra mk3 is now miata money, and mk4 would probably be similar if not for the movie

other points are fine, toyota is pretty cool. lfa is boner-inducing, and gt86 is one of few cheap purpose-built sports cars on the market (as opposed to city hatchbacks with powerful engine)

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And porsche family holding owns vw

Based porsche

>moose test intensifies
Nice yamaha with a toyo body m8
Threadly reminder euro toyota diesels are bmw engines

19 le mans outright wins. Literally the best

the ultimate scheme

Cayenne, Macan, Panamera not even available with manual option.

inb4 these cars allow them to make models like the cayman.

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Have you driven one? I used to loved old 911's until i drove one, biggest dissapointment ever.

I even tested the new ones, even worse.

Never meet your heroes.

who cares, filthy suvs. i'm suprised how popular those big porsche things are though (i see a lot of those on roads), considering that those are clearly, as you said, cars to keep company afloat

absolutely best description of this sad modern state of automotive industry is the fact that lotus tries to make a suv
>be sports car company
>years of heritage, lotus 49, 98t, they're here since 60's
>make new small almost-supercars, obsessed over weight
>as small as possible, as fast as it gets
>and now they have to make suv to keep afloat

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>meme race
>basically only audi and porsche participate and are the only ones participating for years
>even on their website they have porsche driving history and experience shit all over it like porsche is in charge of the whole thing
>porsche driver proud of this
Gosh I'm surprised.

>Putting the gt86 on the same level as a 911
Good one user. Nice bait

Boring bait.

Think of something new.

>A little car called the gt86? Maybe you've heard of it, its just oh, the best reviewed and most well received sportscar when it came out?

prove me wrong, faggot

>Implying Porsche doesn't use robots for unibody construction

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>company was saved from doom because it added its badge to an existing SUV platform and now 75% of its revenue comes from them
the absolute state of the current car market

Toyota literally helped Porsche streamline their manufacturing process.

the 4.6 engine is better than the LS


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