Why the fuck are cars so expensive?

I mean why does Peugeot making a shit-looking 208 feels compelled to sell that shit 15 grand?

The whole point of making a 3 door shitbox is that it is cheap. 15K + isn't cheap. I don't get this.
But then again I'm not sure how expensive would have been pic related at the time.

I don't either get why so many brands are dropping the possibility to buy a 3 doors hatch.

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Dacia you moron.

they only make shit looking suvs with a jungle of cheap plastic both inside and outside.

have you heard of the Sandero?

the 208 doesn't look like shit
holy fuck poor people shouldn't be allowed to have an opinion

He's too busy complaining about the price, and wanting a "shitbox", but still the plastics are the main problem I see. Quality comes at a price, the number of doors affects the price only ever so slightly, and you can't expect luxury for peanuts. So either pick a cheap Dacia Sandero, which is about 6000-8000 euros, depending on the spec, or pay 15 for the Peugeot. Or you could have a VW polo, for roughly the same price and size.

Just had a bit of a peek, in Ausfag dollars in 1992 an entry level Corolla cost 16k and the top spec cost 23k. In 2017 the base spec is 21k and the top spec is 32k.

So looking at the CPI from 92 to 2017 the entry level 92 Corolla today would cost about $28,500, so they've gotten cheaper.

As to why 3 door hatchbacks aren't being offered, chances are they didn't sell as well as the 5 door variants and are suffering the same fate as wagons.

Cars are cheap for what you're getting. With the amount and precision of engineering in a modern car, it's crazy how cheap they are. God bless economy of scale.

The 208 looks like utter shit*
And I've learnt driving in one, the year it came out. Found it ugly then, find it ugly now.

The 206 looked fucking great though.

Not gonna buy German due to drop in quality, rise in cost, and recent scandals (which are scandalous, btw).

Further, my main point is not that I'm not willing to pay 15K for a new car, but instead that I have issues putting a 10K+ value in my mind to a 208 or a clio (eventhough the latter nicer). Because it "feels" more like a "8K-18K" car, compared to the 15-25 K it really is.

It feels to me as the product of inflation, hype (for the clio mainly), and the market for 3rd world shitboxes like the 108 that are sold at this price niche.

But it looks like an SUV.

That's kinda sad because I personally like both formats of cars. Everything's so blur now, just look at the Citroen line-up: small SUV, middle SUV, large SUV.

And thank you for the research, that's interesting.

Yeap, SUV and CUV's taking over and they all look arse.

If you're in europe, buy cars from germany. MUCH more cheaper than any other european country.

>Yeap, SUV and CUV's taking over and they all look arse.
Fucking this, I hate it so much.

Mothers buy more more new cars than enthusiasts do, by an order of magnitude. It makes sense why automakers are catering to them.

Wow, you're in full delusion mode, mr. 47% germanic

>posted as Britain has probably some of the cheapest used cars for sale
People can buy mechanically sound cars for like $100-200 USD in Britain
My shitbox I got for close to $700 was a fucking steal, even though it's got superficial flaws out the wazoo

Too bad the steering is on the wrong side.

>no more 3 door hatches
Im seriously thinking to get in government and force automakers to produce ONLY 3 door hatches, 5 door hatches being 100% more expensive.

You can thank green opportunists for devleopment like this.

Is that why I see so many women driving SUV/CUV's? Fucking hell. Where are they getting all this money from? You know how many 40+ mom's driving Volvo XC40's or Porsche Cayennne's?
wew lad, that explains a lot

You know how many I see*
time for bed

They're very convenient if you have kids, and most people don't care about performance. They have a 10 second 0-60 and think it's fast because they've not experienced faster.

Or try Lada. Less than 10 grand US, although you might need to import it.

but aren't corpse wago- err, stationwagons for that purpose?