Traction control kicks in

>traction control kicks in
>headlights dim noticeably

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>change radio station with left button
>left indicator turns on

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>install speed limiter cancelation
>top speed doesn't reach the limiter

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>put left turn signal on
>radio jumps to another frequency that isn't one of my presets

>accidentally hit wiper stalk to highest setting
>hood flies off

>Put wiper stalk on low
>Wiper wipes Fast
>Put stalk on fast
>Wiping Speed doesnt change
>Put Stalk on off
>Still Wiping Fast

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>slam driver door
>passenger door opens

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>shift into 5th

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>slam all 4 passenger doors at the same time
>rear window gets blown out

Actual problem on these

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>step on gas
>Gauge cluster stops working

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>traction control beeps at me like im being locked onto to
thanks lexus

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>change lanes without signal
>frantic startling alert beeping

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I remember my dad's camry had the rear window shatter when I was a kid and all he had done was close the driver door

>turn on turn signal
>check engine light comes on

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>try to do a headlight flasher
>headlight remain lit

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>check engine light doesn't work
>try to change the bulb
>car doesn't have a CIL at all

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>shift into 5th

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>wiper has 4 speeds
>first one is too slow
>second one is too fast
>used third one once in my life
>beyond the speed of light
>what lies beyond?

>turn right in heavy rain
>lose power steering
>cold snap to 30 degrees
>CEL comes on during drive to work, gone in afternoon

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>switch on foglights
>now makes 38PSI of boost according to logger
>controller was set to 25PSI

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>turn wipers to faster speed while it's raining
>car turns off

>Transmission slips in 3rd gear at low rpm
>Doesn't slip when shifting into 3rd at 7k

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>3 speed wipers with the slowest speed being variable
>1st speed slow
>2nd speed fast
>3rd speed so fast it starts interfering with radio

>park car for a few days
>i return to car days later
>try to drive it
>rear wheel stuck so it drags the tire along for a few inches
>loud clunk as it unjams and unintentionally perform a burnout

RIP transmission

I'm okay with it.

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>press down on the window switch
>window goes up

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>his car has traction control

>he can't turn off traction control with a push of a button

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What kind of shift cucking feature is this?

>use turn signal
>noticeable drop in voltage on the gauge every time it flashes

>his car has any safety measures beyond a windscreep wipers

Your alternator is gone my man


>turn on windscreen wipers
>engine backfires

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>Drive over smallest of bumps
>Absorber from only one corner makes a weird sound that you can't reproduce

>turn on rear wiper
>speakers go static

>put turn signal on
>cruise control turns off

>driving on freeway
>In 5th gear
>Drop into 4th gear to overtake
>Put the petal to the metal
>Few seconds delay before car begins to accelerate
>started happening recently

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>floor it on ice
>traction control lights up
>wheelspin continues
>drift around corner
>no traction control light
Bonus points
>turning at low speed
>car detects loss of traction
>cuts power to wheels
>car jerks and loses more traction
>cuts power
>loses traction

>any steering input whatsoever dims the headlights
>turning on defrost in the morning makes RPM jump considerably

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>adjust right mirror
>all of my tires pop simultaneously

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Self-destructing TPMS

Chevy to avoid gaz guzzler tax

>turn steering wheel
>watch tachometer slowly rise
>full lock
>engine idling at 1500

>mirrors auto-dim due to bright lights
>traction control turns itself off

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you should add throttle progressively as the torque comes, you're lugging the engine by adding full trottle on inadequate rpm - friendly tip so you don't ruin your next engine

>turn on indicator
>press brake
>indicator turns off
>turn on hazard lights, high beams, front and rear fog lights, shift into reverse and press brake
>car almost catches on fire

anyway glad that earthing problem is sorted

>turn up stereo volume
>tires chirp

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>turn steering wheel
>car dies

>shut down car
>radio display shuts off
>lock car
>radio display turns on

>press unlock button
>nothing happens

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>Me and father have same car
>We both have the stock stereo
>His stereo turns on and off with the car
>Mine doesn't

>Turn indicator on in either direction.
>Dome light blinks at same rate.
>Same shit with hazards.

>learning how to drive stick
>get on the freeway, accelerate to about 65mph
>try to downshift from 5th to 4th
>end up shifting into 2nd
>camshaft explodes

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>try to roll up window on highway
>doesn’t seal, makes awful whistling noise

>roll up window at a stop
>it goes just fine
Thanks, Korean aerodynamics

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>getting read to make right turn onto highway
>start accelerating
>diff kicks in
>traction control kicks in
>because all terrains slipped ever-so-slightly on wet pavement
>gas pedal turns to mush, feels like I have 10% power
>press pedal harder
>no power
>I'm half onto the highway with traffic approaching now
>jesus christ
>slam gas harder
>finally TC kicks off and vehicle accelerates revving to 9000

Fucking dogshit uphill corner. I lock the rear diff at that turn now, it turns off the TC too. Fucking nigger shit, I don't care if I have to flip the ass end out to get around that corner.

but how

the shifter would literally drop itself right in front of 4th

how do you fuck that up nigga

Because I'm a fucking retard. I got the engine rebuilt instead of writing the car off, so I feel less bad.

>turn key
>car flips over

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>maintaining cruising speed at 3,500 rpm
>step on accelerator to do a pull
>shift lever pops into neutral by itself

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I'm surprised the tranny didn't explode, usually it'd go first.

>cruising at 3,500RPM

what kind of displacelet shitbox do you drive

my car barely turns 2,000RPM at 130kmh

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Not him, but my econobox does 3000rpm at 100 km/h, its cries are very audible in the cabin. Car is comfy for what it is, so it's fine, I rarely take it on the road.

1.0 Zetec is trash btw.

He drives a 5 speed 4 cylinder car, going at around 70 mph.

I commute at 6000 rpm

So do I.



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Tfw never have go past 3k rpm because high displacement.

Well I do, I could as well rev lower at only 160 km/h, but that would be boring...

>turn wheels full lock right or left
>rpm drop
Is this even a thing?

No replacement for displacement bruther. Hurf durf.

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I guess it could be since the power steering pump draws power from the engine? Maybe having the pump actively turn the wheels increases load and RPMs? Sounds like dogshit engineering, but lots of shitboxes on this board.

>turn wheel while parking up
>headlights dim as I hear the whir of the power steering

>tfw drive a 3cyl that does 3.5k rpm at 70mph

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>tfw never rev over 1000 rpm
>tfw torque comes on at 200 rpm
>tfw more torque than weight


Do you drive a semi or a tractor?

>3 cylinders

pic related

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Modified electric moped, has roughly 400 Nm at about 70 kg.
That is what happens when you cross a controller designed for a small car, a robust hub-motor and batteries designed for drones.

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skoda fabia, 1.2 htp engine
the unbalanced shuddering and screaming revs from the engine bay strike fear into the heart of all nearby 1.2 4cyl Corsas

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>I never go past 3000 rpm
>6 seconds to get to 40 kph
>literally every other car around me is the same
People redlining their 2000 Clio 1.0L look retarded.

>my dad's '16 Civic never goes past 2000 revs to keep up with traffic

its suppose to do that.

>6 seconds to get to 40kph

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>unlock car to get inside and clean the interior
>hear a funny electric motor sound from the front passenger side of the car
>think nothing of it because it continues to make noise the entire time I'm inside
>next day, hear a high pitched whine from around the same place
>stops after a moment
>realize my windshield wiper fluid no longer pumps
So this is what happens to BMWs nearing end of warranty. Am I allowed entry into the shitbox club?

17 seconds to 100 kph

Car is a Fiesta, the generation before the one in the US. The 1.0 4banger Zetec is dogshit, supposed to have 70 hp, but no way in hell it has. Driving a Sandero from work (1.0 3cyl) feels fast because it actually moves when you press the gas.
Still, the Fiesta is prettyt comfy roomy with nice seats. I like it. Many adventures with him. His name is Ishi.

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Aw shit, me too user

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fuck newcars

>tfw 50 kW 1.0L 3-banger
>tfw 850 kg
Well, it acellerates decently in first gear....

Porsche 944
exactly this.

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literally cucked by a car

fuck off tvr

Is a heavy duty alternator an option?

>sacrificing wheel horsepower for additional (((electricity)))

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>accelerating hard past 4500 rpm
>subtle jet engine noise coming from from of car
i think my alternator is trying to kill itself

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>Apply brakes.
>Headlights dim ever so slightly.


>Spin tires.
>Traction control light flashes and car corrects itself.
>Turn off traction control
>Do something really stupid.
>Turn on traction control because why not.

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Check your alternator, tighten the belt

>hit bump
>radio turns off

>know nothing about audio & electronics
>Diy amp install
>Revs drop everytime bass gets super low

>Plug in aux cord
>AC shuts off

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>driving on highway
>radio suddenly turns itself down to half volume
>30 minutes later
>turns up to FULL volume

also random water gurgling noise when car start, plus random binding from subaru awd

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it's just a secret turbo :)

you need a better alternator senpai, your sub is drawing more than the car can give it