What can you tell me about the 5th gen Toyota Celica

What can you tell me about the 5th gen Toyota Celica

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It has a pop up headlights

black was an option

It has been featured in several Scotty Kilmer videos. Scotty now owns a 6th gen silver Celica.

It has wheels and a trunk!

>6th gen silver Celica.
There are that many gen celicas? up to the 90s? the only ones i'm familiar with are the 90s and the FWD ones that came later.

Looking back i'm not sure what Toyota wanted this car to even be or if toyota themselves knew what they wanted it to be. it seemed like they originally wanted it to be in the Mustang/Pony car market then the lancer evo market before finally becoming a FWD hot hatch before its cancellation.

They've always tried to differentiate it while making sure it has an audience.

There's 7 celica generations, pic related is the last gen. Im not sure what they wanted out of the celica either, though they can be pretty fun and cheap shitboxes now.

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This is the 6th gen, looks pretty much exactly like Scotty's one.

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I had one.
I did everything okay, but nothing was great. The result was a competent vehicle with a completely soulless character.
If you want a performance car there are better options.

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GT-Four/All-Trac or bust

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the FWD models are pretty comfy, fairly soft suspension, power isnt anything special. Its a car with a sports car look and half a sports car feel, good for non-car people.

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The convertible version looks nice.

Fantastic car, its also one of few japanese cars that can contain my enormous penis inside.

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wrong gen

>If you want a performance car
Yeah no I'm looking at a 1.6 I know it's not fast, but it's a car that runs and is under €1000.
I don't think it can be soulless since it's a pretty good looking coupe with pop-up headlights, how can it be completely soulless

5th gen is probably the best gen in my opinion. It has great asthetics, but it's a shame that the all tracs are rare here in the states

What does an all-trac run here in the US?

I bought an ST185 swapped ST165 for $1900 back in 2012, was worth every penny

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Oh, that's not too bad. I guess it's just a waiting game to find one on craigslist then. There are none here in Arizona, probably because we don't "need" all-wheel drive

I made a thread about this a few days ago actually about 5th gens. They run for about 9 - 14k in the US due to their rarity.

Fuck that's a lot more than I had been thinking. Definitely way more than my 3SGTE swapped AW11.

I always thought the all-tracs were cool but I don't know if they're ten grand cool.

They could of been better, but Toyoda took out the fun in the car by taking the 3sge/beams motor out of it. Working on a 4th gen GTS to flip or keep if I enjoy it.