Why are japanese formula 1 drivers so bad? Even the most succesful japanese f1 driver hasn't won once...

Why are japanese formula 1 drivers so bad? Even the most succesful japanese f1 driver hasn't won once, and has only one podium. Japan has such an enormous car and racing culture, you'd think there would be competent ones even in the highest class.
Same thing for americans, there has been one in my whole life. Do they just stick to nascar because they can't drive?

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africans seem to not be very keen on racing either, but I do not see that continent being as car enthusiastic as the former two mentioned

There is an analogous situation with the Japanese and Chess. They have no representation in the world events. The reason for that is that Japanese people prefer Go and they put their efforts into Go instead.

Probs something similar is happening for F1.

they can't reach the pedals properly

are you fucking stupid?

I think it was a joke user

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makes no sense because all F1 drivers are manlets

the thing is, I think they have their own formula classes in japan, so it's not like formula should be unheard of nor should the drivers be too inexperienced. But what you said might be true.

American representation in motor sports other than NASCAR is huge.

Rally racing, drifting, stock car racing, Indy cars.

We have awesome drivers, look at Danica Patrick.

A lot of Japanese racing drivers stay in Japan/Asia for most of their early career, while most world championship level formulas take place mostly in Europe where European drivers have raced for years in multiple formulas.

too low test

>Why are japanese formula 1 drivers so bad?
It doesn't matter so much if they win as long as they drive fast enough to stress the car and collect data in a competitive driving condition. Toyota then uses the data to improve its cars.

To have a Japanese F1 driver win a race you need a lot of things to go right

>they need to be able to speak English well enough to communicate with a European team
>they need to know Europe based tracks
>they need to actually be good
>they need to somehow get in a car that can actually win despite all those things and teams hiring British kids while they're still in karts

In the end whether there's a strong racing scene in Japan or not makes minimal difference, because the only Japanese drivers that make it in F1 at all these days are from the European ladder. (Sato and Kobayashi in particular had a season or less of car racing experience in Japan until after they raced in F1) What this means is that you don't even necessarily see the best Japanese drivers in F1, just the ones that were willing to commit to upending their entire life to try to make it at a young age.

There is only one f1 driver who has lost his super license and he was japanese. Had 4 races and finished in one of them. They took his license away because they deemed him too dangerous

He isn't user, he goes by the name of Retard.

japs are more manlet than normal manlets

Asians can't drive, everybody knows this.

>most young Japanese drivers stay in Japan
>usually the wrong Japanese drivers do go to F1 (Suzuki, Takagi, Nakano in the 90s, Ide, Nakajima and Yamamoto in the 00s)
>you can drive in the States for a LOT less money than in Europe
>you can make a LOT of money driving in the US a lot sooner than in Europe
>you end up with a lot more personal sponsors and connections than you do in Europe

The only reason either would have to go to F1 is because they really want to. Having a self-sustaining car/motorsport culture also means you don't have to go to Europe and fiddle around with crappy underpowered Formula Ford tier cars.
Language and culture barriers ruined McLaren-Honda. If you're Japanese and have driven in Japan all your life and suddenly you're going to drive for Prema in F2, you're going to have a hard time getting the car to your liking, performing your best, etc. Imagine your car breaking down in a place where nobody speaks English (and whatever other languages you may know) and try to get them to understand your car troubles.

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McHonda had translators and much of Honda's staff was English people. watch grand prix driver on amazon

name one american WRC who has won the WDC
>stock car racing, Indy cars
national series don't count
who cares

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The nips are better at drifting too.

>NASCAR cause they can't drive

How can you be this stupid

With Takagi you're right in the sense that he didn't have enough experience in Europe but he's fairly underrated in terms of talent. Suzuki and Nakajima were good early on, I think Kazuki could have had a decent F1 career if he had gotten in under different circumstances than being an engine discount for the dick arses at Williams.


to get into f1 you need to leave for europe in your teens.

the japs are super career focused, so leaving their jobs to give their kid a CHANCE at making f1 probably isn't even thought of.

>be aussie v8 driver
>go to USA drive nascar
>get btfo on circle tracks
>rape everyone on any track involving a RH turn

you guys are good at circles, nothing else.

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>They took his license away because they deemed him too dangerous
>mean while real dangerous fuckers like Senna and Schumacher are considered legends
The absolute fucking state of F1

Phil Hill and Mario Andretti were both F1 world champions...
Japanese drivers sucked because they had poor English which made setting up the car a challenge...
Kobayashi was not bad, pity he isn’t racing in F1 anymore.

>japs are best at driving without having any grip
>americans are best at driving in circles
>euros are best at driving while using grip on turns and best at offroad
>aussies are a mixture of all

>euros...best at offroad


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>forgetting that the most successful rally drivers are european

Mario Andretti disagree