Best country/Region to live in for a car enthusiast?

Best country/Region to live in for a car enthusiast?

>should not be a 3rd world shithole
>must have access to numerous tracks and automotive attractions
>not cucked by laws and regulation

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Bamp, I want to know too


Florida is pretty ok
>inb4 no mountains

Old post I made on the objectively best automotive state to live in

>No inspections
>No emissions
>No enforced noise regulations
>Can import literally anything
>Highways are dragstrips
>Many great racetracks
>Cops don't give a fuck about racing/modified cars
>No Commiefornia cucks shitting up state legislature

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no canyon roads but lot of pussy to go around haha

>what is Miami

Florida would be pretty great, I'm just worried about the infamous florida man doing something to my car

Cuba 2.0

New Zealand

>Florida corners
>Florida drivers
>Florida people
>Florida weather

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>2nd world shithole, jdm are numerous, cars are cheap and its easy to import shit from anywhere in the world
>finlands touges are hours ship ride away, tracks are numerous, races are numerous for cars, can't drive for 20 minutes in winter without running into a ice track event in the winter, street race culture is alive, booming and active with huge weekly meets in every big city.
>only safety requirements to race in rally, ice track, time attack, endurance multi car race is a helmet and a fire extinguisher
>cucked by laws and regulation everyone involved but the politicans know its fucking retarded and dont bother enforcing any, to the point of cops pulling you over for speeding and checking out what mods you've done to the car and letting you go

>No Commiefornia cucks shitting up state legislature

Yeah instead you get "progressives" from all over the east coast shitting up the state legislature

how about a mountain county in Colorado?

>No inspections
>No emissions
>No enforced noise regulations
>No niggers or otherwise, at all
>No cops
>peace and fucking quiet, friendly neighbors, beautiful scenery
>importing black market cars is pretty dumb unless you live in FLA so we'll skip that one
>thousands of miles of incredible, well maintained mountain roads
>Denver an hour away for fucking on tinder sluts
>I70 headed west into Utah is deserted to the point that you can use it as your personal racetrack

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>Go for drive
>Crushed to death by 3rd World tier infrastructure

>Florida weather

You mean sunny and warm and nice?

Fucking retard, I bet you live in some shithole state.

>he doesn't play irl tetris trying to navigate his car through tight roads with cars parked on both sides on a daily basis
amerimutts will never understand

Semitropical sweatbox. When it's sunny it's fucking hot, when it's rainy it's fucking damp and still way too warm. Fucking horrid is what it is. And as you can clearly see it makes you go nuts.

>you'll be the only person with a working vehicle so instant street cred
>roads are empty because see above
>no laws or regulations
>high chance of contracting ebola

>high chance of contracting ebony
Yosh! Delicious brown, here I come!

The absolute perfect state would be Florida regulations (or lack of them) and California Roads. because they are truly the best in the United States.

Florida is flat as shit and there isn't anything fun about that.

California has a shit ton of regulations (which still makes it the better state overall)

I keep reading New Zealand being mentioned in plenty of places around the net, laxed import laws and proximity to Japan.

Why say that? Do you really want more tourists?

this. it's new zealand.

Euro tier gas prices
Euro/Aus tier inspections and regulations

Yeah Nah. Leafland is where it's at.

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>snow everywhere
>canadian drivers

>Euro tier gas prices
Only a problem if you're poor.
>Euro/Aus tier inspections and regulations

I've heard Australia is pretty lit, any Aussies comfirm?

Daily reminder that Miami is not Florida

it's good in terms of cars and people, but the laws are pretty shit for the most part.

Where in leafland? Quebec banned RHD cars and Ontario insurance is retarded. The rest is just flat.

>Can import literally anything
cbp sets the rules, no?

Basically this, you got a pretty decent crowd for most automotive things or you could just join the lebbos and wogs and do a skid uleh. Try to get on A Current Affair.