Is350 2nd gen?

What does Veeky Forums think of the xe20 is350? I want to sell my 300zx twin turbo before it becomes a liability, and I want to go to something

>decently quick
>can turn
>super comfy
>low theft/police bully risk
>classy/nice interior

I’ve always liked sport sedans, and it seems like these are great value for money (as low as 12k NZD). Are these as numb as people say? Would I get bored of auto? I’ve really only driven auto twice before...

My holy grail would be an e39 m5 but they are too expensive for me

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Interior seems proper good on these, back when Lexus was in its enlightenment period rather than now where it’s all bloated and tumor looking

It’s just those damn floppy paddles. At least it’s 6 speed rite? Rite?

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They are comfy cars but they are slow as shit and handle like boats

Wow that was impressive. I have seen a few vids of it roll racing in the states and that instant NA power is pretty impressive. I’m a bit more worried about how it will be in the corners though

Also apparently you can’t turn off the ESC, and the lsd only works when going straight so you can’t really kick it out

Is 306hp in a 1500kg car slow? It’s the same as my twin turbo on stock boost and probably has a better powerband

I don’t wanna give up and buy a vz conformadore just for muh ls1 because that would be a boat

So apparently you can turn traction control off on these with a cheat code lol. Without it vdim fucks you in the ass when you try to drive fast in any manner that isn’t a straight line

It weighs about 3600lbs on a good day, and while 306hp isnt bad for a car that weight, it still is somehow really slow in a straight line. Also it does not handle well at all without mods. This car is more focused on comfy luxury with some power. If your looking for power and handling in a luxury car then stay away from lexus. They are great reliable cars but they are slow as piss

1600kg? That’s the same as my z and it has the same power, it’s enough to be faster than most other cars on the road. And by mods do you mean jutties? It would be easy enough to chuck some jutties in I have done on every other car

It just seems that every car I consider seems to have some kind of compromise. Even if I consider auto (which my favourite segment of sport sedans seems to be entirely comprised of) each option still seems to do something wrong. This one just seemed like the least amount of compromise and would do reliablity; my most important requirement, well

It's around 5.0 to 60 so it doesn't seem too slow. I Havnt driven one on the highway, just in the city so maybe gearing makes it feel slower there.

OP I've been looking one for the last 5 months or so, I've checked out 3 of them so far but haven't found one in the right condition for the right price. All the things you said about them are why I'm looking for one as well.

Its not very practical the rear seats don't fold down just so you know.

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Hmm good point. I was considering practicality solely on the fact it has four doors. In that regards to the boot my old dc5 would carry more by the looks of that

I would actually like a wagon but finding one with the characteristics I want that isn’t a fucking v8 commodore is impossible

GET AN IS-F. instant finance bro

holy fuck that's pathetic. And those dacia-tier hinges...

0-60 in 4.8 second
13.4 1/4 mile
... That's not slow

I think the 0-60 is mid 5s. The straight line performance isn’t a worry for me, that v6 is a pretty awesome bit of kit and it puts its power down well, I’m just a bit worried that other aspects of the car will leave me feeling cucked where my fairlady z is a no nonsense no traction control rear wheel drive viscous lsd manual gt car. It’s just an unreliable pos and I want a 4 door sleeper sport sedan

The little black thing in the middle opens but even that is tiny. There isn't that much room in the back seats too the IS is basically the same size as a civic.

The IS350 doesn't have a true LSD it has a pre torque LSD whatever that means, how that compares I don't know.

Then don't sell the Z .. just keep it as a weekend fun car . You're not going to get much from selling it anyway

The integra could fold the whole back down. I once moved all my mates stuff (including a fridge) in two trips

Yeah from what I’ve been reading so far it’s only effective in a straight line, it’s too weak to hold the rear end out in corners (if it could even do that without vdim literally countersteering for you)

I’ll probably get 10k for it at the lowest, it’s a 94 manual tt in black and this is nz

Also it currently is my fun weekend car, I have a shitbox Corolla but I’m sick of paying insurance and rego for two cars, worrying about storing two cars, and wasting money modifying the z

Have you considered not modifying the car and just keeping the thing reliable? Just finding one without pods/cone filter nonsense is like digging for gold.

Shhhhhhhh we'll get another influx of 2IS ricers if they find out the 350 is a god tier daily, the proportions are perfect and if you're really into speeeeed you can get an IS-F

Also if your ears work do NOT buy one without Mark Levinson sound option boy is it an excellent system.

Also if you get one go for pre 2011 you'll get a better built car and you can get the AFS headlight option.

Yeah sorry, no. 0 to 60 on is350 is 5.6 on the cts 4.5 and yes the IS350 is slow but those cts are trash so I would get the IS350 If I could afford a second or third gen cts I would be happy.

You're high go look online they've been rated for 4.9 0-60 on ClubLexus with ideal conditions. The gearing is perfect for daily performance and for romping in the 350 rwd. Only issue is it's not a pdk transmission so it doesn't shift crazy quick.

Youre the dude on the NZ 300z pages wanting to swap or upgrade arent you? IS is nice, quick enough (considering) and practical enough (considering youre used to a Z lol) comfortable enough aswell. But the problem i found is that its much like when i upgraded to a 2010 VE commodore. Its quicker, quieter and more comfortable than my Z but its too... Sterile. Less emotion. Less raw fun. Yes my VE would do 260kmh but felt too 'safe' and 'boring' doing so. Couldnt get very hektic, and the sound was lacklusting. I dont miss the 300s suspension tho especially on CHCH post quake roads. So whilst i still prefer my commie as an all rounder, you will miss the Z and its lack of restraint assuming its had a hicas delete

It is, but i drove both back to back and the standard 13 speaker system is pretty dam good. I wouldn't not buy one just because it didn't have the ML system in it.

Adjust the equalizer and try again. ML blows the stock one out of the water if you actually are into audio you'd realize. I've owned several 2IS cars and the ML one is game changing. I listen to music in many vehicles and the ML is powerful and fully balanced. Pioneer isn't bad but lacks fullness and bass.

i drive this car daily. (company car).

Maintenance costs are pretty big but this car is a PLEASURE To drive. Really comfy and feels good.

It has this thing where clutch randomly disengages (automatic).

it has 200k KM on it

and this car is SO FUCKING DRIFT HAPPY with the rear wheels. They slide so easily.... not fun.

Get sticky tires and not shitty all season nankings.

BS The V8 ISF barely makes it to 4.5 on a good day.

Some say you can get 4.5

Potato quality but the guy has a GPS box

Some, being the rice boys who buy a 350. Why would a 300hp IS be the same speed as a 415hp IS?

Muh short gears and diff go do some reading you probably drive a Honda it's a well known fact 0-60 is a wash between 350 and isf stock for stock and it's attributed to pegging the gas

That’s not how it works user. Besides the oem intake on a z32 is truly awful, there are decent performance gains to freeing up the intake/exhaust system and tuning for it

I’ll probably get one of the earliest ones cus they are cheaper lol

Nope it’s a secret so far :^)
Yeah this is exactly what I was worried about, although my z has hicas and waay too firm jutties so it is pretty sketchy. Also I’m always scared to drive it because I feel like it’s going to be its last; something critical will break.

Seriously? Everything I’ve read online says the opposite. I’ll be keeping my 18s from the z with the nitto invos so grip shouldn’t be an issue

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I am basing of the standard test by motor trend and all the other car reviews not a ideal condition from a lexus forum (I am not denying it cant do that but i prefer the average common proven results). Also moot point since its still slower than the crap ctsv. The IS350 is still the superior all around car though.