"Fuck you, I like it" thread

"Fuck you, I like it" thread

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>modular parts
>hugeass cheap aftermarket
>easily accessible engine bay
>doesn't require a jack to slide under for basic maintenance
>simple beige interior
>4.0 inline 6
>convertible top for pleasure cruising
>also beefy enough to be a workhorse when needed
>offroad capability
>small enough to be a compact DD

It's literally Veeky Forums's perfect car and is still universally hated on this board. Fuck you I love this machine.

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The TJ was the best Jeep

Jeepfags will still defend the CJ's and their god-awful carbs.

At first I was like ewww but then the design starter growning on me, now I think it’s the best looking SUV, pure class

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those old pandas are amazing

Literally no one hates rwd corollas.

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but old pandas are q u t e

Who doesn't!

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>fuck you i like it thread
>posts lotus
>op posts 4x4 panda
what the fuck you autists

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I drive one.
If it had like 30 more HP, a 6th gear, and 1st gear was longer, it would be perfect.

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>new jeep generation comes out
>"It's not as good as the current generation!!"
>repeat every generation

It's a Jeep thing

The Citroën cactus really grew on me. I love this colour

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Idk how can anyone hate it. It is such a funky, cool looking car that gives so much positive vibes in our gray world

i fuckin hate the cloth top when i had to borrow a family member's when my old cars were in the shop/died.

a manual with a cloth top on the freeway is like being under attack in a ww2 fighter

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My boi

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>too curvy for an XJ
>too boxy for a WJ
>the bastard child
>small suv size
>looks big but really isn't

I get a lot of flak for not having an XJ but I couldn't find an unmolested one for around 2k so I settled for a ZJ because I can't stand dealing with another WJ and it's blobby soccer mom aesthetic.

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i am surrounded by europoors who nut over 1.6L shitboxes fucking kill me

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Muh L/100km!

Even if it's a hunk of Soviet shit it's still pretty cool...

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Veeky Forums doesn't care about aftermarket, ease of service, torque, or a convertible top that is about as simple to put up and down as putting on or taking off a space suit. Veeky Forums only wants something that will rev high, do heccticc skidz, look flashy, have lots of gimmicky features, and stand out wherever it goes. Does an open-body jeep do any of that? No.

>a convertible top that is about as simple to put up and down as putting on or taking off a space suit

Nigga Jeep tops are easy as fuck. You can put one up and down in 5 minutes. Only thing that would hold you back is if your zippers are gacked.

dubs of truth

it looks like its not trusting anyone

these are really good cars actually

I love me some boxy boi

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>not taking the LARP opportunity to pretend you're under fire from Stukas

Give that Jeep to someone with balls

why do I see more Nismo Jukes then regular jukes?
do people realize they’re buying one of the ugliest cars ever and decide to buy the highest trim available to try and compensate?

German here.

Fuking love these GNs. But it's a pain in the ass to get one imported here.

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My pick is one all the Ferrari guys I know despise, and my nearest Ferrari dealer said they would refuse to work on it in their shop, but it's one of my favorite car designs.

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Haha jinx!!

>Dramatic staring intensifies

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More space for hoes

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Would unironically drive the shit out of one of these if I could find one.

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Never change Veeky Forums, never change

>unibody car lifted and strenghtened by added tubular subframe
this is some god-tier unique engineering that should be done in more cars

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It's a disgusting crossover that doesn't have a single quality so it relies on irrelevant shit like "wow so quirky" and "positive vibes".

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As if this a bad thing

looks fucking incredible. Like a low-key Ferrari, which considering their attention-craving fanbase was guaranteed to draw hate.

Yes it is a truly awful thing. If your car has no merits on its own and needs faggoty marketers for you to like it, then yes it should be recycled asap.

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Sex on wheels with an amazing cockpit design.
>all dem knobs and switches

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>cheaply built
not cheaply sold
>looks practical
has non-sliding rear windows,
base model doesn't even get split rear seat,
shitty trunk,
AC operated by tablet,
>acts as ultimate city warrior
has terrible visibility
rear door rubber coating doesn't reach edges so your stupid kid will smash other car anyway

It would be a classic case of form over function. The twist here is that "form" here bases on fake interpretation of funcionality. PIC EXTREMELY RELATED

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I have a weird obsession with V10s and V12s.

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Its a lifted hatchback for crowded european cities. Dunno what u on about. Its a cool and practical car

defend this:

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My first car, recently purchased.
>2001 Nissan Pick up, 2.5L, diesel, 2wd, 83bhp
Fuck you i like it

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>lel xd look guys i like something how weird and quirky haha

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this thing is so fucking fast. it's faster than the m3 on some tracks

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We see you soyboy, you and your virgin car... Now, stop posting your shit car in every thread.

a literal spic up named for spics

Good thing I live in an old french city with tiny streets.
>Its a lifted hatchback
Nice way to say it's a bloated shitty crossover with soap-bar looks.
for crowded european cities.
No fucking chance. It's huge and retarded. I don't even know how you could think it can be useful in a crowded euro city.
>Its a cool and practical car
It's neither of those two. It's not cool in the slightest, it looks like a retarded obese C4 with shitty "quirky" design shit thrown on top. It's also everything but practical. The hatchback and the doors are too small to fit anything big, its lift is useless, its roof is fucking round as fuck, and it has fuckhuge bumpers that eat up a lot of total length for nothing.
Here's everything you described, and notice how it success had nothing to do with shitty mattresses on the doors.

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D-does a Micra count in this thread?

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Not if it's a K10 or early petrol K11s, I like them too.

Supra mk. II

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It looks fucking gorgeous, go home.

2nd face lift k11, desu

Still my favorite of the Grand Cherokee lineup and it had the best transmission options in my opinion. I used to think of it as an XJ but beefier

anyone who knows what it is says "it's not even the good Supra"


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oh come on this is a mid engined race car

Good shit, тoвapич.

I had a 95 that looked exactly like that and I miss the fuck out of it
>318 power
>/comfy/ interior
Mine had a custom exhaust that sounded great, mild budget boost w/31's, and off road lights.
Fun as fuck to drive and fun to wheel.

*laughs in SRT Grand Cherokee*

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still not a good offroader
>no lockable diff
>weak brakes for constant hills
>no low gear

it is the very first attempt of an suv,
looks like offroad but lacks actual performance.

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>hits rev limiter at 11k
>you sit in there like on a toilet
>small in every direction
>yet plenty of room inside
>decent mileage
>muuh wheel arches for that jdm nigger look

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So comfy, so cheap. So 90's GM.

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First car

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>that sad weewee exhaust
try viagra

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Theres a whole subculture in Japan dedicated to souping up rape vans and racing them.

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makes just about as much sense as trying to race a fat 1970s American landyacht...

rape vans don't have windows you dolt

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You're not alone user. I like too, and one of the biggest disappointments in my youth was learning it was nothing more than a middle car. Neither Clio nor Safrane, it was just awkardly in the middle.