I bought one...

I bought one. Let me know how I fucked up by buying a focus for 30k and how its not real awd and just a piece of shit in general that will blow up in 20k miles. Also post all of the cars that are supposedly cheaper and better that I should have bought instead.

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you should've got a civic type r and paid 40k for fwd

U rite

$30k with the wheels and sun roof? Damn son. Tell me it's used so I don't feel like killing myself for paying $33k for the same thing.

Here ya go OP.


Yeah used, 2017 about 8k miles. Was actually 32k so if you got one around you in nitrous blue for 33k I would go for it.

You did fine as long as you bought it for the right reasons. (i.e. to get a practical daily that happens to be faster than 99% of cars on the road.)

t. actual adult who's owned a lot of cars and has driven the RS.

I saw this video already, but thanks anyway duder. Head gasket has already been inspected on my car

Wew. yeah, mines blue. Gotta get blue.

same thing i always say about the rs, its a bit steep for a focus but im sure its a quick, fun car for a daily. if ya got the money then whatever, congrats.

They are a nice car, I just won't pay 60k AUD for one.


thats pretty fucked.

just another car to never ever buy

Ignore the salty Euro’s that cannot handle Ford outplaying them af their own game.

>not replaced

fucking RIP

enjoy that fucking rekt engine.

>Euros mad
>Ford RS
Grate bate meight

you realize ford of europe made the focus rs right?

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This desu
Got mine inspected recently and theyre replacing it tuesday though theres no issues currently
Get it replaced if you havent already

that color does not suit the car well, white or black is the right answer

Shoulda got one of these

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euros really shit up this board.

I see these everywhere in my area. Are they the Apple of cars?

introduce flags desu

Are you kidding me this car looks awful in white or black. The only acceptable colors are blue and grey.

Should have bought a used BMW or Audi if you were after AWD


What did he mean by this?

>buying Audi ever
And I wasn't after awd specifically, I was after a hot hatch

Ugly catfish mouth, big wing ricer car. Should have got a Golf R

audi "awd" is fwd 100% of the time until it detects slip

My ass

haldex is the system audi uses and it doesn't send power to the rear wheels unless it detects slip

educate yourself kid

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>how its not real awd
I love this armchair race driver criticism.
>the rear end freewheels when cruising in a straight line
Guess that's why other AWD vehicles are a lot more efficient at applying power than a typical Subaru.

Nice phoneposting, you can shove that S whatever Edge in your ass, since you are retarded.

All longitudinal layout Quattro awd cars have a center diff. Static torque split is usually around 50:50, they can get all the way to like 20:80 rear bias. It's like attessa but the transaxle is just behind the engine

Nice color how's the ride harsness is it really hard as people claim i would like to dd one but roads suck ass here

The ride is stiff but roads are not that bad here in Florida. Depends on how bad your roads are, I would never own this car if I lived in Michigan or something.

I rode in one at an autocross event the other day, I was amazed DESU. Once the tires warmed up it was a rocket compared to my ST. 10/10 would buy. His has 29k hard miles with no issues

Great car man. I hope you enjoy it. I'd love to get one but where I live the road would destroy the car.

>is wrong
>gets called out
>gets immensely assblasted

fucking kek

I am wrong about what exactly? That two models use haldex based systems. Okay, you sure got me there, look at me being assblasted.

Now kiss.

>audi "awd" is fwd 100% of the time until it detects slip
>here, check this Haldex info
>I'll just conveniently ignore longitudinal Audis are a thing
Only one getting called out is the anti Audi AWD guy desu senpai

You are wrong. If you had done more research, or weren't so dishonest, you'd know Haldex gen V always sends a minimum of 10% of the power to the rear, and you can reprogram that via a 3rd party ECU company. So stfu, let the man enjoy his car.

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Hopefully it's designed better than

>someone buys something they want with their money
>Veeky Forums has a autistic fit

Never change, Veeky Forums

Good for you i guess.
If i could get one for that price when i got my ST i probably would have got that instead.

>someone posts their car literally asking for opinions on an image board
>image board gives their opinion
Imagine my shock

The blue is obviously the best color but that gray is surprisingly nice. I've never been a big fan of gray but it's an incredible gray.

>Should've paid more for a slower and more boring car

>upper intake manifold
Wow, so it's an extra 10 minutes of work to change plugs every 60,000miles.

It depends on what car you're comparing it to. I think it's got a very good ride but I grew up on older muscle cars and pickups and a Miata. If you're used to like, BMWs and Hondas and stuff then you probably wouldn't like it.

I bought a current gen Mustang GT for less. I don't understand the attraction of AWD

Congratulations on being the best negotiater on the planet. You should get into sales yourself with that kind of magic ability.

If the correct headgasket was installed, it's not a problem. The problem is that Ford factories are manned by retards and will frequently install the headgasket from the Ecoboost Mustang in the FoRS and vice versa. If they put in the correct headgasket there's no issue, but it's a roll of the dice.

t. person that doesn't even like this car

Like I said before I didnt buy it because awd, I live in Florida lol. I wanted a hot hatch, which a mustang gt is not.

Launch control. Even though the Mustang ends up being a couple tenths faster in the quarter, and the 0-60 times are about the same depending on the driver, the RS is quicker to 30, and that launch is fucking neck breaking. There's no spin at all it just goes. Also it's more practical if that's your thing. My problem with the Mustang is that Mustangs are just so common. You can't drive 5 miles without seeing one. The RS is rare so that's kind of a conversation starter.

I'm sure it's fun to drive, but holy hell is it an ugly car. I don't think I could ever buy it even for cheap.

Can someone explain how and why one year old cars with such low miles end up getting back on the market? so quickly?

Are the first owners getting repoed after a month?


Some people have stupid money and get caught up in the hype then get bored and want a new car after a year.

Dealer said the first owner is one of those guys who trades cars like every 6 months. Apparently the guy enjoyed it but wanted something larger and traded for a mustang gt

Why the fuck would you buy a car and proceed to shitpost about it? Just drive it and enjoy it.

Why the fuck would you come on Veeky Forums and not shitpost?

this is what happens when you spend too much time on Veeky Forums

Ok but doesn’t that car ride like complete dogshit

he's a reddit tier humble bragger

attention is fun, its why you made this post.

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>"hey Veeky Forums i'm a retarded faggot give me attention"

saged and filtered

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Sage doesn't do what you think it does, retard


Filter what exactly

you in soFlo? taske it to that sunoco on 27?

No, orlando/Kissimmee area

So they traded for a car with even less room?

I'm just repeating what the guy told me man. Maybe more legroom or something idk.

I guess the guy didn't feel manly enough in the RS, which can only mean, he's actually not manly at all.

Material handlers fault.

>Let me know how I fucked up by buying a focus for 30k and how its not real awd and just a piece of shit in general that will blow up in 20k miles.
You fucked up by buying a focus for 30k its not real awd and just a piece of shit in general that will blow up after 6k miles.

>Also post all of the cars that are supposedly cheaper and better that I should have bought instead.

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an older ford focus

Sure thing

Just don't boost it to absurd levels because the block is pretty thin. Focus (heh) more in suspension and cooling mods.

OP for the love of god tell me you didn't get one of the ones with the fucked uphead gaskets

>Nice phoneposting
what are you doing man, you're embarassing yourself

the absolute state of the car board

Literally what?

they're all like that

Wait the one next to the ford dealer?
Unironically that might be me

1-He made the thread to ask about people's opinions.
2-This isn't your dedicated hugbox.

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>Implying you cant get a used mustang GT for 30k

Yeah, but focuses are everywhere too.

Buyer's remorse

It's not cheaper, but you should have saved up a little more and bought a Chevy SS instead. Way more fun, faster, and doesn't look like a Hoonigan

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