So tell me Veeky Forums, would you rather have a car

So tell me Veeky Forums, would you rather have a car...

That can phase through objects and hazards like a ghost, but will need fuel and maintenance?

That has unlimited fuel, but will need maintenance?

That will never need any kind of maintenance, but will need fuel?

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Continental Europe here, give me that unlimited free fuel. I like wrenching and fuel prices are fucking extortionate around here.

So do I phase through objects with the car or does the car just go through a fence or something and I get ded?

No maintenance. I like wrenching here and there but I just Don't have the time anymore. I can afford the fuel and all my favourite cars are unreliable

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When you are driving the car, you and the car, and everything in the car, can phase through matter.

EU: free fuel
USA: no maintenance
3rd world Mad Max countries: ghostmode

How's the fuel economy of that no maintenance car? That sounds like an awesome daily.

No maintenance. I'm haunted by the thought of things getting worn and deteriorating.

>Turn on phase mode
>Fall through earth

Uh so I’d definitely just phase through all of the cars on my way to work. That would save me so much time and fuel.

If we get to pick the car itself, I'd take an invincible series 2 Discovery and just deal with the shit gas mileage.

Cool, guess I'll go with noclip then.

Fuck traffic jams, fuck accidents, fuck raging assholes, fuck the police while I'm at it.

if i phase shift through a moving car i'm following do i have to pre-accelerate before i phase shift to make the pass or does phase shifting accelerate the car?

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>3rd world Mad Max countries: ghostmode
kek this.


>would happily give up "phasing through objects" and "no maintenance needed" for unlimited fuel
Amen my European comrade.

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>unlimited fuel
>remove tires from car and weld body directly to steel i beam frame
>install v24 gasoline engine connected to fuckhuge generator
>sell power generated for half of what the competition sells it for
>solve local power issues for the next century
>be billionaire
>start making electric cars that can only be serviced by my station for free forever.
>takeover small city that develops into a super dense metropolis
>live in utopia until i die.

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Unlimited maintenance, (you know what I mean), a car with unlimited fuel is going to break eventually and you'll be shit out of luck.


Ghost car
Every road I travel will become a racetrack at all times

I'll take the fuel one

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Just think of all the useful shit you could do with a car that doesn't need to stop for anything.

There's literally no point choosing the other options. Get yourself a job as a extremely high-end courier and you'd never need to worry about fuel or maintenance ever again.

top zozzle

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I'd pick no maintenance and then just plow through everyone since my car can't get any scratch. It's sort of like phasing then.

>falls into the core of the earth