Tfw out for smoke and cruise

>tfw out for smoke and cruise

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A fine pack of unfiltered cigarettes is the best.

not based

Meh, I switched to vaping. I'm slowly getting closer to quitting.


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good evening sir, we have this here saliva test, can we ask you for a sample of your saliva or do you want to do it at the station?

>TFW post LS swap cigar

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He doesn't mean weed, degenerate.

Where the gayboys in texas at

Neither. You don't have probable cause.

>you look like you're driving under the influence
that's literally all they need for "probable cause".


>implying (assuming you meant weed is degenerate if not then ignore) weed isn't god's gift to America
>implying it should'n't have never been banned because it was once a huge part of the american economy even before the United States was founded as a country
>implying all the potheads in prison wouldn't be better off just doing pot at home or in college actually getting an education instead of receiving a life crushing felony and being turned into future criminals by the harsh prison environments
imo all drugs should be legal (even the really bad ones) and if people want to do the really bad ones then just let them weed (no pun intended) themselves out of society by OD.

Okay. Do you want to fuck me.

no thanks

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lol no

>smoking in any car

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>the devil's lettuce
>god's gift to america

Can you even buy them? Or do you roll them? I used to roll but I'm (((straight edge))) now

if a cop wants you tested, he'll have you tested nigger, especially if you act like some uppity wannabe lawyer

I just smoked an unfiltered lucky not 3 minutes ago. You can only get them in the US and maybe mexico. Camel, lucky strike, and pall mall make the only 3 packs that you might be able to find in stores.

I'll probably just buy some (((organic))) tobacco online and roll my own again. I don't much trust tobacco companies

Or grow my own

He won't do shit once i pull out my 9 and bust a cap in his ass

im tempted to buy a big cloth seated land barge just to take on comfy drives when im feeling stressed.

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Your just inabling cops to be more trigger happy

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Good i need some more comfy threads like the Ferguson days

I hope the OP meant cruising around, finding a spot with a good view, and then having a smoke while sitting on the hood of your car or something similar.

To search the car not test the driver. What twighlight zone hellhole do you live in?

Have you literally ever been pulled over or even watched it happen on TV?

>driving without a specific destination
>have fun in jail for cruising

>smoking anything but weed

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>want to go for a cruise
>realize i live in nigger infested city and it takes like half an hour to reach city limits
not comfy

>Smoking anything other than tobacco or DMT

>going to bk for some breakfast
>have a bowl in a foil pipe
>disco lights
>tfw 1 year probation for not even a gram of weed

same vro
I feel like a douche but it works

>have NEVER driven under the influence
Who here /self control/

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>yeah, officer, I was just going to

same here, i could never forgive myself if i crashed my car because i was on something.


I routinely DWF.

Drive while F E E L I N G.

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>Used to bowl cruise all the time

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Cruising to a good game of bowling is the way to be.

Nothing like driving completely sober and un-high to a wholesome event like bowling.

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I love doing that shit.
Do a bit of driving in the city then park up and watch the sunrise and have a smoke before heading home.

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Sure, our cops have saliva tests and if you happen to get patrolled after 10pm or a weekend night, you'll have no other choice than to spit or, if you refuse, go to the station for a urine sample. If the test happens to be negative, they'll tell you that you were lucky and send you home. No sorry, no nothing.

Wait. Cruising is illegal?

In some shithole places like America it is.

In some cities, it is. It's almost never enforced unless you're just being obnoxious though

>from milwaukee

Or Germany

>live in Germany
>in 2018
>actually daring to go outside

only the maddest lads even ride the train anymore, you're almost guaranteed to get raped and murdered

Ausfag here, what do you guys mean by cruising? You can get arrested just for driving around?

I think the law was instituted because of muh environment and muh oil scarcity. The Jew wants to take away all our fun

tfw smoking or drinking does not effect me
hbt scared nothing will ever make me feel

>roll windows down
>slow in the straights
>fast in the corners
bestest feel

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love that dank shit.

whats a good brand to smoke? I want to look like an initial d character. I live in australia btw

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Marlboro Reds

>mfw cruising while watching the sun set over the mountains; leaving a beautiful orange-red sky that leaves amazing patterns among the cloud scattered sky that you cant stop looking at

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dont its too fucking expensive
just bum shit outside clubs thats the best bit about smoking for me

>sitting on your cars paint

meh ive been smoking for a few months now, still dont see how people get addicted to this. The actual smoke itself is meh its just the act of being outside by yourself relaxing I like