"Congrats user - you're the proud owner of a new compact economy car. $23k sticker, $2k dealership fees...

"Congrats user - you're the proud owner of a new compact economy car. $23k sticker, $2k dealership fees, $3k taxes and another $2.5k in interest to be paid over the next 72 months. Btw, it'll be worth $4995 in 5 years"

>new cars, ever

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when I bought my car last year, the salesman walked me through how a lease works, even though I was there to buy
at the end of his pitch I said "so wait you would have to pay sticker price on a used car if you end up deciding to buy it"
he was like "well, I guess it works for some people"

Kek my old roomate who is a poorfag came home with a brand new focus one day spoke to him a couple weeks ago and it already got repoed

aww did you get denied for a 5k loan?

Man, I swear these threads immediately draw out the personal finance brainlets every time.

You pay the residual that is used to calculate the lease payment. The lease payment in your final price minus the residual. The buyout is not a "sticker price".

I understand that
but it's still a used car that you have to pay sticker price on

I have more money than you and I drive a $1200 piece of shit Lexus. Congrats on financing your CPO 4cyl Accord.

>selling your cars
what a fag.

It's a no-cost option you can exercise if you happen to know you've maintained the car well, or wildly undershot the KMs allowance, as compared to buying outright from new. I thought we were discussing the idea of lease+buyout vs buying new outright.

But yeah, if you can find a better deal on the same car at the end of your lease, do that instead for sure.

All my loans are paid off buy my house but ok


If you cant afford $2500/year you should rethink your life. Also, some of you spend more that that for shit boxes and repairs.

but then you're out all the money you invested in the car, it's a bullshit system unless you can afford renting the newest shit all the time

Not really. Everything in your lease is negotiable.

It's not an investment in any way shape or form

>it's a bullshit system unless you can afford renting the newest shit all the time
Just because you can't afford does not mean its a shit system you poorfag

>Inb4 some retard comes in and says shit like "fuck taking a loan, there is no such thing as good debt, credit is a scam. I buy all my things with cash, I saved for 25 years and bought a brand new house with cash fuck taking a mortgage"

It's funny how everybody who says this rents their house. A house which is something that actually holds its value or appreciates.

>you drive a rusty shitbox of an Isuzu pickup
>You buy brand new Hyundai HD72's for your staff to drive
>tfw it works out the cheapest that way

Holy christ, does anyone on Veeky Forums know how to do basic math?

72 months = 6 years. Prorate the interest to 5 years roughly, lets say $2k flat.
(23+2+3+2-5)/5 = 5k/yr

Fully double your calculation - well done. Way too much money for a Chevy Cruze.

Leasing is not an investment. It’s a luxury expense to always have new shit.

It’s meant for people who make more money than you, obviously.

Its literally every retard that starts these threads

The way I see it, the land appreciates (usually) but the structure itself depreciates and has significant upkeep cost (like a car).

The heart wants what it wants.

I would argue that leasing has been manipulated into being equivalent to predatory auto loans. Where used car dealerships actively speak out people with poor, no credit, bankruptcy, everything just so they can get them on the hook for a 6 year loan at 29%

In many ways the dealership will offer you a lease with a really low monthly rate, an average down payment but either put a ludicrously low yearly mileage or a really high residual buyout so you're fucked either way

same. most people driving newer cars could never afford them, even though they pay more per year than I paid for my whole car
my own policy is to always own the car i drive and it sold not cost more than maybe three monthly salaries

there's a Lotus in my buddy's really shitty apartment complex

Saw my neighbor had a new audi suv, no one on my block has a driveway so you have to park it in the street. Yesterday I saw he's already nicked the wheels on the curb and someone keyed his front quarter panel

"Wow, user - this BMW 320i with leatherette interior is so nice. Let's drive to your 560sq ft condo and you can show me those engineered hardwood floors, then maybe we can watch a movie on your 4k TV you bought on a store credit card. How do you afford all this an an entry-level IT support drone?"

Credit has it's uses, especially for providing liquidity. But being a consumerist cuck trying to fast-track your way to a lifestyle you haven't earned is sad.

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The cost of my car loan is less than I was paying for repairs on my old shitbox. That's not including the cost of my time to work on the car. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying a comfortable new car with modern features instead of a rattling, squeaky shitbox. Also, I'm improving my credit score so I can get a better rate when I buy a house later this year. I have plenty of money to pay off the rest of my car loan, but I choose not to yet.

Buying new makes sense for some people but not for everyone. Also, it makes sense for some vehicles but not for all of them. For example, after I bought my new car, I bought a used sports car for fun.

What is up with Americans and their fixation with building up credit scores?

Not knocking your choice, it's just something I see on here all the time.

What kind of shitbox are you buying that costs more to repair than the interest and depreciation on a new car?

Better credit score means lower interest rates means pay less money

hard to get a mortgage nowadays, man

>congratulations sir, your 3 year old FJ is worth more than its original MSRP

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My monthly car loan payment is cheap because I put down a big down payment. But the used cars I owned in the past include a Taurus, Accord, and MX-5.

its some weird American only thing where you have to keep paying back loans to show that you can pay loans. The ability to pay back loans is reflected in the credit score. This is why a lot of Americans use credit card for a lot of purchases. Americans need to build up credit score to be able to get cheaper financing for their mortgage.

my favorite is that ROLLING IT OUT of the lot automatically knocks the price down 30%

theres no such thing as a credit score outside of america. Its basically an innocent until proven guilty system with loans.

>thought everyone growing up around me had money that we didn't have because of their cars
>find out they're just pissing money away on loans
Most bizarre keeping up with the Jones's. You're flushing money down the toilet.

This is rather waste money modificating

It was like that until black Thursday

Don't tell them, m8. Someone needs to buy new cars so that we can get bargain shitboxes