Microlino has two seats, a kerb weight of 450 kg...

Microlino has two seats, a kerb weight of 450 kg, a range of 120 or 215 kilometers (bigger battery) and a maximum speed of 90 km/h
Battery: 8 kWh or 14.4 kWh
Acceleration (0-50 km/h): 5 seconds
Range: 120 km or 215 km (with 14.4 kWh
L7E spec China prototype?

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This guy invented the Razor Scooter.

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It should be a trike

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Seeing is this is a homage/retool of the Isetta, would it meet NCAP crashworthiness standards? I know the electric NEVS SAAB already will even though it's a ~20 year old design, but this is a 65 year old car. I could get behind the idea of mass-market electric cars if it meant we would see the revival of old toolings. It would be cool to see electric Mini Cooper/Fiat 500/Renault 5 shitboxes 20 years from now. I'd buy an electric Peugeot 205 if they imported them to the US.

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Why not just buy a motorbike?


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>being a softcock


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>tiny cuckbox is safe

I'd sooner suck my own dick on live TV than be seen driving one of those. At least sucking my own dick could be considered some kind of accomplishment.

You want to suck your own Dick on live TV?

Instead of driving a modern reproduction of a Classic BMW.

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>top heavy narrow track shitbox with approximately 2" of front crush zone
>safe in any fashion

Pic related, I would drive one of these. The Microlino will sell well if they market it towards millenials that typically buy A-segment cars.

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>safe in any fashion
But......wait for it-
it's still safer than... a Bike.

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No way it will. It's a glass fiber flimsy thing (I've seen it). Doesn't even have an air bag, so you americans won't get it at all.

It does look good though, I'd drive one.

More like good riddance. Who the fuck texts on 2 wheels and is mentally competent?

>would it meet NCAP crashworthiness standards?
nope. It would dodge them, since it's prolly not technically a car.

looks like it would be pretty fun to drive around town, seems really excessive to drive an almost 2 ton car just to do things around town but why not have 4 wheels

>posts a road race

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Would you want to be in a bike or car when this happens.

Just posting WebM for fun...

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Would probably require a motorcycle license in a lot of countries. Personally I'm still allowed to ride trikes with a car license in Germany thanks to grandpa laws, but new license receivers need a motorcycle license.

Jesus, that's some Final Destination shit

It's slow, unstable, small enough to not be noticed by Stacy, and will flip at the slightest provocation while still requiring a full lane, it's like 100x more likely to be in an accident than a motorcycle ridden by someone that isn't mentally retarded and only has like 5% more protection when it is. (with the added bonus of getting trapped in a crushed fiberglass mess after)

>chinese luck

Say that to my face.

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