Tfw driving shitbox painfully slow trying to get up to speed on highway

>tfw driving shitbox painfully slow trying to get up to speed on highway

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>tfw too powerful and exceeding the speed limit before im even past the merge ramp

its like having a huge cock and just splitting open every girl you meet

Just take it over 2k rpm.

I have no issues merging in my 323.

>tailgates and flashes you really hard in an audi

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>tfw just enough power to get in trouble for mad skidz

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>teenagers in a wrangler pointing and laughing at you

sometimes i think my e30 was a mistake

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My onramp allowed me to run out third gear in my last car for 112mph and coast down to 10 over or 70mph just before having to actually be on the highway proper

Beem there, too. Try a 2002 Saturn SC1 automatic that couldn't hit 50mph the aforementioned onramp. Look up it's specs, what you're driving couldn't possibly be slower unless its a yugo or a n/a pre reboot beetle

>SpongeBob SquarePants

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Can confirm. Passing people on the highway before even getting off the ramp keeps me living.

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Ya bugga reeee

>trying to merge onto an 85 mph Texas Highway in a rental Mitsubishi Eclipse

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>my shitbox has plenty of merging power because muh vee six powah

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>have to floor ej8 civic to merge onto highway
>keep fllor it anyway and do 50 over and sit in car and laugh to my self when speedign
>unironically call myself chad of the roads out loud in my car
>book it when seeing discolights down nearest exit and GTFO
feels pretty good man. I feel like a real badass sometimes

At least it wasn't a Mirage

Tfw can do this in a bone stock '90 accord
Tfw as long as you arent driving a diesel cuckbox you shoul be able to do this on 90% of onramps in the US

>when your shitbox needs the whole ramp to get up to speed but a car in front of you goes slow the whole way up and dangerously merges in slowly, causing you to do the same

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Don’t say that buddy

He’s not your ‘buddy’, pal

Any non-ecobox can do this.

I actually meant to say Mirage

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>Be normal power car drivers
>Light turns green
>Floor it
>Get to next red
>Slam on the brakes

Why do they do this? It's like they want to get half the advertised city mpg and wear out their brake pads twice as fast.

ill be lucky to hit 65 when im at the end of the on ramp and need to merge in 85 traffic

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For those curious, the 85 mph Texas State Highway 130 has a parallel road that goes at 65 mph with the occasional stoplight, so it's not like you go from 0 to 85 like in California (start at a stoplight, sharp turn, and then merge all in a distance of 900 feet).

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