Anyone else here a literal busrider? i cannot afford a car and it sucks. share your woes

anyone else here a literal busrider? i cannot afford a car and it sucks. share your woes

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>Back when I had no job
>Had the bus pass for people on welfare which is much cheaper ($1.00) than paying $5.00 for a ticket/off a regular bus pass
>Only have a few destinations I need to go to in my state that aren't too out of my way by bus
>Stay near the front of the bus
>If I see a bus ticket inspector at a bus stop preparing to board my bus, I get off and wait 10 minutes for another so I won't be fined by them

>mfw closest bus stop was like 5 miles from where I lived so I had to get a shitbox

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Why can't you afford a car user?

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Hate racist /pol/ shit, but it's true. Clean barges will be hard as fuck to find one day soon.

Cleanest barge I've ever seen was owned by a 30 something black woman in Tampa.

black people =/= black gang culture

Rode the bus when I went to school in New York City. A car made no sense when it cost like $15 to enter the city each day and cars in the city moved at walking speeds
$3 bus to get into the city then walked from the station to the lecture hall. And I still had a car for when I wanted to drive somewhere else

But if you live in the suburbs and take the bus then you should probably kill yourself

Boohoo cuckboi

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>tfw two project cars and DD is a bus ticket

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Was originally taking the metro into work because I didn't have a parking pass (takes awhile to get. Over a month for me).

$5 to park car
$6 to get to work
$6 to get home.

That was a shitty time. Now I just drive into work and fill my gas tank instead. It costs a lot less to drive.

>be at chairforce tech school last year
>Texas too far away from home in commiefornia to justify parents brining car to me
>oh well, it’s only 3 months
>time drags on
>parking lots filled with militaryfag meme machines
>sports cars, lifted trucks, street bikes, riced out shitboxes.png
>all my friends are LolNoCars as well
>take bus to the mall every weekend to go vape and be degenerates
>tfw realize I was literal bus rider scum for a period of time
>never again

>only car is a 2004 RX-8
>take the bus to work during the week out of fear I'll pop apex seals

How can you not afford a car? I have more beaters and fixer uppers than I know what to do with. I can't stop buying projects

I alternate regularly between three sub $2000 vehicles

4 + years bus rider.
80 € vs 3-400 (almost half salary) € on fuel. Thirsty Merc by the way. Kinda sucks but i like the "sleep longer- get home earlyer" life now

Only time I had to ride the bus were the times I had to go to the doctor and back, the medicine i'm giving makes me tired and i almost fell asleep behind the wheel one time.

Since i live closer i don't have to take that stinky ass metro bus anymore.

If you don't have a car then you don't want it bad enough. I worked my ass off to get the car I have today, and I'm glad I did. I can't imagine bringing my toolbag and lunch cooler on the bus every day, I would feel like a complete fucking loser

>have $150K in crypto
>still a busrider
>too much of a jew to cash out anything because I know crypto will go up

I have 2 cars (old shitboxes) and one 750cc bike but I live like 10 min. walk to a metro station.
Not a busrider tho.

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I didn't have a car until about a year ago. I lived a 10 minute walk from my job and just used a rental car for any business trips.

>€400 on fuel.
>(almost half salary)
>Thirsty Merc

why would having a Merc seem like a good Idea when you're so poor?