What's the biggest meme race that doesn't actually mean anything to anyone other than to the badge whores who follow...

What's the biggest meme race that doesn't actually mean anything to anyone other than to the badge whores who follow the only brand that still participates?

Of course, I'm talking about other than Le Mans since it's been the biggest meme race joke for decades.

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Meme race or not I still enjoy the shit out of it more than any other event of the year typically.

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>I am butthurt my favorite brand has never won LeMans

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Yes, we can assume all motorsports are meme because corvettes can't compete.
Only thing that matters are cars and coffe exits, where vettes shine among with mustangs.

how is lemans a meme?

I could see people saying F1 is a meme with any of the fun elements being sucked out of the races by regulations.

Fucking euros man.

But what about 2000-2005 when Audi was alone as a official team and win all these years?

Lookup the cannonball run
It’s gone from a no holds no rules race across the country to a bunch of rich fucks slowly driving they’re million dollar HyperCars in a line on the country side.

Nascar races

>t. assmad GM fangirl

That's why the 2904 exists


This op is anally annihilated that his favorite car manufacturer never won

>buttblasted GM fan
theres nothing wrong with 24h, its the most enjoyable race out there for those who like all kinds of racing. its a celebration of cars.
Now if only mazdasport came back and wiped the floor with porsche and audi with some sort of rotary electric hybrid megacar.


This is the correct, but niche answer

>endurance racing

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t. one pump chump

It's a bunch of weird looking cars with really bright headlights. I don't get it. I can't even get through the 5 minute highlights. At least with Nascar you got some crashes to look forward to.

Rally Finland
Indianapolis 500

Racing isn't about crashing, you inbred hick.

What the fuck are you talking about? Le Mans is the only modern race that still has some tech innovations that quickly make it to the consumer market.

Mainly because efficiency and reliability matter a lot.

It is an endurance race. Basically a marathon, but for cars.

>rally finland