The color red

So I'm getting my first car soon and it's a 2005 model, my brother was telling me not to get red as it fades alot faster compared to other colors, especially considering this is going to be a long-term car for me. Is this true? I'm not too fussed on the color, as long as the car is in presentable and good condition.

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Year doesn't mean shit, what's the make and model. Not all companies paint is created equal, just ask a Nissan owner. Shit fades peels and flakes like nobody's business.

It's a 2005 Corolla, sorry for not mentioning it.

teal holds very well my twingo was fine until i got rid of it and my neighbor had a teal civic and it was aging just fine too

YES, my brothers EK Civic is a dark teal color and it's been through the hot Australian sun for more than 5 years now since he's owned it. The cars paint is still in pretty good condition, other than the abuse it's copped since it's a run around.

Not OP but I'm also curious on this, was planning on red but ditched it due to the apparent maintenance it requires, what say you Veeky Forums?

I'm not a fan of red paint on a car but I adore metallic deep and darker red on cars like pic related.
They tend to face faster but you can slow it down by having a car with good paint (cheap cars will usually have cheaper paint that fades faster), put a UV coat on it and refresh the coat every 6 months

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why does red fader fast? I'm looking into a mazda 6 sedan, and soul red is like a 1000 euros extra
I want it to be eyepopping. Shame I couldn't pick my own color, like audi does with their cars.

look into how sunlight, colors and paint works

This is true. My uncle works for Honda and the red paint mixture is mostly just ketchup.

scheisse ;^(

weird color

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As the blood used in red paint deoxygenates it gets darker/less vibrant.

Fucking wax it every now and then. Having a garage helps, too.

I know very little of carpaint
Lets say I have a red alfa romeo, metallic red
How often should I wax it? Does the rain fuck it up? I don't have a garage sadly. Well I do but its a public one and its kind of shady.

>Alfa Romeo
>Does the rain fuck it up?
Yes, it will rust to crumbles faster than it does fade

I feel like Twingos got really good quality paint to begin with. I see this absolutely mint bright red Twingo on my morning commute every day, its paint looks absolutely flawless.

Pic somewhat related, delicious cherry red twingo.

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kek user pls

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Paint varies with manufacturers. Waxing every other month helps to protect the paint from UV radiation and a little from bird shit(corrosive as fuck).

indeed, they seem to have used some breddy gud shit since in most cases the bumpers are completely bleached after 20 years but the paint does still look quite acceptable.

pic related, a colombian sun bleached twingo

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>bird shit
fuck I hate those little shits
Thanks user.

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You gotta wipe that shit asap else you get a nice etching.

meanwhile the competition of the same era

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Almost every red VW from the same era, other colors seem mostly fine for some reason

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>other colors seem mostly fine for some reason

Red fades if you leave it outside.
That's the main reason for fire stations.

Red cars go faster, dont listen to your faggot brother

>Is this true?
Red is the color that shows up fade due to the way human perception works. You can have the same amount of fade in a silver paint, but your eye would just glance over it. You'd have to use a test instrument to quantify the change.

To prevent red from fading, use a decent quality wax with UV protection ingredients and keep the car waxed. But since you are buying a 2005 used car, that is 13 years old now (made/sold in 2004 possibly). So that car presumably has faded paint already. The wax doesn't need to list UV protection because it's main purpose is to protect the clear coat which has the UV protection. I don't use polishes because that thins the clear coat and thus reduces the UV protection.

I've seen the same model and year cars with and without faded paint. The difference was due to waxing the car. I have had red cars for decades now and their paint always looked "new" to me even at the end of their lives because I regularly waxed them. I wash them at home with hose attachment that lets me shoot a continuous stream of soapy water which provides enough lubrication and fresh liquid to not scratch the clear coat.

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Whats your opinion on mazda's soul red technique for its cars?

Notice how old pictures that sit in the sun at generally a blue/green hue? Red is usually the first colour to fade and blue/green the last, something about uv yada yada

Depends, really. My 1984 AE86 still has the original red paint on the trunk lid. Give it a polish and it looks great, but it's somehow gotten all through the clear coat, so it gets streaks and turns matte after a while. I'll give it a clear coat makeover eventually.

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