Finally get new exhaust system

>finally get new exhaust system
>spend weekend installing it myself, super psyched to drive it
>forget that car is now quiet enough for people to hear my music at stoplights

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Who gives a fuck. They're listening to whatever garbage is being force fed through the radio anyway. Enjoy your music and stop being a beta

>he doesn't blast weebshit out of his open windows

>look at me 4chinz I'm such a nerd xD

This is the truth user
Try it. It will set you free

I haven't even used my stereo in ages

Straight pipe decat wot ls1 for days

Is it weird that I never listen to anything while driving?

I make a drive that's about 50 miles each way a few times a week, and even then I don't listen to anything.

This is unironically better than the stupid shit most people listen to.

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Martin O'Donnel makes good stuff tho. Can't believe he was fired.

Yes that's weird

>not blasting Nightcore versions of Abba songs while rolling in traffic with the top down

mfw i have the same song on the USB drive plugged into my car right now

patrician taste OP.

Same here, bro.
I rather focus on the drive, the sounds of the car, my thoughts...

My car is isn't very nice to drive, nor does it make nice sounds. Also my thoughts are not worth listening to.

Wat do?

My niggah OP. Some songs were hit and miss, but the halo 1-3 OSTs are legit.


I did that when my stereo went out. It was enjoyable when your driving, but kinda nerve wracking when you are sitting in traffic.

Either decide lyrics to yourself or use the time to have a talk with yourself; to dos, upcoming events, etc...basically fill in your mental diary/calendar

>Also my thoughts are not worth listening to.

give it enough time you'll come up with something thats not half bad. I mostly come up with cringy crossover fanfictions in my head while driving but occasionally ill have a good idea now and then.

>he doesn't blast witch house at the top of his car audio setup's lungs in the middle of big cities
whatever the fuck are you doing lads?

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Fucking this

>mfw doing this in standstill traffic in brussels in a cool looking car
can't fucking wait.

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>not blasting Japanese city pop

I bet you wear leather gloves and a special jacket for driving as well.

Yes, yes it is. I blast metal all the time my car is running.
Biking, however, no music. Exhaust noise only, because I need situational awareness. My only warning of Mummy in her crossover may be hearing her engine in a blind spot.

Besides, the vents on my helmet cause so much wind noise that I wouldn't hear anything anyway.

>factory sub can adjust the mirrors on the car behind you
>blasting dynatron, windows down, going 5km/h through the CBD
>can see the shop windows move with the duffs
>exhaust pumping out 80db

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Lol so random

>tfw you keep a cd in with only this song on it in case some turd rolls up to you with his music playing loud

I don't have an aux jack so I've been buying more CDs to play during drives.
I usually pick out 2 or 3 to alternate each trip.
Fav picks are usually Undertow, Siamese Dream and Vs.

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>exhaust from cat back is rusted and fucked
>extractors look good
>weld up some ebay mandrel bends and glasspack muffler
>install on front lawn
>fire up and it sounds good
>go for a short drive as it isn't insured yet
>come home and exhaust sounds shit and farty up the front
>joins are fine
>extractors are cracked in just about every weld


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Definitely the most in-the-car-worthy version of the Halo theme.
Great taste fellas

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>using CDs

boy do i have some bad news for you

>video game music

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>Not blasting meme music

I do this. I was singing along some Perfume song (I think it was Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow) and this old guy next to me gave me the weirdest look.

Btw I'm latino, full bearded with long hair and lift.

Gib sauce

That's a 2015 mustang, bumper might be custom.

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>Is it weird that I never listen to anything while driving?

Maybe? I do it sometimes due to the fact I spent awhile with no radio and got really used to just driving and thinking in peace.

You must be a real chad

So fucking pumped to fishtail around corners in the snow tomorrow in my RWD shitbox while playing this and pretending I’m driving down Tsavo highway

Is that in a Sentra? Maybe Altima even.

>straight tube headers
>free flow cats and muffler
>Total Eclipse of the Heart as loud as my speakers will go
There is no better sound in the world.

Juke my nigga

>blast weebshit with windows open
>turn down the volume when in a stop light


>tfw driving Uber and leave Disney soundtracks, Backstreet Boys, math/grind, jazz fusion and do not flinch with passengers
Why are you such a faggot?

I just upgraded from
>blasting weebshit out of open windows
>blasting weebshit top down in my miata
Never looking back

Well I can see why...

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Not a Juke, looks like a Toyota or newish scooby screen