Okay, I can't take it anymore...

Okay, I can't take it anymore. What the fuck is the deal with these redneck motherfuckers with their 15 feet high pickup trucks? I just had a road scuffle with one of these faggots who drives a jacked up Ford Fagmobile Dually.

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A lot, but not all, of lifted truck dudes seem to have a complex of some kind. It's the only automotive meme I prescribe to. Judge by the individual, but it seems like they're just following a set of dumb trends which include being an ass.

They have high test you little soyboy Prius owner

I own a Chevy S10.

The more reasonable truck you could ever own. And for people with large dicks, unlike you Claytus.

>I own a Chevy S10

they are deeply insecure and mentally challenged. them and priuses are the only cars that i genuinely judge with disdain.

>not juding anything japanese or european smaller than a mustang with disdain
literal fag spotted

For what purpose would a street-driven truck need that much ground clearance? Also, what is the point of making your truck as tall as the Burj Khalifa, only to have your differential and running boards negate several inches of clearance?

that is 95% of the cars on the road today, i dont have that much pathetic rage inside me to dole out

Chromosome deficit

They’re tards. No other way to explain it. Their vehicles are literally the least practical on the road for any purpose, but they still pour tens of thousands of dollars into them simply to project an image of toughness, which is defeated by how idiotic their vehicles actually are. Tell me any of that suggests sanity to you. There can be no explanation other than mental illness.

>Be ameritard
>Have 2 inch penis and a goatee
>Lift truck higher than the ISS
>Put stacks in the back
>Roll "coal" out of stacks
>Can't go in the drive through, have to walk inside to get 1/2 pound cheeseburger
>Cut everyone off on the road thinking you're an unstoppable badass

Murricans aren't very smart.
Case in point: economistsview.typepad.com/economistsview/2014/07/one-of-the-most-vivid-arithmetic-failings-displayed-by-americans.html

Dumbistanians thought 1/3 is smaller than 1/4, because 4 is a bigger number than 3. LMAO!

>be a successful 25 year old
>driving benz on empty freeway at 5 am
>being tailed by john boomer going 80 in a 70
>almost blinded by his aftermarket xenons in stock housings
>black 2010 silverado with black wheels, lifted
>proceed to floor it to 125 within a matter of few seconds
>john boomer can't hand with a twin turbo v8 german uber cruiser
>slow back down to 80
>john boomer creeps past me at 81 to save face then cuts across 3 lanes because he almost missed his exit

I'm think about getting a sticker that says "truck = small dick, no money, no muscle"

ever since I put a "Pro2A" sticker on the back of my shitbox the rednecks have seemed to back off... its kind of sad that I am basically advertising that I am carrying at this point, I would have preferred to have kept that quite

What I want or ultimately do is not constrained by "need"

>4.3 shitter engine
>throttle body injection

Because I'm fucking better than you.

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>oversized truck

can't make this shit up familia

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I think a lot of them roid and suffer from constant roid rage.

actual suspension lifts are expensive, while body lifts and spacers under the leaf springs are cheap

I make more money and have more muscle mass go hide in your corner

>can tow less then a B body

I find that these things are not that useful if you need to do large jobs. Fact is that with car regulations as they are now and the niche market small trucks won over, there isn't much need for an s10 today. Small pickups were always expendable.

Honestly this. Every time Chad tries to tailgate me I just blast it and watch his lightbars fade in the distance.

Compensation isn't high test dude.