Automation is the futu-

>automation is the futu-

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Bump for justice

what a fucking rotten way to go.

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Even if they kill pedestrians at 10 times the rate humans do they will still implement it. The economic gain is too big

To be fair, fuck her because she crossed the road at night in front of a car outside of a crosswalk. For all we know she was committing suicide. Either way it was not a valuable life.

Oh no someone died

clearly technology development will stop at once

Man the Tesla Omega Boys are quick!
Jamal called he wants more of your wifes pussy!

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If didn't care about her own life, why do you?

>jaywalking at night
>meets a certain fate
In other news, sky is blue.

Bonus points because she was a cyclist.

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wait im confused, was she walking her bike in the street?

Been seeing varying descriptions of the incident, walking, crossing the street, cyclist. What the fuck was she doing and why are the reports not particularly precise?

She had dirt on the Clintons ...

>teslacuck disinfo to hide their shitty self drive meme
Thats all it is.

le creatura....

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>muh jaywalking
Pedestrians Always have the right of way,always

Most rural areas have no crosswalks, what about them?

And pretty much this, most states this is law.

There's already 3 other threads about this.... Browse the catalog cucks

>pedestrian jaywalks across the interstate
>gets ran over
>driver's life ruined because lol pedestrians always have the right of way

If you really think every job won't be automated eventually you're really retarded.

Creative and services jobs will always be there user. Same for law enforcement and healthcare among other shit that aren't assembly line grind.

She's a smol gal

Autonomous cars are supposed to see better at night.

who is he
what is he
where does he come from

yes she is lads.

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Trips confirm you're lying.
Robots are already better at this in some areas. Creativity is applied knowledge, not magic. Computer software isn't all O(n^2) anymore. It's all about mathematical simulations of simple brains now.
>services / healthcare
Humans only have good social skills when compared to animals. It won't be long (10 years max) until specialized chatbots are able to make us look autistic by comparison.
>law enforcement
Robots are already better at this. Polygraph says hello.

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Polygraph isn't a measure of truth and can be fooled easily by someone who knows how

You must feel embarrassed. I didn't mean to make you feel bad, user.

This is pop-sci nonsense and every independent study has resulted in the attempting fooler getting caught even for simple non-crimes. The only person who can successfully pass as "non-guilty" to a polygraph test would be a sociopath.

If there is one thing a polygraph tester would want you to believe is that you could pass the test. Countermeasures can be easily detected.

I was with you until polygraph, shit is arcane heuristics interpreted by a non-objective human operator

There are plenty of reasons why you would fail a test even if you were telling the truth, even small amounts of drugs can mess with it

Polygraph is not accepted as evidence by any law enforcement agency

told ya so

If you think you're allowed to be tested while inebriated you know very little of polygraph tests.
Eye witnesses are though. Your appeal to authority holds no scientific weight.
Stop getting your scientific research from YouTube videos and start reading papers.

Eye witness testimony is also the lowest form of evidence due to the fallibility of human memory

it happens to probably hundreds if not thousands of people every day with human drivers

But an expert witness is not, and a forensic psychologist (a type of expert) can use a polygraph to gain information about a subject which then gets used in his expert witness testimony.

Polygraphs are not admissible as evidence in court
Untrained human drivers manage to murder 15 pedestrians per day, yet these killer robots have only chalked up one. Once again humanity reigns superior.

How many human drivers are there compared to the self-driving ones though? 15 deaths per billions of drivers compared to 1 per few thousand? That's a higher rate by default

Not really a good way to measure, should be deaths per miles driven.

>every job won't be automated eventually

A shitposting robot. I can hardly wait.

a polygraph is literally only a "freak out" detector. The police want you to think it is infallible because you will freak out more thinking that rather than the truth, that its just a heartbeat monitor, sweat detector, voice change detector etc.

So yes, to the average joe, it will effectively work. But if you know the truth of what the machine can do, it becomes far, far easier to beat the machine ( and the man giving it).
True, if you are the type that cant tell a lie you will likely fold under the stress of the test, but then again, if you can tell a lie under pressure, maybe you shouldnt be a cop. Good luck trying to be Donnie Brasco if you cant fool a poly.

Source: cop family

what evidence, I simply stated the reality of how a polygraph works and how results are interpreted