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No diesel thumper nor 600cc V8 supersport edition.

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A2 bikes:

Crash helmet safety info:

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Second for post Triumphs

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3rd for 2D girls on bikes

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Fifth for bikes in the distance

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All i see is cars and some trash


On the back of falling off for the third fucking time should I now replace my helmet? I've checked it after every crash and I can't feel any deformation anywhere and there's nothing but minro surface damage on the outside but everyone has told me to replace it after every crash

I ran the same helmet through multiple crashes and a few concussions. As well as cracking it and dropping it on concrete.
Did you damage the foam inside?

>tfw no 2D wife to marry and have kids with

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Like I said I can't feel any deformation anywhere but I might be too retarded to feel it

Been riding a SV650 for about 5 years. What should I be shopping for now?

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Poor Suzuki-chan

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Nearly anything would be better


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Remove your pads and visually inspect

air or water cooled?

Air cooled honda
Water cooled anything else

Onsa requires stockings

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I have both and enjoy both

>5 years
you really hate yourself dont you?

That must have been hell

why does /dbt/ hate it so much?

Been riding Ninja 250's for about 20 years. What should I be shopping for now?

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Its worst in class and an absolute turd.
Plus shitzuki

Dunno, but I have no complaints

What do you like about it?
What do you hate about it?
What kind of riding do you want to do?
Stop hating Suzuki-chan.

A ninja 250

Dbt hates everything because memes

anyone on here ride a hypermotard?


I could beat your best in class 650 on a ninja 250 if the rider was you

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Ninja 300 then the new Ninja 400, then a Zx6r, zx7r, zx9r, zx10r etc


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Onsa is literally /dbt/'s mascot now.

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Nah it's definitely Raimu-senpai

She's too much like The Stig

>its this guy
heh, everytime

you fucked up.
You gotta go back and start on the z125, then re ride your ninja 250, then get a ninja 300, then a ninja 400, then a ninja 500, then a zx6r, then a zx7r, then a zx9r, then a zx10r, then a zx14r, then a zx14r again, then a Ninja H2. gotta learn to crawl before you walk man..

fuck I forgot you need the zx12r before the zx14r

You forgot the ZX11, the ZX12R and the Z1300.

Ridden one (The 796)
It's a fun bike to play on
First gear is very tall
The suspension soaks up bumps well, the forks soak up slamming down from whoolies.
I don't really know what it was meant for though, besides playing on the street and looking like a supermoto. It's not suited for actually being a supermoto. Way too heavy, wrong gearing, no skidplate, and nowhere to mount one...
But it is a hell of a lot of fun for someone who just wants to play, slide, and spend some quality time on one wheel.
I own a monster with the same engine. It's a little lighter and lower.

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After all these he can start flying vintage WW2 Japanese planes

Forgot the 636 ZX6R after the 599 ZX6R

You forgot the Ninja 650

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Finally, a place I can be proud of.

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Can we consolidate all this into a list guys? I am worried about Ninja 250 user's safety


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I like the upright position and the naked look (although it looks like I mistakenly used the S version for my picture)

Highway riding sucks. Definitely feel the lack of power and lack of windscreen.

I primarily use it for my 20 mile commute to work for ~8 months of the year. Occasional weekend rides through backroads.
I've done a couple roadtrips with the SV (St Louis-New Orleans; Chattanooga-Myrtle Beach), but that is pretty rare.

I think I've got it all

>Ninja 250
>Ninja 300
>Ninja 400
>Ninja 500R
>Ninja 650 (I know the numbers don't line up but it's the next step, trust me I'm a lifeguard)
>ZX-6R (599cc)
>ZX-6R (636cc)
>Ninja 1000
>Ninja H2
>Turbo ZX-14
>Ninja H2R

I advise he should continue with Ninja 250

Where does the Fireblade fall in line here?

shit waifu

How many fingers does she have in her ass in that pic?
I think she's a 1 finger grill

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Thumb for sure

In the trash where it belongs.

Kawasaki is best

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But user that's an R3?

>I like the upright position and the naked look
>Highway riding sucks. Definitely feel the lack of power and lack of windscreen.
If you want
>upright seating
>more power
>highway-worthy windshield
>commuting and the occasional road trip
you're best on a touring bike...

Suzuki Vstrom 1000 (only suggested this first because you're on a Suzuki now and the engine behaves very similarly to your SV)
Triumph Tiger 1050
Ducati Multistrada 1100/1200
Yamaha XT1200Z Super Ténéré

All can be had used for non-hideous prices.
I love highway riding on a naked with no windshield, but whatever, that's me...

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I'd have mentioned the versys 1000 but it's straying a long way from the naked thing...

Yes a kawasaki R3

Onsa has always been best girl but sadly i like hondas more

how bout speed triple?

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Excellent power delivery.
Torque curve flat as a table.
Much faster than your SV
No windshield, not even a flyscreen, so you'll have to learn to love the highway wind
Upright with comfy bars, but the rearsets are higher than your SV, and you'll notice that

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And without the windshield requirement?


Some user posted one thankful that he has above 0 temps

Touring about 500 to 800 miles on the Ninja 250 on 75 to 85mph highways.

Yay or nay?

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new bike dudes, 85 wide glide with go fast parts. 10:1 pistons (8.5:1 stock), aftermarket cam, aftermarket carb. time do de-dadbike it.

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Monster 1100 or sv1000 for another vtwin
Speed triple for similar power delivery
If you like revs:
Yamaha FZ1 (completely naked or there's a half fairing option similar to the SV650 S)
Kawasaki Z1000
Honda CB1000r
There are other options, but there's a few for now.

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Brah you either want a naked bike or you want wind protection, which is it?

Depends on how much of a masochist you are

>Depends on how much of a masochist you are
Please explain.

Hope you're not trying to get anywhere anytime soon

I thought they sell mini screens like pic related, I heard they work pretty well at redirecting the wind at least

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Thank you safety user

There's an AAAAAAA in the previous thread

why does it have to be so ugly

Not bad.

I hope those aftermarket parts were installed by a certified mechanic though. I've had trouble with bikes in the past with DIY installed engine components that crapped out on me because they either skipped a step or didn't follow everything according to spec.

yes, all engine work was done less that 5,000 miles ago by a reputable shop in the prev owners town. going from gs550 riding position to this with forward controls took a bit to get used to, but i love this thing.

Those flyscreens only block the wind if you're willing to hunch over against the fuel tank.
If you want to sit up, you won't even notice it's there.
I don't find it necessary to tuck behind the screen on the monster unless I'm cruising at 95+ for more than a few minutes.
Even tucked over, you'll just notice the push on your face is gone, the wind is still there.

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I'm currently on the ZX-9R but I still have to sell the lower 9 bikes before I'm letting myself buy the 1000

man i am on fire. i guess these digits solidify my faith in my purchase

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Almost forgot-
>Ninja 250
>Ninja 300
>Ninja 400
>Ninja 500R
>Ninja 650 (I know the numbers don't line up but it's the next step, trust me I'm a lifeguard)
>ZX-6R (599cc)
>ZX-6R (636cc)
>Ninja 1000
>Ninja H2
>Turbo ZX-14
>Ninja H2R
>Vintage WW2 Japanese Airplanes

I wish Harley would stop using dry sumps for their engines.

Do you hate yourself? If so, go ahead.

how else would you get that calssic American feel?

Is it really that bad?

the goggles? 8)

how come? what are the advantages or disadvantages? my previous bike was a wet sump gs550

But BMW does it and it doesn't look that bad

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It's buzzy, revs really high and struggles on the highway, has no passing power, not a very comfortable seating position, etc. Some people might say a Ninja 250 is capable of highway riding, and while that might technically be true, it's the last thing you'll want to do on that bike. That's 10x more true if you plan on riding long distances like 500-800 miles, for that purpose you should honestly get a 1000cc+ touring bike.

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i wanna CUM inside Onsa

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I don't wanna CUM because I already have