370z Successor (Z35) speculation thread

>Twin Turbo
>3.0 litres
>infiniti Q60 sister
>475 HP
>450 lb-ft
>Nismo Trim

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So a GT-R?

>Hey guys, you know what would make perfect sense? Encroaching on our brand's halo model with a lower-price lower-margin option with similar specs using a model family that nobody's even thought about in the last 10 years
Said Nissan never

My guess:

380-400 HP
About 1350-1400kg

Nismo is TT AWD. Base will still be NA RWD.

There is the 4 banger poorfag edition that has speculation. Toyota are doing that with their new supra. Japan sure is lacking in the creativity department if they want to shovel spec after spec into the same car body and make the car less distinctive.

Are you fucking stupid? The current 370z is 1600kg, there is no way they would add more power AND reduce weight... Its just not possible with these new emissions laws

>just not possible
>current gen miata is almost the same weight as the first gen
Its possible, dont speak out your ass. It just requires smart engineering. As far as power goes thats just a pricepoint problem, not an emmission one.

>1.6 turbo 4cyl
>4 seats
>FWD biased AWD
>150hp +65hp electric
>It's gonna look like this but with Nismo badges
Murano was a terrible name anyway

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>report says a 400Z would be a brand-engineered version of the next Infiniti Q60
so the next fairlady z is a skyline?

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Jesus fuck

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What would the new Fairlady be rebranded from. A sentra coupe? That has a nismo trim

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Wrong reply

I really dont understand nissan
So the Infinity version of the 370z continued being developed and upgraded while the actual 370 fucking died basically. Now the next Fairlady will be based obviously on the Infinity

This is bizzare.

Starting at 45k or some gay shit

Sure they can. They can stop using sheet metal and start using aluminum and fiber glass and carbon Fibre

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You wish, current nizmo is mid to high 40s. New one will be in 50s

Its going to be a crossover, see the GripZ concept.

Only gonna be a 7AT already calling it. Rip Z series 2003-2018

god damn the camaro is buttfucking ugly

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Saw on Car Throttle this morning, it will be called the 400Z, running a twincam version of Nissan’s 4.0 V6

>Z series

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>Fat ass
>But still no cargo space
>And not rear engined

Based nissan!

Japan isn't lacking in the creativity department, they're lacking in the risk taking department

Japs go out to work for other auto companies and do great things, but when they're under japanese execs they do boring things and reuse formulas. It took them over 20 years to convince the guys up top to let them put a fucking roof on the miata, and it's still retractable.

>no, glasshoppa, miata is meant to be convertibles, its copy of MG MGB!
>way of samurai say do thing that works not thing that might not work
>samurai no care if you think different thing is cooler desu ramen sushi

About time. The 370z is fucking 10 years old

Checked. What does this mean for the rest of the z series they are going to run out of displacement in the engine bay if they keep this naming system up

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>4.0 V6
That's a big V6.

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wanna know who'll drive it? women

i've never seen a man step out of a 350 or 370

for you

It looks like an eggplant, absolutely glorious.

>Never heard of Vortec 4.3L V6

>hybrid turbo
>variable compression
>sequential manual
>$25k Nismo Competi-track lightning package Z ultra, that barely shaves 5 seconds off nurburgring

if it has just one of the things you listed I will eat my shit

>take a 5.7 v8 and literally chop of 2 cylinders
GM was a mistake

How so? My 01 blazer runs fnatastically.

> +2 doors
>fake exhaust tips
>lane depart assist
>22 in infotainment screen
>electronic exhaust sounds

>reengineered q60
Absolutely disgusting I want a small lightweight sports car with good power not another fucking z that's bigger than the current one