Lexus or Infiniti

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Lexus, don't trust nu-nissan frenchmobiles

I'll pass, thanks.

This. Nissan just got shittier. Shame too.

Lexus all the way.

Implying Nissan was ever good.
GT-R notwithstanding.

How black are you?

Lexus .... Obviously

>falling for jap meme cars

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i'm in europe and i'm kinda obsessed with owning a q70h for some reason.

For reliability and luxury? Lexus
For looks? Infiniti
Seriously Lexus front ends are awful

lexus makes slow boring vehicles, infiniti makes gay rice crackers

Lexus makes comfortable cars for people who just putt around - they're actually perfect for you.

infiniti coup├ęs are crazy sexy

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nice bait faggot


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nice mustang or bmw/audi something.

>tfw rip shit everywhere in old lexus barge
i hate anyone who doesn't redline their car

what joker replaced the scion badge with infiniti?

>mfw gunning it everywhere in a straight piped GS430
>mfw hearing nice GS300s and other 430s

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Or better yet.

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let's be friends

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checked and respect. i've gotten some cheap mufflers and done a resonator delete but eventually i'd like to put PPE headers on and do some other breather mods. we'll see.

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>trying this hard to be clever as if just discovering rebadging is even a thing

/GS/ squad
Only the 2j but I still love it.

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Are new Infinitis/Nissans really that bad or are they just not *as* solid as something like a Lexus?
I hate how Lexus' look, and the 3.0t Q50/60 looks pretty nice on paper and in visually.

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Lower quality of materials. Lower reliability, etc etc

There are just better options out there for the price range. Infiniti doesnt hit the mark for any of what its trying to imply it does. The steering is horrible and the transmissions they are paired rob the car of any enjoyment you could have extracted from it.
Is not comfortable.
Is not fast.
Is not reliable.

Nissan died in 2004

What are some better cars in the price range that are faster, comfortable, and more reliable than an Infiniti that's no more than 8 years old?

3UZ reporting in.

Oops. There's the picture. Greetings.

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Mercedes cls?