Were late 50's the pinnacle of automotive design?

Were late 50's the pinnacle of automotive design?

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Fuck no, one of the low points in automotive design. Only rivaled by the 80's in awful.

These things look fucking ridiculous. Completely overboard with proportions and ornamentation.

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Shut the fuck up, the 80's were the best of the best

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the 90s

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Some arguments would be nice

why didn't we get atomic powered cars like we were promised?

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>Get into a crash
>Pic related happens

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They went full retard with chrome and fins.

Like that's a bad thing

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Yeah, looks fucking awful.

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It probably wouldn't go full nuke (not enough mass for that) but yeah, radiation leakage would be a major concern.

pinnacle of design comin through

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It is. Nothing on those cars really goes together. It's just a random collection of fins, chromed openings and bullet shaped stuff in a race to outbid each other on the sheer number of styling elements.

Cars were much straighter and more sober only a few years later, but at least they bore a resemblance of coherence by then.

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50s, 60s and early 70s for Burger cars, 90s for Japanese ones.

Although some 80s 'muhrican machinery were fairly compelling in their own right.

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80s and late 50s cars are the best looking cars. Fite me irl

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That's just one year later and already far better than the '59 Cadillac.

if your core starts leaking, just take it to jose's exhaust shop and have him weld it back up

This looks good. It's like during the late 50's all American cars went ugly then bounces back.

Not gonna fight you just because you like ugly cars.


They look nice with factory wheels. Unfortunately a nig had his way.

Those are white boomer wheels from hell.

They look good on the Bullit Mustangs though.

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Don't compare 15 inch Torq Thrusts to boomer specials.

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It's really the late fifties that look strange. The '54 Bel Air had more reserved styling

late 90s-early 2000s cars had this weird generic bubbliness like they were trying to make things better/more aerodynamic by removing any edges

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people: a hatchback mustang that looks like a fucking compact car hatchback is the gayest thing ever

ford: hold my beers

>anime poster opinions

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Nothing is uglier than the Fox



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This. We can't even seal oil in properly let alone radiofuckingactive materials


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'58 was pretty much the turning year, where most manufacturers switched to quad headlights on all their models and went batshit with fins and layers and layers of chrome that usually didn't even fit the body style.

People go nuts over the tri-five Chevrolets but honestly I always thought the 55-57 Buicks and Oldsmobiles looked way more interesting anyway. At this point I'm pretty sure the Chevies are just a self-fueling popular because it's popular thing.

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Fuck, where did everything go so wrong

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Literally kill yourself

Pre-war was. 30s when the chrome was still available.

Well the first Mustang was small, light, and came with a 4-speed stick.

The 5th and current Mustang are super-dense barges that can't turn and come with flipflop paddle slushboxes.

The ugly design is the least of its problems.

God I love the w31. Hurst kiddies can suck a dick

>80s were the best
>posts one of the ugliest examples from the 80s


Can't really argue a subjective issue like appearance.

Why would you even doubt it?

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>not the late 60’s

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The 80s were god awful

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Too tryhard.

What the fuck does that even mean?

awkward > good > good > okay > okay > bad > awful

how do you go from this..

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A hooker doesn't need red lipstick to be a hooker, and a muscle car doesn't need scoops, menacing grilles and white letter tires up the ass to be a muscle car.

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That's an economy car, not a muscle car.

Kek, my Mom had one of these when I was growing up. But the answer to your question is fuel economy. GM downsized everything in the 80's.

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I'd say the 70s, when the oil crisis hit and US car manufacturers we're scrambling for anything to downsize and get into emission regulations.

good > alright > ugly > ugly > ugly > ugly > good


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thats not a muscle car

>New mustang already turning into a catfish

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Design wise
50s>60s>90s>70s>modern day>80s>00s

Honestly, the only period of automotive design I really shit on is post-2000. Everything looks comically inflated nowadays, and the less said about the early 00's, the better.

i came

ohh yeah baby look at these dimensions

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