You excited?

you excited?

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who cares lol

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It's about fucking time.
I just hope they can actually make the 400Z compete with the competition. If it's just literally a 370z with an updated engine and body style, I'm going to lose whatever faith I had left in Nissan.

What if Datsun re-introduced a 200z with 250hp, and it was a direct competitor to the miata?

>expect nothing
>still be dissapointed
state of the industry

coincidentally happens on the same day that Joi from blade runner materializes in front of me and starts sucking my dick while $100 bills start flying out of my asshole


I would be if Nissan wasn't the one making it.

Another pigfat, poorly handling muscle barge?

While American cars handle better with each new gen?

What happened to the world?

And don't forget they're also faster, have better interiors, and more afforable. It's like we are living in opposite world.

Meanwhile, all the good old Japanese cars have gone up in price so they cost as much as the mediocre mid-2000s cars.

or just the og fairlady/sports

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If they actually do this I'm getting a second job so I can save up for one

The simulation began on the end of the Mayan calendar. Everything is flipped.


Yeah I'm sure that's happening.

Apparently there’s going to be a 475 hp, awd Nismo trim as well.

That already sorta happened mate. Japs got a 200Z with an RB in it.

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>not street legal

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>hybrid automatic
>4000 pounds
Im calling it now.

Think bigger

>2 door Japanese fastback that will potentially keep a manual transmission

Wow look Nissan made a better Supra than BMW/Toyota.

I kinda want nissan to make a mini-z, in the sense that its an underpowered version of the z car but nd miata cheap or cheaper.

Or just make a cheap sports car all together and bring the fucking idx back dammit

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This would honestly surprise me. With how awful Nissan has been in recent years, I wouldn't even be surprised if the transmission was auto only or even just a hybrid.

still looks butt ugly, still gonna be exclusively driven by ditsy gold diggers


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Veeky Forums Only likes cars with 900 hp and weighs 2000 pounds, so maybe

>they somehow find a way to make it uglier then the 350/370

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475hp rwd
Fuck yea, just keep the weight below 1500kg

>3.0L Twin Turbo
>not 300ZX
C’mon Nissan, in the age of reviving all kinds of old shit you’d be missing a big opportunity

This would be nearly impossible. Fuck post 2001 Nissan.

rb20, so most people want to swap it for an rb25/6

Im still fucking mad

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The figure is from the base model HP numbers this time

sounds stupid desu, would also keep the tradition of Z cars being NA and ZX cars having a turbo (option)

how upset are you that a $75k burgermobile with a 6 speed smokes a $180k ricemobile?

I would drive that

We all would but Nissan wants their awd (until the center diff clutch overheats) CUV GTRs for the low price of 140k USD

Why would they call it the 400Z if it has a 3L engine?

BMW logic obviously

Who says the 400Z won't resemble the IDx?

Two words:
Mid Engine All Wheel Drive

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>twin turbo v6
>$70k starting

>1.5T with electric motor
>all the nannies think that any kind of wheelspin is a disaster
>you cant disengage all the nannies

Realistically it will be:
>auto only, no manual
>heavy as shit
>base price: 70K+
More possibilities:
>hybrid ( 150k base price minimum)

sports cars are not allowed to be cheap and if you accidentally design a car that could be cheap, you start adding fancy shit to make it more expensive

it's the cutlure of the auto industry

why? fast cars are status symbols so only rich people should have htem.

fuck off, Z means FR.

Because it's almost guaranteed that the Z will be based off the Q60. Nissan is too cheap to start manufacturing a new platform just for the IDX
Hopefully this Q60 clone will be lighter with a manual

Alternatively, there are also rumors floating that Nissan is interested in a joint venture with Mercedes in making sports car platforms

Buy a Miata faggot.

The 350Z/370Z is literally just a body kit on a luxury car platform. Of course it's going to be expensive.


3L with tarbo

Nissan I will literally give you my body and my spirit for a 400z

show me where the Z touched your lap time

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nice delusion

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